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But you're back to the same garbage: we won't tell you what wrong is, but we'll smack you if you do wrong. One of the founding principles of our country is that you won't be put in a position of not knowing you are violating a regulation or law. You have a right to know something is against the law before you do it. And the existence of complaints or not after the fact have no bearing on whether you violated the statute. They only have a bearing on whether the violation is acted upon. And they may shape changes in the regulations...although the changes cannot be applied retroactively.

On the other hand, it is not reasonable to expect the FCC to rule on broadcasts that they cannot judge beforehand, such as live performences (Super Bowl XXXVIII -- however if someone had asked the FCC if a bare breast was against the rules, they should have been able to say "yes"). But they certainly can judge content such as this, which is well known. If they intend to dismiss complaints, then the content is being judged OK. If they would fine ABC based on complaints, then the content is not being judged OK. And if their criteria has changed since the last time the show was aired, they have a responsibility to inform the broadcasters.

No, having a license is not a right. But just because it is a priviledge doesn't mean that the broadcasters don't have to be given a fair shake to use the airwaves within a set of known regulations.

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Post in the Dallas thread.
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KDFW-DT Anybody else having this problem??

I have been for a long time been experiencing pixilation only when there is an overabundance of RED on the screen. Tonight during COPS when they were talking to the car thief wearing glasses and a wife-beater. The red light of the police car was the source. It cut out badly. Another time is during the weather when the red L (low pressure center) is on the map. I talked to the engineering department. He talked to me like I was stupid and told me it must be my equipment. I am using a HR10-250 and my signal on ch. 35 is 92.

Anyone else having this problem?
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I upgraded my TV to an HDTV receiver and Dish came out today and installed the 811 HD/OTA receiver. After the installer left, I installed a Radio Shack 15-2154 120", 37 element VHF/UHF/FM antenna in my attic.

After scanning for all available digital stations, I am able to view all the digital stations except KMPX-DT (30), KXTX-DT (40), KDFI-DT (36) and KLDT-DT (54).

I do not care about KMPX and KXTX (both Spanish) or KLDT (all informercials), but KDFI (Rangers and Stars games) are of interest to me. The signal strength for all the other signals is in the 70-85% range, while the signal for KDFI, KXTX, KMPX, and KPXD-DT are stuck at 49%. The antenna is pointing 199 degrees (South, I live in Plano) directly at the Cedar Hills towers.

Does anyone have any suggestions, short of mounting the antenna on the roof (which I'd rather not do) on how to boost the reception of the channels I'd like to get?
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Here is a link to the FCC license data for Dallas only. Note the ERP power levels. KDFI is transmitting at a relatively low power. Click on the callsign for the complete license data.

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Originally posted by mp3trojan
Here is a link to the FCC license data for Dallas only. Note the ERP power levels. KDFI is transmitting at a relatively low power. Click on the callsign for the complete license data.


I lost channel 27-1 as well in the last month or so. I get all other channels in Flower Mound very well since I installed a channel master 7777 amp.

The FCC database shows KDFI transmmitting at 5 megawatts ERP on channel 27. For KDFI digital channel 36 they have two different ERPs listed, but at different heights and different locations, 1 megawatt and 11 KILOwatts respectively. Does anyone know which are they using right now? I guess since I lost thier digital channel it must be the latter.

Until the Rangers come back on in April I really don't care too much so there is a lot of time to think about it. The Stars.....Well lets say that the Stars are looking good on KDFI for 2008.
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Licensee: NEW DMIC, INC.
Service Designation: DS Special Temporary Authority (digital)

Channel: 36 602 - 608 MHz
File No.: BDSTA-20020325ACC Facility ID number: 17037
CDBS Application ID No.: 598973

32° 32' 35.00" N Latitude 96° 57' 32.00" W Longitude (NAD 27)

Polarization: Effective Radiated Power (ERP): 11.2 kW ERP Antenna Height Above Average Terrain: 384. meters HAAT Antenna Height Above Mean Sea Level: 587. meters AMSL Antenna Height Above Ground Level: 0. meters AGL Directional Antenna ID No.: 43015 Pattern Rotation: 0.00

This is the STA license. Special Temporary Authority. They were granted a Construction Permit for the legal limit 1000.00 kw. They only went on the air with 11.2 kw. Don't know the reason for not running full power but I believe when they are granted their permanent license they will be at or near full power.
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I have seen references to people using amplifiers with their antennas. Before I go out and spend $50 on one, I need to ask three basic questions:

1. My antenna is installed in an attic without a pole mount (I have a vaulted ceiling in the living room). The antenna is laying on the top of the vaulted ceiling pointing at Cedar Hill. Will an amplifier work without there being a metal poll to attach it to?

2. Will an amplifier like the Channel Master 7777 work with a Radio Shack antenna?

and most importantly:

3. Will an amplifier work with an attic mounted atenna, or does an amplifier require a roof installation?
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1. Yes, I hung antennas on the rafters using coax to hang 'em with.

2. Yes, Channel Master is WAY better than a RS amp. However, RS antennas work fine.

3. Yes, will work in attic.
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Originally posted by Cheezmo

Bill, just out of curiousity, what went into the decision to do that? I think you are the first in the Dallas OTA market to to it. While those of us with CRT or plasma based displays may appreciate it, those with fixed pixel displays that aren't susceptible to burn in may well prefer the black bars.

If you ask me, the best thing to do would be to not upconvert SD material to 1080i at all, but rather broadcast that material at 480i (or 480p) which would conserve bandwidth and allow the end user to choose what kind of bars to put on the sides (or stretch mode to use). But perhaps there are considerations with regard to changing resolution on a show by show basis.


After watching a few Mavs games I couldn't agree more. Those forced gray bars are a real distraction. Is there any way we can convince the management to reconsider?
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I must comment on the noticable improvments in the quality of WFAA-DT. In the last week I have been able to, on more than one occasion watch a complete show with no dropouts at all, except for the 3 minutes of audio only during Hope and Faith at 7pm(probably the network feed). It is obvious that David has done some work on their equipment. Your HDTV viewers thank you VERY much. Keep it up!!
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I played around with my $20 rabbit ears a little more and can now pickup all the stations except 27. Channel 8 was the hardest to connect to, but I'm getting a solid 60% signal now. I'm located in north Plano, along the Frisco border.

Is there an issue with 27 right now or do I just need a better antenna to pick it up?
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Channel 27 is not at full power.
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I was pleasantly surprised to find that an old pair of busted rabbit ears mounted in the attic did the trick for me. No amplification. I'm getting everything except 27. The four major networks are at 90% and everything else is solid as well. I'm locate in Lucas, east of Allen.

I was about to go out get a decent antenna when I tried the rabbit ear thing on whim. If you are pack rat, it may be worth digging through your piles of junk first.
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Originally posted by racedog
I was pleasantly surprised to find that an old pair of busted rabbit ears mounted in the attic did the trick for me. No amplification. I'm getting everything except 27. The four major networks are at 90% and everything else is solid as well. I'm locate in Lucas, east of Allen.

I was about to go out get a decent antenna when I tried the rabbit ear thing on whim. If you are pack rat, it may be worth digging through your piles of junk first.

VERY surprised, those must be from a good luck rabbit

I had so many problems getting 8.1 with my 50 mile radio shack in the past months, I upgraded to a Winegard antenna to get all my channels except 27. Adding the C.M. 7777 got me 27.

So I tip my hat to your rabbit ears...
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An update from northern Plano: I installed the Channel Master 7777 amplifier to my attic mounted antenna tonight. I still can't pick up KDFI or KLDT, but now can get all 4 multiplex stations of KDTX and KPXD.

I can also pick up KXII-DT (20, Sherman) occasionally. KMPX-DT is still intermittent, as is KXTX-DT.

On the analog side, I am picking up KXII (12), and the low power stations on 26, 28, 31, 38, 44, and 57 with varying degrees of snow and static.
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Then my next move would be a chimney mount. You then should have no problems. If you live under H.O.A. covenants and restrictions, federal law permits you to install it. It is illegal for them to stop you.
Reference: www.fcc.gov
Search: OTARD

Good Luck
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I'm about to go HD, and have been reading a lot today about various issues. I have a question about Dallas HD and DirecTV.

I'm getting the DirecTiVo HD unit, and due to the fact that my bedroom TV will remain SD, I need to keep the D* local channels on the account so that they can be seen in the bedroom (which has an older model DirecTiVo). Anyway..

In the living room where the HD will be, how will the TiVo reconcile my local channels when I receive it via the D* local channel package here in Dallas, as well as the stuff I'll pick up over the antenna? Will I have say WFAA listed twice as 8 and then the extra stuff on 8.1, 8.2, etc?

If this queston is dumb, please excuse me, I'm pretty new to all of this.
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Yes, unlike my old DTC-100 where you have to switch inputs for antenna and satellite, they will be integrated and show in the guide just like you say. The great thing about your new love for TiVo is that the guide info for the antenna digital channels is obtained from the satellite and will show an [HD] icon in the guide when applicable. I have only had my HR10-250 HD TiVo unit for 3 weeks now and I will never be without one again.

My ONLY complaint about the HD tivo is that I cannot crop non HD..4x3 with the receiver like I could with the DTC 100. I have to do it with the TV and it doesn't fit right. Now I watch non HD programs on the sat. locals. Other than that it rocks.
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About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed that all my locals showed "Regular Schedule" in the guide. I have a Sony SATHD200. I thought it was just a temporary glitch but I still have the same thing on every local channel. My DirecTV locals still show correctly. Anyone else having this problem?
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Yes, I have the same problem...I'm in Plano with a Sony HD200.

I called DirecTV 2 weeks ago, got to 2nd level support after doing the obligatory receiver reset, and he finally acknowleded that it's their problem not mine. I asked for a ticket number to track the issue and he said I don't need one, they're aware of it, and it will inevitably be fixed. Still waiting...
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Must be a IRD specific problem. I have no problem with the guide in my HR10-250(HD-TiVo). The only OTA channels here showing "Regular Schedule" are:

All others show correct with advanced guide data i.e. [HD] [LB].

The guide on my RCA DTC-100 only shows OTA guide data being transmitted by the station. In Dallas, I only saw guide data on WFAA, KTVT, and PBS and then usually only in primetime.
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Hello all,

I have had my hd tivo for about 4 weeks now and I have noticed that I do not see the Dolby Digital icon in the banner ONLY when watching OTA channels. I know for a fact that CBS 11, and FOX 4, when showing HD programming DOES transmit DD 5.1 audio. The only time I get the Dolby Digital icon is when I am on the satellite HD channels. I am watching the TB/ATL game on Fox and the banner on the tivo says "This program does not have any other alternate audio tracks"

I also have a RCA DTC-100 and it shows (Dolby Digital) in the banner on OTA HD.

Anyone else in Dallas with this receiver having this problem???
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My son just moved into a town-home (The Reserve) near Montfort and Spring Valley near The Galleria.... He bought a new HDTV to go along with his HD Dish setup, and my job was to provide the OTA HD... Well, first bought a Winegard SS-2000, the amplified Squareshooter.... Nope, signals there, but too weak to lock... Next, bought a CM 4228 and a 7777 preamp.... Looked a bit ugly compared to the Winegard, worked a little better, but still no decent lock.... Tried another receiver.... Took my meter, compass, and rusty EE skills over there again today and still couldn't get decent signals... So, now I'm looking for suggestions as to what to try, or buyers.... I'll sell this stuff at my cost, less shipping, just to move it out of the garage.... It's all essentially new, have the boxes, and about 1-2 hours time on each.... And the hell of it, Channel 4, the lowest VHF station and supposedly the hardest to get period, is almost flawless.... UHF kinda pitiful... Go figure....
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I have installed MANY setups at the reserve. I assume the dish is mounted on a south facing balcony??? or did he sign the contract to use the dish supplied by the complex???

If he is using the balcony then the OTA transmitters are in the same general direction as the dish.

If using the balcony...go to Radio shack and buy the smallest YAGI style antenna they sell..no amp necessary, and put it on the balcony using a tripod and point it(the V shaped side) in the same general direction as the dish is pointed then you should be good. If you are using the dish supplied by the complex and your balcony does not face south then admit defeat.

FYI comcast offers OTA locals in HDTV.

Hope I helped
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We selected a balcony facing west so he could do a dish aiming SSW.... The Dish works just great.... Your right, the angle for the Dish and OTA are almost equal.... I thought about a chimney mount for a mast for the 4228 on the brick post next to the air conditioners.... I bought the over-priced DS-1111 bent pole to mount the Squareshooter above the Dish.... A tripod would be really easy too.... So a rat shack yagi is better than the 4228's and Squareshooters ???? Huh....
And you have done several installs there.... The Dish guy offered to try a Winegard bow-tie, but I had read such wonderful things about the CM and the Squareshooter, and being an old EE, I just had to try it myself... Should have probably listened to him.... Would you mind if I gave you a call ???? If not, email a number to me at ejkluft@sbcglobalnospam.net.... Thanks, Ernie
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I have recently lost the lock on KSTR-DT. My Dish Network 811 says that the signal strength is 70-85%, but the signal will not "lock" and show the channel. Any ideas?
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KSTR 49-1 is off the air here. I have NO signal.
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Gator, let me know if my advice over the phone helped.
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Is there something wrong with KERA-DT?

I have three OTA tuners. The FusionHDTV says 100%, but cannot decode the picture at all. The MyHD says 64%, but the picture jumps and stutters, although there are no macroblocks like you'd expect from bad data. The 65513's tuner doesn't have a meter, but the symptoms look just like the MyHD (jumps and stutters, but no macroblocks).

I don't have any problems with any other channels, and I haven't seen this problem with KERA-DT before (although I haven't looked at KERA-DT in a few weeks).

Is anyone else seeing similar problems?

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