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How to extend Sanyo Bulb life.  

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I've had issues with my bulb life and have had many communications with Sanyo Service about this.

This is something they told me to do once, and since I just did it, thought I would post this tip.

Granted you should you keep your filters clean. I check/clean mine every two weeks. I don't have a dirty house, but...

Sanyo Service told me once to vaccuum the air intake outlets since dust/dirt will accummulate there and cause higher bulb temps which will reduce the bulb life.

Since I was told this, I have made this part of my cleaning routine and have had MUCH better luck with my lamp time. My bulbs don't burst and I get much better lamp life. I don't have a newer unit, but I'd recommend the procedure, based upon my experiences. They don't tell you this in the manual. My bulb life DOUBLED after doing this.

So, about every two weeks, I unhook the PJ, turn it over, and place a vaccuum over the air intakes and suck out those areas for a while.

Your mileage may differ, but this has saved me quite a bit of money, based upon my bulb mileage prior to hearing about this.

In fact, the infrequent dust bunny has ALSO been removed doing this.
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I've also had problems to and I don't clean nearly as often nor vacuum and I'm not saying don't do that. Just giving you what I do, the darn filter is never really dirty and couldn't block much how porous it is.

What I did that has really helped since was put an external fan outside the projector about 12 " away and it blows into the right frontside of the projector.

Imo it's all about heat and dispersing heat. The unit wasn't engineered quite right imo. Wonderment is talking about reducing heat, I believe the fan aids reducing heat above even cleaning. Still clean the unit if need be, I just never have anything to clean in my case to speak about.

I had two go in under 300 hours each. I put the fan in the last go around and I'm at 1500 and counting. The picture has only lost that little bit you lose when you have a brand new bulb, they are almost a wee bit "to bright" at first. Still lookin good and I'm feelin even better.
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I have always vacuumed my filter on about a monthly basis, although it never really looked dirty. But a few months ago I tried blowing canned air through it and I was amazed at how much dust this dislodged. You could only see this dust in bright light, but it was there and after a good "Blowjob" I could see that the dust stopped coming out. Since beginning this procedure I have seen far fewer dust blobs on my LCD panels.

My original bulb is at 1650 hours. I can see that it has dimmed significantly, but it hasn't blown up yet. And this is despite the fact that the ambient temperature in my theater room is usually above 80 degrees.

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I just posted this because I have spent a TON of money on bulbs. Thought the Sanyo Service "responses" might help some others.

I still VERY much like my projector. I try and do what I can to keep the bulb "going."

This tip helped me and was VERY worthwile in my case.
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