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Navychop, great reviews!

You're comments on color uniformity:

"Blotching- this is what I call a reported defect on some earlier sets where a black field will have a lighter colored area on one side, and maybe a purplish color somewhere else. THERE IS NONE. On light grey screens and on black star fields from Star Wars, color is consistent."

warms my heart. I'm a stickler for uniform dark and light screens. My set has been a little dissapointing in that respect.

I had and still have color non-uniformity on mostly black/mostly white scenes with my HD-52Z575, even with my new light engine. And watching the original Star Wars Trilogy (my favorite movies of all time) has been a bittersweet experience. Watching Star Wars at night in a DARK room and seeing Millenium Falcon fly across a green/purple starfield is annoying I must admit. I like my starfields to be uniformly black, thank you.

And I'm also glad to hear watching the Twilight Zone actually shows plain black and white. I love the original Twilight Zone.

Maybe I can trade my old set in at JVC and get some credit toward a new one.
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The label on the box said something like 156 lbs. I think the 232 is just a way of jacking up the shipping costs- they have an alternative to estimate weights based on measurements rather than weighing. Or something like that.

Box is cardboard with styro on corners. Cut straps, remove top, surrounding box will now slide up easily, leaving TV on bottom and easy to get at. Pull plastic wrap down. Follow the inside picture of how to pick it up.

Sounds like you are television deprived!
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enflux75- You say you still have green or purple concerns? According to JVC, that is unacceptable. You should have absolutely ZERO change in color at the edges, brightness drop is one thing, but there should be no color in the corners. Call JVC and get another light engine replacement and check that one. I've had 3 bad light engines and JVC will issue a RA to best buy which would allow me to get a new set, the new 52G786 when it comes out So I would call them, tell them you have green/purple corners, takes some pics, email them and at the least, you'll get a perfect light engine, if not, you might get a new set.
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So here's a few pics. BTW, the screen is not reflective. That was important to me in selecting a set. Lotta daylight in the living room.
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More. Gotta learn how to attach more than one pic per post.
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Originally posted by navychop
I'll tweak, but in the nearer term I'll try that pause idea tokerblue has and check the gamma on and off. There's an awful lot to tweak. So far, I don't see much effect from "detail" and "digital noise clear" but I haven't been at it much.

> You won't see a lot of different in the Detail setting until you use the DVE disc for calibration. The Digital Noise Clear is much easier to see. I ended turning it off on mine since I didn't like what it was doing to the image. It's really hard to spot on a normal DVD, but if you pop in a DVD like The Incredibles or Finding Nemo, it should be fairly easy to spot what the Digital Noise Clear setting is doing to the image, particulary the edges of objects.
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PC settings (Digital-in):

I have a nVidia Geforce FX5200 w/ driver version: 71.84
Windows XP Pro sp/2
Sage TV

I used the following color correction settings for both resolutions:
system tray --> NVIDIA SETTINGS --> color correction --> HD-61Z786:
I left digital vibrance, brightness and image sharpening as default.
I changed contrast to 80%
I changed Gamma to 1.16

Resolution #1: System tray --> NVIDIA SETTINGS --> NVIDIA Display --> overscan compsenstaion. I chose underscan and left the default (8% 1177 x 662). I tried 7% and 9% but 8% is as close as it gets with the NVIDIA config. Click OK - the screen will go blank for about 7 seconds. The screen will come up and your resolution will match almost perfectly. The bottom will be about 2 pixels (under) and the sides will be perfect. However, this yielded higher pixel shadowing. Pictures:

Overall resolution: http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=235659
pixel issue: http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=235661

Resolution #2: I chose native resolution from the settings in #1. So the resolution is larger than the TV. It also showed less pixel shadowing and ultimately a much better image. Although some of the desktop (edges on all sides) are cut off, the image is much better and definitely usable. DVDs and xvid look much better with the native resolution. Pictures:

Overall resolution: http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=235654
pixel issue: http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=235649

The pixel pictures don't show much change, however there is a noticeable change when you're sitting 10' away.

Powerstrip will be used next.

Praise time....
This TV lives up to its billing. It is simply gorgeous on DVD (standalone, component). I definitely noticed a change w/ progressive and interlaced. Progressive was much more soft/film-like. It's absolutely stunning. Blacks are better on this than my 6 year old 36" Toshiba Cinema Series CRT. I don't know if I'll ever go to a cinema again. Netflix is my friend.
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And, the grey bars on the side depend on the signal. I'll be watching a show and the bars are black, then a commercial will come on and the bars are grey. Another commercial will come on and the bars are black again. Are others seeing this?
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Yes. I think when a 4:3 is broadcast as 4:3 the JVC adds grey bars. Sometimes the station broadcasts 4:3 in a 16:9 format, and they add black bars. Not certain, just my working hypothesis.
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kfeltes- Yea, that means the JVC defaults to grey Some channels push the black, some don't. This is disappointing since one early owner said all the bars were black. I think they just didn't tune to the correct channel to see the grey bars.
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What website offers some image hosting free that I can upload some VE pics to? I would like to show what I say my set is doing on the left side....
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hifi- If they are 800x600 or you can resize them, simply hit 'post reply' button and on that page, there's an option to attach photos. You then upload then from your computer right to AVS.
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Thread Starter 

Imagedump.com works pretty good. Just setup a free account and upload away.

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Originally posted by ocxplant
Thanks Sketcha!

Yeah it stinks that my mains have to be like that, but the other option was bookshelfs up in the cubes next to the reciever and that would have compressed my soundstage too much. But it actually doesn't sound strange at all to me and with a tall plant or something next to the left main the WAF won't be too low I hope..lol. (She hasn't seen the speaker set-up yet, she will tonight.)

My receiver is a Yamaha HTR-5150, but I am going to upgrade soon and hopefully my next receiver will have an 'auto-setup' type system (I'm thinking ONKYO but haven't decided yet.)



Check out the H/K 635. There seem to be a few bugs, but there is supposed to be a firmware fix coming out this month. Has the best auto set-up in it's price range by far.
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So when will the new 52" models be out?
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Originally posted by glweeks
So when will the new 52" models be out?

June. See here.
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Woo Hoo! My 61" just arrived. It was close - Seko didn't call in advance like we agreed to and then almost canceled on me 'cause the driver got there and no one was home. That was the quickest trip home from work in a long time!

It looks undamaged. More later...
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So how is SSE? If you have Ice Age or Empire Strikes Back, how sparkly is the screen on those snowy scenes?
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Originally posted by DonDougan
June. See here.

I sure hope they do, as that'll increase the chances of the 56" launching in July, which is the set I'm waiting for
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I can confirm everything navy said.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the cabinet, it's very attractive and compact. It's pretty surprising how compact the overall unit is for a 61" set.

We lifted it into place and navy started on the connections. When we fired it up and were doing one of the first channel searches, there was something wrong, it wasn't getting the signal. A reset of the sat receiver fixed that and it found the NTSC and ATSC locals just fine.

The SD pictures were surprisingly good. Analog signals were totally watchable and the digitals were noticeably (if not substantially) better. It was displaying gray bars for some material and black bars for others. I think the set produces the gray bars for the analog OTA signal and the black bars are included with the digital OTA signal. We didn't find a setting to change the gray bars to black, the menus are somewhat complicated but it may be that the gray bars are the only option for certain material.

We did some preliminary tweaking of the settings. The OTA analog and digital seemed to have the color setting way too hot. Hopefully, all the video settings are adjustable for each input seperately. If you had to re-adjust the setting each time you changed inputs that would be a real pain and would probably be a deal breaker for me.

We popped in a couple of DVD's to check them out. Used Matrix to check black levels. Looked good to me but I'm probably not as sensitive to that stuff as the hard core videofiles in here. We used the THX setup stuff on the Starwars DVD to try and tweak the picture a little more. When we viewed a few scenes I thought the picture looked great.

I didn't get to see any HD material, navy's only HD receiver is the OTA one in the set and there wasn't any HD material being broadcast at the time we set it up. I'm a little surprised that the PBS HD material he first viewed was not up to his expectations. I've seen HD material from PBS on a 96" front projection Barco CRT (older unit) and it was outstanding.

At first glance this set looks like a winner. SD material and DVD's looked very good. I'm guessing it will be great with good HD material. I would love to see this set compared side-by-side with a Sony 955. I'd be willing to accept "slightly" less picture quality and eliminate the stupid side speakers on the Sony.

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Jim- Weird about the color being hot. My JVC (current 52") was dead on OTB. Maybe it was the show you were watching. SD is usually either really dead color wise or slightly over saturated. I can't wait for the 52" to come out.
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Thanks, Navy and Jim, for responding to my question regarding SD. This is important to all of us, but all too often the writer refers only to "SD." I believe that SD is a term the FCC uses to for digital television signals delivering less than 720. Analog is analog and not SD. It sure doesn't tell me anything when the writer describes his "SD" reception. I want to know both analog and digital with high definition digital described separately.

Thanks again and keep it coming.
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What I haven't seen yet is anyone comparing this rig to last year's model. I'm thinking about getting one from Costco.

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mine came in finally,
i couldnt get a picture out of it for a while, until i figured out that D/A button is to switch between analog and video tuners, i was worried for a while, looks pretty awesome so far,

alot of different color and picture adjustments and stuff, do i just turn all the automatic adjustments off and use DVE?
i dont see contrast in the menu, but i suppose i'll read the manual a little more
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Is there a better site than imagedump? The home page had inappropriate images and the "security code" on every page that you do something we impossible to even read what it was....

Anything better?
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yahoo works pretty well for me, just go to photos, i have a ton of photos on there, its free
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ok, quick help please, how do i open the front panel to view the compact flash cards, it says in the manual to open the front panel

also, the tv was set to 4:3 in the digital setup, make sure you switch that
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"What I haven't seen yet is anyone comparing this rig to last year's model. I'm thinking about getting one from Costco.


My local Brick & Mortar will be delivering my 61Z786 and taking away my Jan 2005 build 61Z585 at the same time. I will post a back-to-back comparison as soon as I can.

No word on delivery date yet. They just said that I will get mine when the 786s arrive in their warehouse. Should be any day now.
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Originally posted by swenjj
ok, quick help please, how do i open the front panel to view the compact flash cards, it says in the manual to open the front panel

The manual says on page 87:

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