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Not sure if this is the correct section, but here we go....

I have a Hughes DirecTV Tivo box which I love.
I also have a 2 hour train commute to work.
I'm looking for a handheld device that I can copy my TIVO shows to and watch on the train.

The RCA Lyra looks like it could work, but I'd have to output my tivo recordings in realtime (if it's a 2 hours show, it will take me 2 hours to record it to the Lyra). If this is the only way I can do it (without a computer playing middle man) so be it.

The Hughes box has 2 UBS ports that manial says is for "future use". These ports I assume are inputs, not outputs correct? I haven't tried plugged it into a computer but I imagine it wouldn't work (not that I want to involve a PC).

In short, is a handheld device that records what I sent to it my best bet?