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Recommendations Wanted  

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I'm taking the big step toward HDTV and assessing my options. The two constraining factors are my wife and a 39" width in an home entertainment center. (Both factors, mind you are not mutually exclusive ). With that said, I'm considering a 32-36" monitor. I'll be connecting to DirectTV and a Sony Home Theater system. Is there a monitor with no audio?(Why do these come with audio if you are using an A/V receiver). What specifications are most important. Was looking at a Samsung Tantrus monitor. Anyone who has had experiences with this?
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Be sure to take depth into consideration as well. I once had to cut a hole in a wall to get a TV to fit into place. The depth became the limiting factor since the TV rested against the "inside" side drywall for the next room over.
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>>The two constraining factors are my wife and a 39" width in an home entertainment center. (Both factors, mind you are not mutually exclusive )<<

Having struggled with this recently, I found the best solution was getting my wife to agree to getting rid of the entertainment center which needlessly restricted the size TV I could use for my proposed HT setup (still in the research stage). http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

It helped seeing the prices of 16:9 direct view sets (34" Panasonic CT34wx50 runs around $3500, for example). You can get a lot of RPTV for that kind of $$.

And given the crappy PQ of standard cable on the big screens, I finally decided to use a smaller DV set.. 27" or so for cable viewing and will put in a nice 16:9 RPTV for the dedicated HT setup.

I should be able to do all that and still have $$ left over considering the price of those DV 16:9 sets!

But if you're constrained by the WAF/ent. ctr, those DV 16:9 sets have a nice looking picture.

Have fun!

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Yea, I have had experience with that problem. And I have to say that I miss the 'ol gal now and then! Sorry...couldn't resist!

There are a lot of acceptable alternatives (with HDTV's 36" or so, that is!) Princeton was absolutely ***** top rated, and there are cheaper alternatives, e.g. Sony XBR.

Good luck.
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There are so many options, it's hard to believe everyone doesn't know about HDTV.

I suggest starting out by thinking about what exactly it is you want. The only obvious thing is the digital decoder. Since you have Directv, the DTC-100 is the best bang for your buck although you'll probably need to get another dish to get the HD channel(s).

Since the DTC-100 upconverts 720p to 1080i, no need for a monitor that does 720p natively. A 4:3 is a lot cheaper than a 16:9 and you don't need to sit as close to get full enjoyment out of the picture. (Direct view 16:9 sets generally require you to sit 4-5 feet away from the set to get HD in all it's glory. 4:3 sets generally don't have the resolution so you can sit a more "normal" distance from the set, say 8-10 feet away.) Keep in mind the 16:9 sets, overall, have much better definition.

If you plan on a lot of DVD's, then a 16:9 set may be worth the extra cost. You may decide to spend an extra $200 for a progressive scan DVD player.

Do you need a line doubler for NTSC signals? Some sets have decent ones but others are poor. It may be worth getting a line doubler even for Directv. That's an addional $5-600, though.

Once you decide what you need, check out TWICE.COM as they have a really nice list of almost all HD sets and monitors available along with their retail price. (Some monitors don't have tuners so you may need to use a VCR as your tuner.)

Since all these sets are very heavy, you may want to consider reinforcing the area the set will be placed in the entertainment center.

You could get a nice 4:3 system for around $2300 and a solid 16:9 sytem for around $4300.

Have fun!
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