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HI everyone,

Haven't been on this forum since I bought my Panasonic TH-42px50u back in June of 05'.

Came home tonight and played a little Wii which is connected via component cable. Then went to watch some TV so I switched over to HdMI and the screen was black w/no signal.

Went over to the CAble box Sci-Atl explorer 8000 hd and made sure it was on, then unplugged and plugged back in and still nothing. I then selected the cable input on my tv and the screen showed up perfect, switched back to hdmi and the screen was black. I then selected the cable input again and put on HBOHD and switched to HDMI when the screen displayed the show and the picture was green then the screen went black. I then turned off the cable box and the screen looked like this.

Anyway, I then changed it back to cable and the picture is perfect.

I then thought that possibly it could be something with the TV not processing HD so I hooked component cables up to my cable box and tv and the tv displayed the HD perfectly.

Any suggestions as to what this could be??? We had thundestorms here in PA tonight but pretty much everything is working aside from using the HDMI.
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Here are the pics that didn't show up in the post before, sorry.

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just went into my service menu, i have 4000 hours on my 42PX50U and 1900 cycles
still looks great
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Originally Posted by jpasiczn View Post

just went into my service menu, i have 4000 hours on my 42PX50U and 1900 cycles, still looks great

I checked my 42PX50U 5 months ago right before retiring it to the bedroom and it had about 5,200 hours and turned on 2,997 times over 743 days of use.

It still looks great but i never watch it anymore. No burn-in, and still bright enough to tan my face. Can't stand the SDE though. It's still in impeccable condition and i hate to get rid of it and they're not worth a lot of money on the used TV market (maybe $700) so i might give it to the GF so i can watch it at her house (instead of her 32" LCD).
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I moved my 42PX500U to the bedroom about 2 months ago and I just had a cablecard installed today. Installation went without a hitch. Card was plugged in, a message popped up the screen with a couple of ID codes that the tech had to call in, a few minutes later, I had access to all of my HD and premium channels! Fortunately, I upgraded to the latest firmware when I moved the TV to minimize any troubles the cablecard.

I wish I had this feature on my other two TV's!
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I am just curious if anybody has had any issues re-scanning channels with the Panasonics? I have Panasonic TH-42PD50U that is connected to a DISH 622 receiver, but I do watch terrestrial ATSC through it. As long as I was in the re-scanning mode I decided to re-scan the internal tuner on the TH-42PD50U. It was an interesting experience because the device seemed to freeze up. I unplugged AC power for a while, then powered back up and it still seemed frozen. I recalled that some people in my area (Minneapolis DMA) reported issues with Channel 25 having non-standard MPEG-2 audio and that some tuners could not decode it. That prompted me to disconnect the antenna coaxial feedline, re-scan to essentially clear out old channels, and then re-connect and scan them back in. I then disconnected the TH-42PD50U again and deselected channels 25-1 to 25-5. That seemed to take care of the problem. While I cannot verify for a fact that this was the source of the problem, it certainly does not seem coincidental to me. Granted, there are probably few other Panasonic owners that would have this issue, but I wanted to post this in case. If someone were unaware of what was happening, this could have caused considerable time and money trying to trouble shoot this and get it repaired.
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Has anyone ever found if the 50PX500U has a white balance adjustment hidden somewhere? The items in the service menu do not have a white balance that I can find....

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One day it's fine the next day, sound ok, no picture (or menus). I've removed from the wall and removed the back. Fans are running, no obvious smoked components, no magic smoke smell. It doesn't generate any heat what so ever. No raster. What powers the panel?

Any common failure mode with this model? I do not have a service manual.

Any input appreciated. This was my first flat panel in 2005, always an outstanding PQ.

Thank you,
Jack in Ohio
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My Panasonic TH-42PD50U stopped working yesterday afternoon. I was tuning the integrated ATSC tuner and it stopped. Then I started hearing a clicking noise at regular intervals. Anyway, does anybody happen to know is Panasonic still supports this with parts. I think my plans right now are to get a new Samsunbg LED or LCD set, but I am trying to determine if it is worth fixing this and putting it in the basement as a kids TV. Anyway, if anybody here still has one of these I would love to hear your experiences on repairs.
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