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H31 and PC Gaming......will I be diappointed?  

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I'm SOOOOOOOO close to pulling the trigger on an Optoma H31 as my first pj......however, the one nagging concern I have is IF I will be sorely disappointed in PC gaming on it? How does Windows itself look at 854x480......or do you scale it down to 640x480? I know 1024x768 would be preferable, but I'm NOT looking to game daily on the HT setup....just occassionally. I would probably be more likely to integrate the PC for surfing, playing MP3's etc than gaming, but would like the option.

I really can't justify an extra $800 to jump to say a Panny AE700 just for slightly better PC gaming as I really don't see myself doing it THAT much on the HT (hell, I could do some mad PC upgrading for that much!)

If it means I won't be able to game in 100 inches........well zoomed down to 80 or so would still be much better than on a 17" monitor, right?

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I have a H31 and haven't taken the time to set it up right with pixel mapping and everything. Right now I just use it to run mame and have the desktop set to 800 x 600 and it scales surpisingly well. One thing you have to try is playing Half Life 2 on it (it supports 480p natively). The pictures is absolutely gorgeous... I believe Doom3 and Chronicles of Riddick support widescreen as well.. There are also a lot of tweaks to get games to run in 16:9. BTW I also use it for a lot of XBox gaming and it looks great. If you can wait a couple months, the toshiba tdpmt700 is a legit 720p dlp and I'm sure a lot of other manufacturers will be releasing 720p dlps at around the $2-$3k price point...
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Thanks, number8

You sold me..........Half Life 2 is EXACTLY what I'm playing right now, ;-)

I don't HAVE to have the latest and greatest....I just wanted it to be decent at PC gaming and it sure sounds like it is.

Off to the ordering.....LOL!


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Haha. Cool. I swear Optoma should be giving me commission. I've had numerous friends pick up H31s since I've shown them my setup. BTW I use a DaLite HP screen. The h31 thread is a wealth of information as well. Enjoy your projector :)
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Not trying to sway any opinions here but wondering why it is that you have chosen the Optoma H31 over the InFocus 4805 ?

-- Just Curious ;) .

--- Thanks ,
----- Jason
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They are fraternal twins and at this price point, THE projectors that it seems everyone leans towards. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

I guess I've gotten the opinion that the Optoma is somewhat quieter.........from my research, it has been generally $100 cheaper on average...........and the fact that I found an e-tailer that was throwing in a 100" screen sealed the deal for me. Had I found that same deal on 4805, I would have had no qualms buying one of those.

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Larry ,

-- Yep the H31 is quieter than the 4805 [ as is the H30 ] .
-- I was not aware that the H31 was going for $100 less than the 4805 ;) .
-- The 4805 can be purchased with a free screen as well .
-- Something to consider : a couple db quieter is not always better when it comes at the cost of Lamp life [ generally speaking quieter = lower fan speed which = less cooling ] . Now this might not be the case with the H31 but many people had early lamp failures with the 'Very Quiet' Optoma H30 [ which shares the same case ] . I owned 3 H30's within 6 months but I did not have a lamp failure , just other misc. issues .

--- I would agree that they are both great products and you certainly cannot go wrong either way :D .

---- Best Wishes ,
:D ------ Jason
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yes, one thing I did notice when I was rechecking facts regarding your first post was the longer 'rated' lamp life on the 4805. I may have to refigure that into everything IF it's not just wishful thinking on Infocus's part.


PS where did you find a 4805 WITH free screen?
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