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Just spent 5 min on kabc radio correcting the host about hdtv  

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I've been lurking here since last november (great forum) and
this is my first post. You're gonna love this: This evening as I was pulling into my driveway, I'm hearing on the "Mr. KABC" radio show a question about whether the caller should buy a hdtv right now or wait. The host said that considering the cost starts around 10K, it's still too expensive, therefore wait. I could not stand it, I went in and called the show and actually got on within 45 minutes. I pointed out that I have a 2 month old mits 46807 with the hughes stb and a $20 ratshack antenna and am loving it for a total cost of just over $2700 and politely pointed out that he was about 24 months out of date. For a talk show host he was considerate and interested and actually let me talk a little bit. I was able to get in the facts about the LA broadcasters hdtv offerings and how fabulous they looked and the differences between 480i, 480p, 16x9 and true hidef and how the tv/stb will line double and improve even a standard signal. I didn't get to dvd's and the copyright issues but I got in more than I thought I would and thought you guys would like to know. I'm sending him a detailed email with a reference to this forum. Since he is actually a technically savvy guy (but not about hdtv apparently), we may get some air time about this. You never know. Some of you here in LA may have heard the show (if not, you have now) and should either call or email him with your own stories. This forum has turned me into a big hdtv fan and I strongly believe in getting the story out, move more sets, get more programming!
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jazz on....

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Great Read! And welcome to the world of being an AVS Posting Member. Welcome!

David Bott
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It's all smoke and mirrors
Most experts haven't a clue
Good job

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Correcting misinformation is practically a fulltime job. Thanks for taking the time.

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Your first post is one to be proud of. It is quite rare that new members here can offer such a great story of positive outcome. My hat's off to you and welcome to the HDTV family.

Don Landis
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I have had the same experience here in Chicago. Many people get a few detail about hd and think they are experts.


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Great Post!

Just wanted you to know that I bought a Samsung TSL2795HF (In my opinion the best, & only currently sold 27'" HDTV) for $862 including Tax & for another $450 you can get a Samsung Set top box if you take advantage of the $100 mail in rebate. If I didn't live in Lincoln Nebraska I'd have already bought one, but no HD OTA here yet....supposed to get Omaha stations May of 2002, I can't wait!

Anyway, that would be about $1300 for True HDTV for anywhere that gets it OTA. Till then I just enjoy EDTV .
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