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Without a doubt only a larger screen next time.
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i currently have the rca dtc100 and the panasonic 65in hd tv and just bought another panasonic tv but this time a 47in for the family room. ill buy a decoder soon also just hope maybe theyl come out with a nicer one then move the dtc100 into the family room

Kevin Luther
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Yes, Jump In right away.

I bought my HD TV (Toshiba 56H80) six months ago and am very happy I jumped in.

I'm not worried about what happens a year or two years from now. I'll enjoy the HD programming now.

If you can get OTA HD your're in luck.

I get it through whatever's available on Dish and can't get wait for the CBS HD channel to start.

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My answer is a bit different. I would do it again because I'm a techno-freak and once having tasted HD, you can't possibly go back. HOWEVER, I continue to give the RED LIGHT to friends who I know are not as wrapped up in technology as me. I would feel terrible if they went ahead and bought equipment which was outdated only months later. I know the risk and I guess I'm just not too bright.

Hey, I may do the same dumb thing very soon on a somewhat smaller scale. I've got an order in for the new Zenith DTV tuner. Now that makes sense in light of the possible merger with Dish, right? DUH?
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As Tom Petty would say ... Oh my, my ... oh hell yes.

Go for it.
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Yes, of course.

But I still reserve the right to grumble when they screw things up.

- Tom

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Overall I would have to say yes. However, before I get any deeper into this I am going to proceed with a lot more caution than before, because frankly I just don't trust these companies like I once did. I'm certainly not going to make any more really expensive upgrades until the dust settles and the overall picture becomes a little more clearer. The footing is still shaky in the mess, but come on in . . . just remember there are no guarantees of anything in this world!http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/eek.gif

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Even though there ain't $#|+ on here in NM, it's great for DVD's. I regret buying the piece of CRAP Sony HD100 DSS box, but the box still cost a hell of a lot less that a trip to Chicagoland to see the Cubs-Rockies game, which was FANTASTIC. We're all frustrated with the boneheads in Corporate America (there are a few visionaries, Mark Cuban, Paul Allen, Bob Ross and all the others at CBS).
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Absolutely would invest again...The only negative about HD is once you watch it , it is very difficult to watch anything else...
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I will issue a lone "no." It's worth having a HD-ready set, because of DVD, especially HTPC DVD. The set and HTPC were good investments. However, the HD receiver isn't worth it for just HBO-HD and Showtime-HD, which is all the HD I can get. The picture quality on HBO-HD is hours and hours of mediocre punctuated by moments of sheer ecstasy, and the quantity of HD on Showtime-HD is minimal though the quality is impressive.

However, Showtime's Stargate SG-1 almost singlehandedly makes up for the paucity of high quality HD transfers and almost makes the monetary investment worthwhile. This is ironic, since Stargate SG-1 isn't even in HD itself - it's just a good upconvert.

Where I live, only CBS is broadcasting in HD, and it's utterly impossible for me to receive CBS OTA (or on cable, for that matter.) My local CBS won't give me a waiver to receive the CBS feed from Dish. Yeah, okay, I could buy a 14' bass boat or learn to drive a semi or pretend I live in Canada, eh? But there is no cheap and ethical way to circumvent my unethical local CBS station. If I could get OTA HDTV, I would probably be more excited about HDTV.

I would also be more excited about HDTV if I didn't have a HTPC. State-of-the-art HTPC DVD playback is superior to the best upconverts you see on Showtime-HD (and HBO-HD), to give you some idea of the quality. Comparing HTPC DVD to poor quality HBO pan-n-scanned HD transfers, the delta is modest, and I'd actually prefer the DVD for its original aspect ratio.

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Yes. Do it. And if SLC has PBS OTA, go for it NOW.

The current crop of tuners is much improved over the original DTC-100. You might check out April-May Widescreen Review, as they tested one of them in the Salt Lake area.

I'd buy my RPTV again. But I'm cramped for space. If you have more space (not much more), I'd suggest you click over to the DLP/LCD forum and shop around for an inexpensive XGA projector (like the infamous "Dell" NEC LP-150). They can be had for not much more than an RPTV these days....
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I'm not really qualified to anwser your question, since I don't have HDTV yet. However I'm going to go ahead and buy a set anyway (as soon as I've finished remodeling my basement room and as soon as I've had a chance to pass judgement on the new xxxHX81 Toshibas). I expect to get at least several years of use out of the set with an ever-increasing selection of DVD and HDTV to enjoy on it. I may not be able to see everything in the highest resolution, but it will be far, far better than my current (20") set and I'm real tired of waiting.

Ken Ross wrote:

HOWEVER, I continue to give the RED LIGHT to friends who I know are not as wrapped up in technology as me. I would feel terrible if they went ahead and bought equipment which was outdated only months later. I know the risk and I guess I'm just not too bright.
Perhaps that's a little strong. If friends see your setup and want something like it, you should lay out the issues for them to judge. Simply telling them to wait deprives them of the informed choice many of us are making.
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All for the better we have gotten better with our new tv system here in this great country of our by going HDTV!

I remmeber just being 16 of year age in London in 82' was closest thing to HDTV "625 PAL with poor refresh rate but about 20 percent more color information and 2 percent more picture information"

But now in 2001 we finaly leap ahead of 625 PAL and SECAM

But the funny thing is Europe country have no plan to go HDTV even they try to go 1250 lines by using BMAC format "Analog and Digital format on DBS satellite TV band"

I am happy that I got to watch the Cubs and the Colorado Rocky on WGN-DT' first nationwide HDTV broadcast on my RCA DTC-100 to my Compaq computer monitor "17"!!

I hope my local Albquerque TV broadcasters would get on their act together to go on the air in digital!!


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of course! all HDTV! no DVD (well, rarely DVD)
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I just bought another hdtv and hd receiver!


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Well, I originally purchased an HDTV early on and since then have taken it back for a 4:3 RPTV. Here are some of the reasons I had:

1) Everything that wasn't HDTV was blurry - DVD's were ok, but almost everything else had this blur to it that just drove me insane.

2) Set top box requirements were getting annoying. Not only did I shell out huge for the set itself, but if I wanted HDTV I would have to purchase a STB to go along with it - and if I wanted Sat. HDTV it narrowed my decision down to one (now two I guess).

3) No reasonable way to record HDTV.

4) Not enough channels - I'm sorry, but coming to a web page to see someone post about a single show coming on HDTV in a week (as they still do) did not motivate me to want to stick with HDTV - I live in Chicago and even here, it's not exactly like HDTV is oozing out of the cracks.

5) Progressive scan players were expensive back then and that was the only way to get back the picture quality in DVD's that the widescreen sets were supposed to have.

6) Everything that I wanted to watch looked better on the RPTV that I returned the HDTV for.

Don't get me wrong, I am eager for HDTV, but I don't want to be an early adopter anymore. In 4 or 5 years, I will be purchasing whatever the current standard is and everyone who bought early will be watching HDTV content on 5 year old sets that probably don't have all of the features.

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1. I find regular NTSC television to be blurry, too, but on any TV, not just my HDTV. Since I have seen all of the HDTV programming I must say that regular TV does seem even more blurry to me now, though, since I am used to HD now.

2. I just bought the Dish 6000, so I didn't have to purchase any seperate set top box to receive HD. I use my old receiver as a second receiver which is hooked to TiVo. This way, I have one feed that is always available for TiVo, and another feed that I can watch anything I want without being interrupted by TiVo needing to record something.

3. This is true. It would certainly be nice to be able to record. Just have to wait a while on this one I guess.

4. Programming is still a bit sparse, but it is certainly getting a lot better. Most of the time between CBS, SHO, and HBO there is something on in HD, and quite often multiple things. I watch at least 1 or 2 programs a day in HD.

Regarding the part about 5 years down the road people having old sets where as you would have a new one, those people will have enjoyed 5 years of HDTV programming. Most people don't keep a set past about 5 years anyway I don't think. If I get 5 good years of use out of my HDTV I'll be happy.

Sean Dudley

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Yes, in a heartbeat.

-h pierce
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Originally posted by Abdul Jalib:
I will issue a lone "no."
i had the first one.

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Originally posted by ADebar:
i had the first one.

First 'what'????

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Considering that I went about it and carefully:

Buy a brand new DTC-100 locally (with a nice return policy) and hook it up to an existing OTA antenna and computer monitor-- It's no big loss if it doesn't work out.

If everything looks good, you could ahead and buy the HD set.

I did it this way and I don't regret it: I would absolutly do it again; Once you receive DTV (whether HD or not), the quality of analog NTSC is painful to watch.
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