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Sources For Extended Warranty?  

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Hello, everyone.
I am new to the world of HDTV. Been an "audiophile" for a long time, though.
Just bought a Mitsubishi WS55807. I now have 30 days to decide on the extended warranty. Are there companies that sell them for less than the stores do? Is this a generally good idea to get one?

Also, is there a reason to go with one of the HDTV provides vs. another? In other words, DirectTV or Dish Network?

Thanks in advance
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I don't know of a place that would sell you an extended warranty on a product like HDTV. I have a company that will allow me to sell complete extended warranty packages to customers to cover all the components, (parts and labor) as well as all the wiring, up to and including installation labor for as long as 5 years. Problem is, my cost is a percentage of the total package cost if the package is over $10,000 and a set fee per item if they are under $10,000.

Considering the way the product works you actually have to go through the dealer because he's the one that stands behind the product, and the one that will have to come out and do the service call, up to and including uninstalling it from the system to send it off to a service center.

It would leave the insuring company in too deep to let the end user do all their own service calls. (if you know what I mean) http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

FYI, I don't know what your retailer quoted, but the plan that is available to my customers would run $1414.00 suggested retail on a HDTV (including plasma) for a unit running from $4000 to $7499.99 for a 5 year period. Of course that includes shipping it off to a service center, and bringing it back and setting it up, not just "in-home" service calls. It's also renewable, and owner transferable. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


Tony / Premier AV
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Good reply. I agree, the retailer is the one who will play a major role in how and when a product is repaired or exchanged. Buy equipment and warranty from a fly by night retailer/etailer, and your asking for trouble down the road.

Here in So Cal, I have a choice of BB, CC and The Good Guys, not to mention Sears etc. Their warranties are backed by insurance companies and their "good name".

As a general rule, only buy extended warranties after doing a cost benefit analysis.

Example 1.

A new Hi Fi VCR can be purchase from $59-150. Why buy a 3/4/5 year extended warranty for more than 20% of the purchase price? If ONE service call or repair is almost as much as buting "new" don't bother.

Example 2.

I purchase a new Sony 36 inch XBR monitor for $2,500 and a 3 year extended warranty cost me $300 for IN HOME service. I may consider it.

I mostly buy my extended warranty from whomever I buy the product from. You can generally get a lower selling price on the item as there is more margin in the warranty!!!
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See the Bookmarks on Extended warranty at the below.


If you're looking at a Sony HDTV why not checkout http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sonyhs10 for ~7,000 posts on it?
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