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Hitachi's answer ambiguous?  

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I wrote Hitachi about connectivity issues. It would seem as if all questions were answered. But still...(a little help) what weren't they saying?

"The DVI system that is being developed for HDTV does not appear to have any conflicts with any sets that have already been released. This device is being developed to provide copyright protection for studios and production companies. From the current available information, it will actually be in the set top boxes that are released in the future and the main goal for this type of technology is to not render the televisions obsolete since that is where the major investment is being made.
Currently, there is no upgrade or modification kit available that will add inputs, such as firewire. However, even with the advent of firewire, other connections will still be used, such as S-Video, audio/video, and yes, even coax. These connections will not be fazed out. Firewire inputs,otherwise known as DVI transmission is a joint effort by Hitachi and a collaboration of 4 other major manufacturers. It is doubtful that anything would be developed that would make every product out there obsolete. All that would be needed to receive HDTV on most models is a set-top box that will accept firewire while adapting to your TV. Hitachi is not manufacturing or distributing set top boxes at this time. However, that decision could change. Any box with the proper connectors will work with our TVs."
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Their response is incorrect; there *are* developments which are making all their current products only able to receive a relatively restricted service. As an Hitachi owner, I find it a real pity that they haven't yet come up with a positive corporate response to these new developments. Whilst I really do like their TV's, I couldn't possibly suggest to anyone to buy one because they don't have a plan (except apparently planned obsolescence). This kind of "non-response" from Hitachi doen't help.

"You can't argue with a confident man"
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S-Video, audio/video, and yes, even coax
You can still use your HDTV monitor to watch 480i signals. Why, you can even use it to watch your 480i signal remodulated on its RF input.

They forgot to mention that it will still receive black & white as well.

Thats an even more draconian statement than the DTLA: At least they let you watch 540p.

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