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Forgot.. The pixel problem doesn't occur with PBS HD as the signal is at 90 percent with signal going down between 90-85 percent.
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I finally got my silver sensor today. My signal strength with PBS went over 90%, but CBS is the same.. I think it is do to the lower power tower they have installed. I hope CBS increases the towers power to 1000kw the same as PBS, then my signal strength will go in the high 80 or etc!! I now get FOX DT with the new antenna. The signal strenght is the same with CBS at around 68-70% during the night at 8pm, and during the day it drops to 60 going to 65 max. I think CBS does something with the towers power for the prime time viewing period, or special programing, which starts at 8pm. I've also noticed the picture quality improves on CBS DT starting at 8pm on weekdays otherwise the picture is the same the analog channel.

FOX DT was coming for some NASCAR preview then once it ended the signal just went down and stays at 49% FOX-DT went off or something.

I returned my Samsung Antenna.
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well i guess i have much more success than you do with the silver sensor. WGFL has had a construction permit to have a higher tower powering up to 625 kw, but they are owned by pegasus, and they are in the middle of a chapter 11 bankruptcy, and all their stations they owned are on halt right now with thier construction untill they get through the proceeding. Another thing is that a station's tower does not change in power, what is really happening is a phenominon known as signal skipping. It is basically caused by temerapture inversions that end up warming up ions in the ionosphere causeing signals to bounce off the ions and reach a new target, even though that place may be very far away. On some rare nights, i can get WBBH, an NBC from fort myers (200+ miles from the towers) or get an ABC out of West Palm Beach.
Finally, remember that the tempory tower for WGFL is located near Alachua, WUFT is just a little south of it, but WOGX is located 25 miles south of town near wiliston. The silver sensor is an EXTEMELY DIRECTIONAL antenna.
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I know you said before that you do not have cox cable, but do you have it for internet? Is anyone on here have any type of service with cox? If you do, I am interested in an expiriment that might be cool if I am right.
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I had Bellsouth DSL, which was great. Now I have Earthlink DSL which is also great with no problems. A bunch of my friends have Cox high speed internet and they have had no problems with the service. They have had the COX internet service for about 2years with some having it even longer for about 3-4 years. All of my friends have the cox high speed service being shared with about 3-4 people with no speed problems.

I might switch to COX as it seems cheaper than what I pay Earthlink currently and or would pay Bellsouth for DSL.

If your thinking about getting COX High Speed, then I would say jump on board the service is good, u'll get a free cable modem from Best Buy or Circuit City.
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Forgot.. Hopefully pegasus will get out of chapter 11 soon so they can get the bigger tower build with more power up and on which will be great for the increased signal strength to make CBS have signal similar to PBS.

Silver sensor is for sure directional I will have to change it a bit to get FOX-DT to come back in, but I'm holding off for now as I finally got the the sensor in the right spot to hold at least 66% signal for CBS-DT of course at 8pm the signal as said before holds higher at 69% for a few hours.
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Seems the Pegasus Chapter 11 was discussed on AVS at one time... Looks like Pegasus communications was not involved in Chapter 11.

there is a whole article in the link below.

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I picked an outdoor antenna today from Radio Shack the model was VU-190 XR. It took 40 minutes to install the antenna together. Then I placed it outside in my porch area close to where the family is where my HD TV is. Luckly the cable was long enough to reach. My test results were really good. WOGX-DT came in with 85 percent signal strength, and WGFL came in with 85% signal strength. I hadn't even setup the antenna all the way as I am moving it in my attic. I should be able to get JAX stations too as the antenna has the range and the color code. Once I get the antenna in the attic and get it fully setup signal strength will probably be even stronger.
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I finally put the Radio Shack antenna in the attic late this evening. To my suprise WOGX-DT is coming at 76% and holding. WOGX goes between 73% and holds at 69%, but again they are low powered!! WUFT is the highest at 94%. At some point down the road I might install this outdoor antenna outside, but it is working great from the attic!!. I made a mistake I can't get JAX stations the color code for violet was not the box, but oh well!!

Now I'm happy!!
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Well what i was asking before with cox cable was i found the other night that thier HD package is free as part of cox cable, but it was the hd box that was $10 a month. That gave me an interesting idea. Anyone who has an HD tv with a Clear Qam tuner (very few have them) may be able to pick up some or most of the channels since if they are free they may not be scrambled
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I'm pretty sure the HD channels COX is giving for free are scrambled. Cox only has 3 HD channels you would want to steal anyways if you didn't get them already. Those are: (ESPN-HD, HBO-HD, and Showtime-HD).

Everything will be scrambled and you'll need the $10 a month HD box to decode them or an HD TV which has a build in cable card reader. If you had the HDTV with the build in cable card reader, you would get a good deal on the HD package then it would be totally free you wouldn't have to pay $10 a month in a lease fee to COX.. I doubt COX would give the HD package free if you didn't lease the COX box as they have to make money some where in this. The only free HD cable gives is the local channels at no additional charge to the customer.

I don't have COX, and I will never have them again, unless either Comcast or TWC was to buy out the Gainesville/Ocala operations.
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The current CBS-DT tower has alot of issues. If you watch the analog station you get no pixels or pauses during the shows or commercials. Now on the DT channel you get pixel problems and pauses on and off. The same problem happens on the Gainesville CBS channel on Dish Network. If you watch Fox-DT you don't have pixel problems, WUFT-DT no problems either. My CBS-DT and FOX-DT have similar signal strength (74/76).

One can only hope Pegasus gets the new and more powerful CBS-DT tower build and up, which will not have these problems!!

Tonight on the programing Listen UP didn't come in full HD. Something went wrong as Two and Half Men came in FULL HD so did Still Standing, and CSI Miami.
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Possible big news!

I checked the fcc database on WCJB ABC Gainesville and today for the first time, it appears they finally got the construction permit to put up thier digital station. It had been in application mode for several years until they ended a dispute over channel 16 designation with a non commercial entity out of marianna florida. It seems that it has finally ended and now they can begin to build the tower for HD. Unfortuneatly, I do not know how long it will take for WCJB to complete the tower, but from what people tell me on here, it will probably be about 10 months, so hopefully Gainesville can be able to get SuperBowl XL in HD.

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Thats good news. The ABC DT tower will be high powered like WUFT (PBS). I can't remember the link to the site which listed power of the tower, but it was the same as WUFT. So I'm looking forward to another high signal DT channel (WJCB) along with PBS till WGFL builds out its new tower, which should be powered at 650kw compared to the current tower power of 5.5kw. Even WOGX (FOX) comes in at a good signal strength and they are only powered at 500KW, where as WCJB-DT will be at full power once up at 1000KW, and WUFT-DT are at 1000KW

I'm sure the tower will be up in time for the superbowl. Antennaweb.org site has the live date for August 2005 for WCJB-DT 16.
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A little off subject, but did anyone watch WCJB news tonight on that plane wreck? That was my neighbor
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Didn't catch TV 20 News last night, but saw the article on the TV20 website. Your neighbors got some pretty bad burns from the crash, but on a good note they are alive.
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Originally posted by houselog442
A little off subject, but did anyone watch WCJB news tonight on that plane wreck? That was my neighbor

With only 2 people communicating right now, I wouldn't worry about a little "off-topic" conversation.
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Got info from WCJB via email this afternoon. Actually had to email Diversified Communications the parent company.

WCJB has just received our digital construction permit from the FCC.
The station will be broadcasting in HDTV in August of 2005.

From what WCJB said in the email it goes with the date published on www.antennaweb.org
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That will be nice! One way of telling if the station is going to be up in HD is to check cox cable's gainesville HD channel listings. They seem to know when stuff is going up before anyone else does. We knew about WGFL going hd a month before it happend because Cox cable put out a press release on it.

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I just got the ATI HDTV wonder which can pick up PBS and FOX. Out of curiosity would it be possible to pick up stations from jacksonville or somewhere else that has ABC (I am impatient )
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It is possible to pick up JAX channels with the proper outdoor antenna. If you live in Gainesville you will need an antenna that has the proper color code on the box. The color code is violet.

I have an outdoor antenna mounted in my attic but have had no luck pulling in any JAX channels.. I tired very hard before NYPD Blue ended to get the JAX ABC channel with no luck.

See antennaweb.org it will give you all the info you need plus a color code chart based on your home address.

I'm counting the months down till August.. (Now we just need some company to open an NBC channel in Gainesville/Ocala)!!
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I would think you would have a shot if you were trying to pick up jacksonville vhf stations (ABC and NBC in jacksonville are in upper VHF) Most my neighbors here who use the antenna here have thier tower up 30-50 ft and can pick up tampa and orlando, which are about 80 miles from here each. The best bet is to buy a deep range VHF only antenna and mount it high (and hope it dont get hit by lightning)
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Here is something interesting. WYKE-LP has just got its digital station now up on channel 47, out of lecanto. Its wierd how one of the rare Class A digital stations is here in lowly Citrus County! I can get it in barely (and i live only 11 miles from the tower!) its low powered, but its coming in 720-480i, its standard definition widescreen.
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Seems WGFL-DT 28-1 (CBS) isn't working as of Saturday night. If you hit 028 on ur OTA tuner it jumps to 028-2 (UPN DT Channel that WGFL broadcasts).

Both the UPN and CBS channel are coming from same DT tower. No HD NCAA tonight it sucked!! CBS DT was working last night!! I've done 4 rescans tonight still not showing 28-1 CBS!!

Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow!
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Is WGFL broadcasting UPN on thier digital channel or is it a weather map?
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I'm sure that WGFL 28.2 is the weather map channel, but WGFL alway has UPN 11 programing on this channel in DT format. WGFL does not show UPN in HD yet.

The CBS DT/HD channel is still not back it always shows up at 028-01. I've rest my 811 twice and rescanned about 5 times no luck. If I manually enter channel number 28 it brings up the UPN channel at 028-02 with WGFL as the name.

Both 28.1 and 28.2 come off the same tower.

I'm hoping that CBS-DT and HD channel come back before CSI this Thursday!!
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It turns out that Cox cable users also got a black screen for the HD feed from WGFL.

The cbs feed is still not back at 28.1, one of my friends who has COX digital and HD is going to check on the CBS for me tonight.

It would seem that Pegsus Communications is really Pegsuck!!
touch wood that I still have my grandfather Dish Network HD waiver for CBS NYC. I think next weekend I'm going to mount my dish 300 in the 61.5 location to get CBS HD from NYC back!!
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I have confirmed that WGFL 28.1 the CBS DT/HD channel has gone off the air for some odd reason.. Some one posted a reply in another Sat forum. People with Cox cable in Gainesville have lost the CBS HD channel.

I also confirmed that there is a problem with WGFL when they broadcast the HD feeds as you get a pixeling on some night with audio drops. Cox CBS HD viewers have the same issue. Nice to know it is not my antenna!!

Now I can relax!! Hopefully WGFL will come back online with CBS-DT/HD soon othewise my dish 300 goes back up!!
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well now u know why pegasus is in bankruptcy right now, they are the stupid company that put a UPN in live oak, the middle of nowhere!
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How stupid can Pegasusuck be to broadcast UPN in a city with almost no people. People in Ocala are lucky that they get the local6 CBS from Orlando and don't have to put up with Pegasusuck. You got to wonder why a company that broadcasts a major network station turns off the DT/HD feed during the NCAA when thousands of students here will be watching the final four!!.
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