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Would you invest in HDTV Technology again?  

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I am about to jump into HDTV this weekend. (WS55807, DTC100) However, after reading all the negativity on this board, I am beginning to second guess myself. My question is simple. If you had invested nothing in this technology to this point, and knowing what you know now, would you do it again?
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I would, but if these new standards make my equipment obsolete I DEFINITELY WILL NOT!Whose to say they won't make us all buy new stuff again in another 5 years.No way jose!
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Jump in with both feet!!!!

The complaining amounts to our wish that the technology was further along and that everything was digital. There is nothing quite like HDTV - it is simply awesome.

Many of the problems can and should be fixed faster than they are, but I'd never go back.

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Vic Ruiz
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Without a doubt!

We ALL deserve equal access to justice.
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Yes, I would do it again, and I would buy exactly what I bought last time (G15, 110" screen, Lexicon DC-2, HTPC, DTC-100, etc.). I think it is going to be four years before we see our first downrez'ed content, since it is going to take that long before there are enough DVI/HDCP boxes installed so that someone could make money targeting just those poeople (I certainly would not pay for any PPV event that I could not see in full HDTV).

In four years, a ton of stuff will have changed. Even though the HDCP license agreement outlaws converters from DVI to analog, it would not surprise me to see that change. Even if it does not change officially, there are a lot of enterprising entrepeneurs (especially offshore) who will happily take our money to solve these kinds of problems. As long as such a box does not facilitate piracy on a massive scale, the content providers are not going care if we buy them so that we will subscribe to their content.

There is also likely to be some legal action the first time people like me with analog inputs on their display devices are not able to watch something broadcast in HDTV. So, it would not be surprising to see court action faciliate the production of converter boxes.

Bottom line, go buy your stuff. Enjoy it.


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Cubs vs. Rockies in HDTV. Carpe Diem!

"What we have here, is a failure to broadcast HDTV."

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Absolutely!!! I would howevever have bought a 16:9 instead of a 4:3. I did not realize how much HDTV content is already available in the NY market. I am planning to buy another one in 3-4 years anyway.

1)I have never watched PPV and most of my HDTV viewing is OTA networks. Besides I was even amazed at the quality of WPIX-DT 480p on my Sony 53HS10.
2)I lack the patience to wait 1-2 years for these things to be figured out.
3) Even regular cable looks better with the line doubler in my TV and dish is beautiful.

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Great question! Yes, I would and yes I have. However, I would have waited a year longer than I did. I bought a first gen Mits 80" HD-ready and then watched NTSC on the thing for over a year until the DTC-100 was released.

I feel the arrival of the DTC-100 was the turning point for HDTV, and in hindsight, was a good time to jump in.

Go for it!

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I bought in with a Mitsu WS 46" 2000 model. Waited a year and went with the DISH 6000 for reasons that still seem valid (though the whole Mark Cuban deal has me reconsidering!) Two nights ago my wife turned to me as we watched the Cubs game in glorious HD and said "You know, I really like your TV now that you've got it all set up."

Do it again? You betcha!
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No question about it.

The studios, broadcasters, etc., all need to realize one thing. It is the CUSTOMER that is in control. We are in charge.

The way that we use our awesome power is the power of our check books (or credit cards, alas), plus of course political and regulatory uses (which are less important at the end of the day).

The only mistake I made was waiting a year too long, largely because I was too busy to do additional research.

Go for it!
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Any negativity on this board is due to the people wanting more HDTV. Once you've enjoyed a show or game in HD, there is nothing more depressing that going back to standard definition.

Unfortunately, it will take time to achieve the critical mass of viewers needed to make HDTV the standard, but you can guarantee that people on this board are working to make that happen.
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Absolutely would.

I think this fall will be the breakout season for HDTV and by xmas the sales of widescreen's and stb's will ramp up with a coresponding decrease in hardware prices. It won't take a 100% saturation of HD content either, just some well placed live sports events and a couple of concerts as desert.

Anyone who saw the Cubs game in HD but doesn't yet have the HD hardware is probably very close to the decision point and a little more of this quality of content will do it.

Naw, my glass isn't half full why do you ask?

Tom Smith
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Yes.. Im stupid.
Or a masochist.
I like hd and the Mets.
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Yes, Absolutely Positively yes. NO MORE NTSC!
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Despite all the uncertainties and hassles over copyright protection, I'd also buy again. I'll be satisfied if I can continue to receive over the air HD and eventually record it. I'll be delighted if I can also eventually access HD versions of some of the basic cable networks. As for the "premium" and PPV channels, I didn't watch them in NTSC and don't plan on watching HD versions either.
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Yes, I would definitely make the same decisions. I would point out, though, I only have a bit over 3K in my HD receiver and monitor, and I think the DVD and upscan of 480i is as much a benefit as the limited HD I get.
As I've said before, there's no point in waiting on technology to reach some ultimate solution, as it just continually gets better. Jump in!


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I definitely will. But I'll be purchasing grander equipment. Go for it! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

I Want My Sports In HDTV
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No question. The quality of my my hd display device(s) adds value to my viewing enjoyment of DVD material today.

From my latest reading of all the license agreements, I bet I will continue to see HDTV through my analogue connections as long as no analogue HDTV recorders become generally available.

Pure conjecture, but I think we're 5 years away from "analogue shutdown".

BTW, I just put in an order for a $24k projector, so for me this is not a hypothetical question.

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All Systems Go, Flight!!!

After all, this is an adventure, isn't it?
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No, if I can do it all over again, I would instead buy the biggest screen I can afford. I was too concerned about the 16x9 screen taking up too much room at my house, only to realize it has grown smaller and smaller since http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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Do I really have to answer this?

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In a word: YES!
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Here's my answer:
Given a choice between watching TV and reading, I choice reading.
If the choice is between reading and watching jaw dropping HDTV, I'll drop the book.

Of course I would do it all again.

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no i wouldn't. wait until the new stuff comes out.

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Yes, without question.

"Better living thru modern, expensive electronics devices"
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Of course! Wait till you have it hooked up and watching football this fall.


You waiting for local Walmart to get some?
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Yes. I am always upgrading my computer. I also expect to upgrade my HDTV as better technologies come about.

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