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paradigm monitor 9 magnetically shielded?  

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A co worker called me tonight telling me that they had just puchased a pair of the Paradigm Studio 9's, and when placed next to their tv, they had color issues. I'm guessing that means they are not shielded, I really couldn't find any good info on their site. So shielded or not?
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Most of the main speakers are not shielded. Its usually just the centers that are shielded. My Paradigms are about 3 or 3.5 feet away from the tv on each side giving me about 10-12 feet of seperation...

EDIT: I dont beleive any of the monitor line speakers, besides the centers, are shielded.

I believe it is an option on the studio line, and standard on the reference line...
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Many Paradigm speakers have the OPTION of being magnetically shielded. It's something done at time of manufacturing and so it's either sold as shielded or not. Shielded versions have a sticker on the back that says "Mage-Shield".

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I just have to say that if they are model 9's, they are from the monitor series, not the Studio's.
And if he has them that close to his direct view TV, he has them waaay too close together.
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I bought a pair of monitor 7s without Magne-shield a couple weeks ago, and am trading them in for a pair with shielding. It'll cost me about $80 more, but will allow me more flexibility of placement.
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