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Originally posted by AJF
Are the dimmers fairly thin ? It's hard to tell from the pic . Some electronic switches are so deep that the box can get really crowded . Also, do the dimmers need to be de-rated ?
Not too thick in comparison to most.

There is specified de-rating when multi-ganging. I'll have to look it up. Something like a couple hundred watts per side. I do remember it's the same whether you have a dimmer to one side or both sides.

Brent Huskins
Media Design
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Originally posted by cmcjo
I sure hope you get the responses to your questions.

As a DIY end user/installer/programmer, are you not entitled to tech support directly from control 4?
AMX and Crestron sure don't offer DIY support. C4's sales model is very similar to AMX and Crestron at this point in that a dealer is always involved in the sale. When they start selling direct like Sonos (hopefully they won't ever do that! - sorry DIY'ers) then they would have to support it direct...just like Sonos.

Brent Huskins
Media Design
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do the the mini touchscreens/lcd keypads support intercom between units? I see a speaker like screen above the knob.Would be a nice feature
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Yes, a forum would be great. Heck, I half-considered setting one up. How about this for a domain name: control4yourself.com. :) (But then they will probably send lawyers after me.)

AJF: Dimmers are thinner than some X10 ones I've used in the past. I'll take side picture this weekend. Yes, dimmers do need to be derated. You cut off tabs on sides for multi-gang installs. Single gang installation is 1000W, two-gang is 800W, three or more is 600W. (I don't see this as much of limitation in my case.)

I'll post Composer screenshots sometime.

Has anyone registered their gear on C4 website?

OK, so here's a challenge to those on the fence: find a dealer and get some gear. A few of us gambled our hard-earned dollars on the first shipment of a brand new product from a brand new company. We've been feeding back what we found, both good and bad. Conclusion so far - the product works as advertised.

(And I'm truly relieved. Last night, my wife said "Good job on Control4, it's cool stuff" as we were sitting on the couch picking albums to play from the remote's LCD interface.)

Maybe we should move this thread to a new one. Now that Control4 has shipped, I think we need a "Control4 usage, tips & tricks."

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so how do the keypads work? have you setup multiple switches? can you create and control whole scenes around the house from every keypad?

can you setup automated functions? (sunrise/sundown stuff, mon-fri activites, etc..)

I'm going to try and stop in a local dealer to see it in person, but I the web is faster
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I had sent tech support an e-mail detailing a number of issues they should fix and they responded that I needed to go through my dealer. No big deal, just thought I would save a step and actually help them out with some issues I noticed.

While most everything is working as advertsied, I would say the remote is not. Try using the remote to pick a song and you can't even see them on the LCD screen - just the album name. Then, try even picking an artist from Genre, and nope, you can not do that either, just the album names come up. Ok, so not so bad, but then you realize they are in no rational order. You would think they would be in alphabetical order, but nope. Picking any type of music from the remote screen is a mess as there is no order to anything.

My only real complaint is it doesn't look like anyone even tested this with a number of albums in the system. If they did they would have realized how screwed up it is!

Here's an idea for the people at Control4 - pick up an ipod and see how they do it. It is not hard. Genere --> Artist --> Album --> Track. Make them (except track) show up in alphabetical order.

Wow, what a concept.

It is actually a problem that makes me cringe about the system because it has all worked well so far, especially with the on screen display, but I really can't believe they sent out the remote as is.

If you are looking to use the remote as one of your controllers I would wait to purchase until this problem is fixed. (hint to Jim, get your tech support on it today - they should have been on it since tuesday which is when I sent them the detailed e-mail, but because it was from an end user, they might not have read it!)

If anyone figures out how to change the hostname, let me know as well.

Just a few bugs I hope they fix real soon!

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Max, as I've said before, we all appreciate you guys taking the risk and the time to report back to the rest of us .

Honestly, I'd really like to hear from a pro who has installed a full blown system and really beat the hell out of it! There has to be some problems that will arise and I'd like to know how big and how easily remedied . I don't want to have to replace 30 dimmers in my house because they're failing . I don't want my security system going off when I'm 2 hours from home at work . etc.

But, considering C4's willingness to sell to us DIY'ers, even though not directly, the pros may not be so inclined .

So I may jump in soon but I'd at least like to know more about:

The touchscreens, which seem to be in short supply . These are what give this system the WOW factor for me, and I'd like to use about 8-10 of them in my house . How well do they work .

How well does this product "play with others" . The Media Controller seems to do well so far as a stand alone, but how well does it work with other legacy products such as satellite receivers, TV's, DVD players, security systems, etc .
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Although I can't speak for C4, I would imagine that the issue with the remote displaying track titles is a minor software glitch that can be easily remedied. I've emailed Brent about it to see if he can find a fix for us.
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I agree, displaying the tracks should be a minor issues, which at first was just a small irritant that I could deal with, however, after transfering 300 cd's into the system I realized how goofy the LCD screen on the remote was in picking anything. I just can't believe that they would have not noticed the disorder to it. When I only had a few cd's in the system I did not notice it, but when I put in 300, I found it impossible to find anything as there is no order to it.

I hope it is a quick fix, but I have not heard how it is going to be fixed and until it is, I can not use the system as anticipated (using remote to control sound and music in a room)

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Ha. That's interesting -- about there remote display of music. From reading their documentation, the LCD wall controller uses the same menu logic as the LCD menus on remote.

You're right Joe, I have only about 7-8 albums in there right now, so finding them is easy.

dan marquardt: yes, my understanding is that you can assign scenes and events to button controllers. My 6-button controller is being shipped sometime soon. I'll take a look for automated features (sunset, etc) this weekend.

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Are the songs arranged in lists on the GUI from the video output ?
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OK, going back to it, I'm not sure I understand your question.

You can search by album (and within album by cover art or via a list), by genre, or by artist.

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I think you've answered it Max . So using the LCD on the remote there's no simple way to navigate to a particular song but using the on screen guide on the TV you can .

Is the OSG set-up similar to itunes ?
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I'll try to post pictures of OSG.
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I started a Control4 FAQ, tips & tricks thread here:

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Originally posted by jacksonian

As for importing music, I'm still not sure what bitrate the MC is ripping or how to find out how much disk space is left.
The media controller claims it holds 100 cds @ 160kbps compressed MP3 format.
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Actually, the Media Controller user guide says:

"Approximately 1,000 CDs in 192kbps compressed MP3 format"

I believe the website said 100 CDs in native uncompressed format.

And I just noticed under specs in the user guide a heading of:
"Audio Recording Formats"
"MP3: 192kbps"

So it looks like the native ripping bitrate is 192kbps.
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i still don't like lossy compression ;)
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Originally Posted by joemci
I just finished adding all of my Cd's to the system and it was incredibly easy. All my cd's had been ripped to mp3 files and I simply went to Windows explorer, and draged them to the media server file folder called import. It took about 4 hours or so to transfer a little over 300 cd's. (I just did it over night and when I woke up it was done!). Them I went in the Composer software and hit scan and it went through all the files, added album art and they are now there!
This is strictly a pc question, I guess. But how did you get the media import folder to show up in Explorer? I can find it by putting the IP address into a browser window, but I can't figure out how to pull it up in Explorer to transfer files.
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any response on the "can you use the mini t/lcd key p. for intercom use between units?" anybody know if this is capable?thanks
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I haven't seen intercom functionality mentioned anywhere.
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I have not seen it mentioned either but am curious with the perforated "screen" that exsist over the top of the knob on the mini t,looks like a mic/speaker. would be a nice feature...
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does any of you gurus know whether control4 can be deployed in a European setup (220V, 50Hz, PAL-TV)? After reading all this, I'd be dismayed if it didn't...

(another clueless physician...)
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I was told that the lcd screens do have a mic and speaker and that intercom functionality is coming soon which can be used on the control panels or even on the speakers as well.
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Originally Posted by read99
I was told that the lcd screens do have a mic and speaker and that intercom functionality is coming soon which can be used on the control panels or even on the speakers as well.
Wonder if this feature will require use of the RCA connections on the mini-touch screens or is going to be via the wireless avenue?
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My goodness, Rwillis, the rca plugs on the touch screens are for audio output, not input. The intercom will be via either zigbee or ethernet, depending on the touch screen you have.

Come on, read about the system before you post these questions or statements.
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The speakerpoints and mini-touchscreens are capable of encoding audio as well as the controllers. Currently the software only allows the speakerpoint to do it though. During training we were told that the mini-touchscreens will be able to decode an audio stream out to an amp and speakers as well as encode a stream from a CD player or similar...it can only do 1 or the other though. Also, when they implement the intercom function it will rely on the same technology built in.

I hope that helps.

Brent Huskins
Media Design
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