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The problem is that the required handshaking from the S97 to your AVR and then to the MT700 is not making the round trip. You do have to turn on the equipment in the correct order, starting with the S97, then the AVR and finally the MT700.

The key is that you did say that going from the S97 directly to the MT700 "takes some time" to recognize the connection (implies that the S97 signal is barely strong enough for the MT700). Adding the extra connection, adds enough impedance in the path to disrupt the handshaking signal.
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Thanks a lot, Claus! I'm upgrading my player to the new Oppo 983. I hope the problem will go away then.
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Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I’ve tried all possible combinations turning things on and whenever the player and the receiver are on there is this handshaking problem. Any thoughts? I’ve tried 3 different HDMI cables (good ones, and different lengths) and the problem persists. What should I do???
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Hmmmm. It sounds like it's an interface problem between the S97 and your AVR. I seem to vaguely recollect that the S97 HDMI interface was designed to work with the Panasonic digital AVRs and had problems with other brands of AVRs. Your new Oppo should (?) work fine.
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I really hope so!
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after 2 blown bulbs and a return to toshiba for repairs,this buld made it to appx.750hrs.and boom went boom 2 nights ago.and I was just braggin about how It may have been resolved for good!owell.I hope the refunds are still offered!
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my luck with getting toshiba to still honor the on going issue of blowing bulbs is not going well.the endless months of waiting on repair and bulbs that were not available used up our warranty periods its seems.I am not pleased with how they have dealt with this matter.
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When Toshiba knows there were issues with this unit,how can they still consider this a bulb and not a projector problem?
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this projector still gives me nightmares. It was my first projector too, almost quit right there.

Nothing like the bulbs going out every 2 months then spend hours on the phone with toshiba explaining the same issue every single freaking time.

I never understood how a large company let it go on like this. They should issued an immediate recall and refunded the money when the problem became apparant. Instead they pretend it wasnt a problem and all hush hush. I eventually got my money back when the 4th bulb blew under half a year, I lost it and started screaming on the phone at the manager and threaten to take it to small claim court.

The sad thing is i always thought toshiba as a very good brand. What a nightmare, never bought another toshiba product after that..just on principle.
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I just had a fan problem with my Toshiba MT700 2 weeks ago. I was able to replace the fans but I only could find 1.6W models instead of the original 1.8W. The projector works fine, but I would like to ask you guys a favor by checking the ballast temperature with altitude on normal.

Could you please go into the service menu and check what numbers do you read?
I get +3600 with altitude set high and +5000 when altitude is on normal.

I just want to make sure that the lamp is not getting more heat with the 1.6W fans.

Many thanks!!!!
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There is no doubt you MT700 owners have had a rough go of it with the bulb issues.

As most of us know the Benq 7700 is the twin of the MT700. Benq has clearly fixed the bulb issue for some time now. Has anyone ever contacted Benq to see if they would have a look at their Toshiba? I'll have to talk to my contact at Benq and see if there is a possibility due to the PJ's basically being the same.

I'll probably just get told no, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
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FYI for anyone looking for a bulb assembly. There's a new one for sale on eBay right now. It's the whole assembly. Apparently most people sell the bulbs and not the whole assembly.

Just an FYI.
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