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moving the BIG screen  

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I am moving and want advice on moving my Hitachi 60inch.
you know, the do's and dont's. if i hurt my tv, my kids will string me up. --danny
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how many kids you got? Make them move it, so when they break it you have someone other than yourself to blame.

Otherwise a forklift.

Harry Baggert
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It's not that delicate just don't drop it and re calibrate it when your done moving it. Simple as that.. as far as the method goes get some of those heavy duty suction cup things they used to move mine in from the store. Makes for a great grip and doesnt leave marks afterwards.
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Joel Silver of ISF advised me to avoid tilting my rear-projection HDTV off being parallel to the ground when moving it, as that would likely torque the frame (plastic) and possible causing some major convergence and focus errors. Nothing that couldn't likely be fixed but a real pain to deal with. So, a fork lift from the house to the truck once you get it on the porch and a forklift ride from the truck to your new place might be a good idea if it's an RPTV.

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thanks for the info guys. i like the info on keeping it parallel the the ground.
i have 5 kids (2,4,13,14,18) i wouldn't let any of the older ones help me move it. they inherited the clumsy gene from their mom.
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