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This from C-Net:

Seagate queues up 400GB DVR

By Richard Shim
Link To C-Net Article

Hard-drive maker Seagate has developed new digital-video recording technologies aimed at addressing concerns about capacity and digital-rights management.
Seagate representatives are demonstrating the new DVR features for cable service carriers at the National Cable Show conference in San Francisco this week. For storage-hungry consumers, the company is showing an add-on 400GB external hard drive, which is being tested with cable operators. The drive at the show attaches to the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 Series DVR. Seagate is also showing a prototype 2.5-inch 120GB hard drive that can be added internally to set-top boxes.

To ease concerns about digital-rights management, the company also unveiled its DriveTrust software on Monday. DriveTrust allows cable operators and DVR makers to lock external storage products to a specific device, such as a set-top box. The software can be customized to work with a cable company's network.

DVRs and cable companies represent a major opportunity for hard-drive makers. Cable giant Comcast recently began offering DVR service to its subscribers, and satellite companies DirecTV and Echostar have already used DVRs to attract new customers. Most digital services come with set-top boxes, and adding a hard drive-based DVR to those boxes would mean access to millions of subscribers.

"We've done much of the R&D on these DVRs to make it easier for cable companies to roll out service to their subscribers," said John Paulsen, a Seagate spokesman. "The market has grown a lot in the last couple years but the serious growth is yet to happen."

The U.S. DVR market is expected to ship 10.7 million units by 2008, according to research firm IDC. As of 2004, about 4.4 million DVRs had shipped.