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Panasonic XR55 7.1 Digital Receiver

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I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet. Panasonic finally has a 7.1 digital receiver coming out soon.

jr has it up for preorder for $250:

7.1 Channel Surround Sound or Stereo / 100 Watts per channel in either mode / Dolby Digital EX / DTS ES / Dolby Pro Logic II / BLACK

# Panasonic SA-XR55K Home-theater Receiver for A/V Surround Sound - If you use a DVD player on your TV or plan to Upgrade to HDTV soon, having multichannel surround sound is extremely important to complete the truest home-theater experience. Though HDTV offers a 5.1 channel surround mode, this receiver can deliver76.1 Channels for new DVD output. So you've got the choice of your surround mode. This receiver also has a Stereo mode for your Audio recordings. Let's call this a receiver for all seasons! 100 Watts per channel in surround or stereo modes
# Port for adding a powered Subwoofer
# Digitally-tuned AM/FM Tuner with up to 30 User Programmable station Memory presets
# Convenient terminals for connecting surround sound speakers (speakers not included)
# Jack for listening in privacy with Optional Headphones
# Rear Audio Inputs - RCA: 4, Coaxial: 1, Optical: 2
# Rear Video Inputs - Composite: 3, S-Video: 3, Component: 2
# Selectable DSP modes
# Port for adding external FM antenna
# Slim Design - 2.9" H x 16.9" W x 14.7" D
# Weighs 8.8 Pounds
# Includes Remote Control
# Black Finish
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some posting and pictures in the sticky digital receiver thread at the top of this forum.
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haha, thanks, i always ignore the stickies
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This box is worth its own breakout thread!

DM, here are your pics

Originally posted by dm
O, my G-d....the XR55 has 7 high quality 5 way binding posts for speakers (plus biwire pair)........

check out the back panel:


front side picture:

translated (sort of) press release:
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Would like more information on this new reciever. Wonder why it is cheaper than their 5.1 line up?
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Wonder if it has HDMI?
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Originally posted by dynamowhum
Wonder if it has HDMI?

Ummm... No it does not....

Did you even look at the picture of the back of it?
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No I am at work and am very leery of clicking links from here. They take a very dim view of some things that might pop up. I will look at them later.
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Any news?
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Originally posted by dynamowhum
Would like more information on this new reciever. Wonder why it is cheaper than their 5.1 line up?

Do u mean the XR70? The XR25, 45, 50, 70 are all 6.1 not 5.1
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I believe dynamohum was refering to the XR55, and inadvertently typed 5.1 instead of 6.1 when referencing the others. I've wondered too why the XR55 is cheaper - either it's a Panasonic marketing decision or adding the extra channel is cheaper to build than building in the HDMI connection. Until it's released we won't know if they cut any corners in other areas. But looking at the information that's been release thus far, this does not appear to be the case.
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JB you are correct, I miss typed I meant 6.1. I really wish this had HDMI as I would like a complete digital path from DVD player to Pany 700 projector. I have the room setup for 7.1 as well. Need a Pany 7.1 with HDMI!
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My guess is the cost difference between the XR55 and XR70 is largely due to a better power supply in the XR70, which is a half pound heavier. I'm fairly certain that the XR50 power supply is a somewhat depopulated version of what's in the XR70 (some components removed from the boards, according to investigators at Audio Circles).
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If there is a 55, doesn't stand to reason a 75 may follow?
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Aloha Edvard,

I called Panasonic a couple weeks ago and some technician Dude said that there are absolutely no plans for an upgrade to the xr70--at least not this year!!

Hmmmm. Take that with some large salt crystals.

Of course I too think that it cannot be far behind. I think I will keep my xr25 for a little while longer.
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With JVC about to jump way up in price point with their upcoming, digitally-amped RX-D701S/702B ($880), hopefully Panasonic and other vendors will follow suit. I'd prefer an Equibit unit (100% digital) over JVC's hybrid amp offering. Would still be vaasstly cheaper than buying TacT Equibit gear.

I'd love to see Panny add some serious beef to the power supply of an XR70 successor (to add stability into 4 ohm loads), off course improve the bass management (everyone's gripe), and add some fancy, cutting edge room correction (ala Audyssey MultiEQ). And let's ditch most of the RCA jacks already, to enable the unit to stay low-profile as possible.
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I'm with you guys all the way. Although I need a new reciever now as my old pioneer unit has a blown center channel. I'm waiting to see if they come out with a unit that has all the good stuff and hey let's just say no to spring clips while we are at it.
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The upcoming JVC's have my interest. The low end one has MSRP of only $199 which would suggest low price. But others in the $399 to $900 range is a bit scary. I hope these MSRP's, like many other manufacturer's are exaggerated about 80-100% over street prices.
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Yes! They finally lost those crummy spring clips.
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JR site specs say this has 1 coax and 2 optical which, if true, is a bit limited.

The XR55 has appeared on the Radio Shack Canada web store, though not in stock. They list a $400 Cdn MSRP.
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The picture shows two optical and two coax in. They are each labled "1" and "2". I guess we'll need to see it when it comes out.
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They're cutting an optical connection from the xr-45!?! Guess it's the JVCs or the hoped for xr-75. Cutting the number of optical connections in a digital receiver, jeez.
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Does anyone know if it has On-Screen Display?
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the 45 and the 50 do, so it's likely.
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That's a bit of an ugly duckling. All it would need is some wood trim to look exactly like my father's 8-trak player from the late 70's.

Anyway, shame about the lack of optical inputs. I can't understand how my 2-1/2 year old low/mid-level Yamaha receiver (RX-V630) offers 4 optical inputs while all the receivers I'm looking at as possible replacements (Pio VSX-1015tx, VSX-D815 and this Panny) would all force me to buy Optical > Coax converters in order to hook up the same equipment.


And let's ditch most of the RCA jacks already...

Amen. Aside from my VCR's audio output, I have no need for them.
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does this have a lower sub cutoff than th 100mhz?
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Originally posted by snb3
does this have a lower sub cutoff than th 100mhz?

I can't find it listed so I'm assuming that it stayed at 100hz. I hope I wrong.

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well my 45 has osd, my buddy who has the 50 said yes about osd, then again, he doesn't know much about his equipment and could have just been giving me an "uh yeah"
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your buddy must be married!
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As another XR50 owner I can assert that it (the XR50) DOESN'T have OSD.
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