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Can you put an antenna on your balcony for Monday Night Football and pull in the HD feed OTA?

I could, but I don't have a reciever to do it with. All I have is the SA 8300HD from Adelphia. I can't pull it from that could I? I'd have to buy a couple hundred $ reciever, just to pick up one channel.
Don't get me wrong, I have considered it. (It's sad that I even have to)
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Oh, and a couple more things. I'm glad to see we have a few people on this thread. I saw all the posts in the BH Orlando thread and I was beginning to think I was the only person with Adelphia's service. So hello all and lets keep this thing going and up to date with any information anybody has.

Is everybody receiving the 5.1 DD signal? Mine has been out for about a week. It seems to happen every couple of weeks. It will go out for a couple days and then pop back on. My receiver is still getting a digital signal it's just in Prologic(or stereo). No 5.1. I have ripped apart my system before thinking it was a loose connection or something to no prevail. I usually just wait a couple days and it comes back by itself. By the way I'm coming out of the coax port and it's not the audio receiver. I'm starting to think it's just a product of Adelphia's excellent service. Anybody having any problems like this?

Thanks everybody

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I can take the missed recordings once in a while on the 8300HD, and the kick out to live thing. I can kind of understand no TNT-HD or ESPN2-HD. But to not have ABC-HD is just inexscusable.
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argh...Part 2

Neither one of the NFL games on CBS-HD were in HD today. What gives?
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I don't know if they were at my house, I was at the bar watching the Browns beat on the Packers. But I saw CBS's line-up for next week and only certain games were in HD(like 2). Only the best games are in HD, which may not be the ones we're getting down here. Crappy Dolphins.
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Anyone else using a CableCard from Adelphia that is located in Orlando, FL?

They are coming to install it next week and didn't know if there was anything special I should check before the technican leaves?

I actually have them bringing me both a STB and CC in case I change my mind at the last minute, but I have no use for PPV or program guide & like the idea of spending les $$$ and no need for cables & box to find a home for.

This will be my first HD venture and didn't know if a STB was more reliable than a CableCard? From some of my reading in the forums I get the impression the cable cards are "hit or miss" but it seems to be a Comcast issue. I have to call Adelphai every month to complain about something so I don't need yet another headache.

P.S. - Is a CableCard like a STB where you have to make sure the technician selects it to output at the correct resolution
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shameless bump
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Threads merged.
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Hello.........................Hello...................Hello. ................Hello
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Where is everybody? Am I the only one with this crappy service from Adelphia?
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Channel 701 ABCHD.
Just saw it on the guide. It's not active yet but hopefully in the next few days.
FINALY!!!!!!!!!! Now that I've been forced to watch Mon night and college football all season on the crappy SD ABC channel.
They have to wait untill 3 days befor the Super Bowl to give us ABCHD, just like they did with FOXHD last year.
Man I can't wait for Adelphia to go under!
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Originally Posted by petem23 View Post

Channel 701 ABCHD.
Just saw it on the guide. It's not active yet but hopefully in the next few days.
FINALY!!!!!!!!!! Now that I've been forced to watch Mon night and college football all season on the crappy SD ABC channel.
They have to wait untill 3 days befor the Super Bowl to give us ABCHD, just like they did with FOXHD last year.
Man I can't wait for Adelphia to go under!

Where did you see it ??? I just emailed them and got the same old we don't know when story. I am considering buying an antenna for the game Sunday.
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701 was in the guide this morning but not active. This afternoon it disappeared.
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Hello, new forum member here. I have a HD tv with adelphias HD programming and digital cable. Is anyone else dissapointed with the adelphia software for the SA explorer 8300hd? Ive seen Bright Housed DVR software and must say that it looks and works much better than adelphias, adelphia dosent even have a season pass function where it only records new episodes of shows and not every episode at this time any day or whatever it is. I am also upset with the fact that we dont get any OnDemand channels like HBO or Showtime. Am i missing something or are these common complaints? can i some how flash new software onto the box?

I also noticed that this thread has been dying and wanted to bring it back up.

P.S. I live in East Orange County by valencia east
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Yeah I'm stuck with Adelphia/Comcast as well ever since I moved to the Valencia East area. The dashboard on the HD DVR SUCKS! I was so used to the seamless Passport interface with Brighthouse and now I have to deal with this pain in the @$$. It constantly misses recordings at the most inopportune times. If you want to cancel a single recording of a show the whole show will be removed from the record list. The lack of On-Demand channels also blows. I used to love being able to catch up on my HBO series, pick from an entire library of movies or watch Howard TV whenever I wanted to. Internet is slow also. I was hoping Brighthouse/TW would buy back the network grid after the bankrupcy acquisition, hopefully the Comcast conversion will improve things. It can't get any worse? (Knocks loudly on wood)
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I am in the Eastwood area and we are stuck with Adelphia also. I am planning on getting an HD TV in the next couple of months. The last email I got about the buyout was that Comcast would be taking over. They did not say when, they said that they would keep us informed as things progressed. Hopefully, my new TV will be worth watching in HD. I have the 8300HD DVR just becasuse the SD DVRs kept breaking and will get HD service after I get the new TV. I have a question though. cable channel 3 (WESH) sucks. I keep getting color banding and overstaurated colors and even oversaturated sound. I am currently watching a 27" CRT and the other cable channels are OK, only this channel acts wierd. Do other people have this problem also?

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just noticed that TNT-HD is on my adelphia channel list. It's listed as 764
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Originally Posted by orateam View Post

just noticed that TNT-HD is on my adelphia channel list. It's listed as 764

WE are also getting CW18 (#706) and something called SS HD (#768). Anyone have any idea what SS HD is? I called Adelphia/Comcast and they have no idea either.
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I noticed that also it popped up right after TNT-HD cam on. I Googled it and still could not find any info on it.
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Okay, someone in my subdivision told it is was the Sunshine Network (the ones that plays all those college games).

So naturally being a former Northerner, I could care less
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I just noticed all this channels too, Hopefully they bring out DiscoveryHD and some other
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I'm so PISSED tonight to find they removed HDNET and HDNTM.

They added ESPN2 and some others like TNTHD and VS in the last month, but now are taking away my favorite channels. I just sent out a couple emails to the boss's and also talked to customer disservice.

I'm glad their adding HD programming, but not at the expense of taking away the original HD network.

O' sad day :-(
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** Update ***

Got a quick reply from

Southern Division
Reg Griffin - Vice President of Communications

He said, "We are always adding new HD content, with more coming up soon in several markets. I am glad to check into this for you."

Very quick response. Lets see what happens. I will post any further responses.
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**** Update ****

I got a phone call from the assistant to
Reg Griffin (Southern Division Vice President of Communications) yesterday.

They apparently had to pull the feed due to the contract being with Adelphia. I was told they are currently in negotiations to get the line up back on ASAP.

Must admit I was very pleased at the quick responses I received. Way to go Comcast!
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Out of the blue I started getting Locals in HD and INHD but, no DiscoveryHD yet
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If anyone else has the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD, I would appreciate some help or info about a problem I'm having... About once a week, one of my scheduled recordings will just not record. When I look at the guide, the show (for instance tonight it was ER) is highlighted in red like it's going to record. But, then when the time comes to record, it does not and the show goes to a normal color in the guide. Honestly, this is really annoying as, like I said, it happens frequently. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to resolve it? Is there a maximum number of recordings I can program? I know that I can only record 2 shows at one time, but I mean a total number of seasonal recordings. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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Tampa HDTV forums has just opened a new section dedicated to the Orlando market. I will be working with them to set up features that are missing from AVS such as local polls and control of our own sticky threads with frequently asked questions.

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I hope you get more SD Channels to with Analog Channels moving to Digital pretty soon in your area hopefully.
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I am moving into an neighborhood (Avalon Park Area) that has Comcast as part of our HOA dues (god knows who thought this was a great idea). And im wondering should i even contemplate the idea of going with Comcast. Their HD lineup looks tiny compared to what i have on BHN. Not sure if i can get Brighthouse over there or if i should look into DirectTV as well.
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Does Comcast carry HDNet or HDNet Movies in this area?
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