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Looking for a forum to help select gaming PC  

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Hello, I'm looking for a message board/forum similar to AVS Forum but focused on computers instead of AV equipment.

I'm looking for a gaming computer also with DV burning and a huge hard drive for all of my music and photos. I'm also looking for a huge LCD flat panel screen and think I will need a pretty kick ass graphics card.

Please recommend a PC message board which rivals AVS Forum in terms of helpfulness.

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www.arstechnica.com is my favorite. Anandtech boards are huge but also has way too many biased kiddies.

And in case you didn't know, we have a HTPC forum right here at AVS full of knowledgable people that may be able to help you.
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You could also try www.tech-forums.net
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The HTPC forum here at AVS, while focused on using computers mostly for home theater, also has many smart people who build gaming boxes as well.

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You said dirty word: "Select"

Anybody here or any other geek site is going to tell you that you are wasting your money by "selecting" a PC. You are going to save a ton of money by "building" the PC yourself.

It is really easy to build a PC. It's like clicking together Leggos. I recommend that you read this web site to learn how to build a PC:


Then if you still have any questions, come back to this forum.

Next step, order the components on Newegg.com.

If you are unwilling to build and have money to burn, just check out the gaming PC web sites and find a rig that works for you: Alienware, ABS, Screamworx, Falcon NW, etc. Also Dell and Gateway make some gaming rigs.
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Building it yourself is best and cheapest.

Just need a motherboard, cpu, memory, harddrive, video card, and a sound card. MB will have an ethernet port on there.

If you're going top of the line, get a nForce 4 or equivalent motherboard with PCI-Express on it. (newegg)

You need a cpu. Get the fastest you can afford. AMD is generally cheaper and faster with similarly rated chips. A good AMD64 w/ motherboard bundle somewhere might be your best bet (monarch.com, newegg.com, etc.). Make sure you get intel motherboard if you're getting an intel chip, and an AMD compliant mb if you are going AMD.

Next, pick out a gig of the fastest memory out there from crucial.

Harddrive deals are always going around, so check fatwallet and anandtech for the best deals on a 2 or 3 hundred gig harddrive.

Video card is either going to be a 6800GT ultra, x800, or top of the line with the new x850.

Sound cards can be cheap or expensive. Even if you have onboard sound, pick up a cheap souncard to releive your system bus and system resources from having to work with sound.

That's pretty much all there is. You'll need a copy of Windows XP (I'd recommend PRO) to get started.

At that point, you just screw the motherboard to a case, put all your parts on there, and start loading windows.
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These days the only real way to save a lot of money building your own PC is if you are building a higher-end machine which most gaming PCs are. Sometimes you can even put together some impressive rebate deals in a close timeframe and increase your savings even more. Occasionally you can run into a hassle but it's not super common even for first time builders and with a good forum to pull from they can generally get you out in short order. Plus, there is the benefit of knowing exactly what went in there and a sense of pride when you are using it (I'm typing on a self-built machine at the moment).

Right now AMD 64 chips are the top of the gaming world and you can put together a good system fairly reasonably. The video card is painful though, the prices have gotten totally out of hand but I guess that's what the market will bear. If you want to bounce some ideas off people there's enough depth here to give you some answers or ideas. This is a solid forum to check things out. Lots of very knowledgable people in each of the sub forums. http://forums.pcper.com/
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