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I have a TW40H80 tv, and whenever I switch the tv/video input to "Video 1" I hear a fairly loud, high pitched tone comming from the speakers. Originally the sound came from my front (l,c,r) speakers through the receiver. However, I recently disconnected the audio output from the TV, and activated the TV's speakers, so that the TV was opperating independent of any other audio equipment. Again, when I switched to "Video 1" I got the high pitched tone, except this time, it came from the tv speakers of course. If I hit mute on the TV, it goes away, and it does respond to the tv volume controls. My TV didn't always do this, but it's been doing it for a while now, and it's starting to concern me.

Any ideas? I'd really appreciate some suggestions or help.


Yamaha RX-V995
Sony DVP-S7700
Energy Take5+ES-8
Toshiba TW40H80