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Cable or Satellite for big screen?  

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I've bought a Toshiba 56H80 television. Get excellent pictures with DVDs, but cable reception seems noticeably worse on this TV than the 29" set it replaced. Is this just a fact of "big screen" TV's that you have to live with, or does satellite offer an excellent picture with a TV this size?

I formerly subscribed to DISH (when using the 29" TV) and recall a very good picture, which seemed a little worse in quality when I switched to cable, but wasn't quite as noticeable as now. The big screen picture is just a bit too fuzzy, and I'll go back to satellite if I know it gets significantly better.

Appreciate any and all comments.

Thank you.
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SDTV satellite will indeed look fuzzy on the big screen. Even more so if it is one of the heavily compressed channels. But the advantage of going satellite is that you can get one or two HDTV movie channels. I use Dish & get HBO-HD and Showtime-HD. Getting satellite is well worth it to get HBO-HD.
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I have a DCT100(DirecTV) and an SA 2000HD (TWC). Driving a CRT front projector on a 109" screen. I can not comment on Dish I have never used it.

Both over compress on some digital channels. Both suffer from some digital artifacting

BUT in general I find DTV provides a better picture than cable.

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No matter what you do, the DBS signals are going to look poor on any quality TV.

Local cable probably will look equally bad.

Nothing, NOTHING beats the quality that a C-band dish will deliver. If your local situation (zoning, real estate) allows it, by all means consider going the "pro" route.

Yeah, it's more expensive at first: probably $2500 for new equipment. But the subscription fees are less than DBS.

If you want all those cable channels to look as good as your TV set can deliver, look at a 4DTV reciever and big dish.

Check out www.delphi.com/4dtv for FAQ, dealers, etc. There is also a link to the Motorola site, and the forum there is very helpful for questions and advice.
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Especially consisder this if you want Sunday Ticket. The DTV version is unbelievably bad compared to the CBand version. I didn't like the wait while channel surfing on C Band though.

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I know I'm going to get flamed for this but: What the heck does this have to do with HD?

- gridleak... biased toward HD
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