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CAV6.6 / MC11 link software

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This is a new thread to replace the old slightly mis-titled thread.

I have written a Windows program that links J River's Media Center (JRMC) MP3 player software to Russound's CAV6.6 6-zone multi-room audio controller. This software allows you to see artist and track name on the CAV's keypads and use the keypad buttons to play, stop, pause, switch to next/prev track/artist, etc. Each zone number defined in MC11 maps to the same source number in the CAV.

The software requires the latest CAV6.6 controller and keypad firmware, which should come standard on all new CAV6.6 orders, but you may have to upgrade it if you bought a CAV6.6 2004 or earlier.

You can download JRMC from here but note that it is not free software. Many users (including myself) have had problems getting MC11's multi-zone support to work with non-ASIO soundcards. As such, if you are considering buying a new soundcard for use with multi-zone, I would recommend a card that supports ASIO. Many people have reported that the M-Audio Delta cards work well.

You can download the link software from here. This is free software - I wrote it for myself. If you like it and it suits your needs, great. If it doesn't meet your needs, don't use it. Suggestions are welcome but the software comes with no warranty or support.
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hyslopc, I have to thank you for your efforts, and particularly your willingness to share your work with the community! (esp. since you're giving the s/w away FREE!)

As a custom installer, I'm very interested in this s/w ... I hope to be able to demo the app with the CAV in my own home in the next few months, once our remodel's complete and I have the a/v setup completed. If it works, we may consider offering it to our clients as a (potentially cheaper) alternative to the SMS3. However, if we chose to pursue this I wouldn't do so without a) your express permission, and b) some form of payment (call it a licensing fee ) to you!

Thanks again!
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Anyone is free to provide this software to others free of charge, or even to charge for setting it up. If the software was sold, then I would definitely appreciate a paypal donation or whatever. If you have clients that are looking for specific additional functionality and are willing to pay for it then let me know and I will consider it, although unfortunately I am very busy at work right now. My CAV6.6 project happened to come up while work was very quiet, which was perfect, since it took a lot longer to write the software than I had expected.
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Will this also work with Russounds new CAM controller? I believe the CAM and the CAV use the same keypad interface.

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It almost certainly will, but I haven't tested it, and don't have any way to test it, since I don't have a CAM. The RNet protocol should be the same for both units, so I would think it should just work without modification. If anyone has a CAM and has tried it, it would be great it they could post about it so we know, since this has come up before.
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Odd behavior from the keypads that I have been struggling with for about a week or more.

As I understand it the keypads SHOULD function like this:
next/prev buttons on the keypad jump to the next/prev track in the playlist, and use the +/- keypad buttons to go to the next/prev artist in the playlist.

However for me the next/prev button jump to a random place in the play list and start scrolling the text by the song name. the +/- keys will jump to the same songs as next/prev but start text scrolling with the Artist.

I had keypad firmware v2.00.2 but did the update to V3.00.01 but the problem remains. My CAV has firmware v2.00.01 which appears to be the latest. Shuffle mode is off in MC11, and my playlist is shorted by artist.

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I just sent you a PM, randy.
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** I originally posted this over in the Home Integration Forum **


Trying to get this interface going.. I am so close.....but its not quite going.

I have upgraded my keypads and controller, ran the serial cable, and installed Media Center 11. My problem is when I try and run cav66.exe - I get the error message "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem."
Unzipping and running again gets the same result. I am running from com2, so I am running the command line as "c:\
ussound\\cav66.exe /port=com2".

Just to confirm - the serial cable that is used between the CAV66 and the pc is a straight through cable using pins 2, 3 and 5?

Any ideas where I may be tripping up here? I am eager to see this in action!


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I am running version 11.0.248, just d/l'd yesterday. I see the .250 is now available , I will try that and let you know. BTW, I did run the CAV66 on my work PC and it came up with a box listing all the CAV 6.6 zones, even tho I was not connected to anything - I fear there may be something wrong with my home PC (running XP Pro)

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Update: Same issue with v.250.
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Same result with a freshly installed version of Windows XP Pro - it must not like my hardware
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I did a google on this error message, and found an article that could be relevant at http://www.arstdesign.com/BBS/Bullet...hp?qs_id=2765. To sum it up, if you have a file called cav66.exe.config in the same directory as cav66.exe, then that could be causing the problem.
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Hi all,
Count me in as a another successful user of this little app. Great work hyslopc! And more importantly thanks for sharing your work with the community!

I do have a question for you:
In the last thread you said:
"The plug-in is designed to automatically stop each MC zone if no keypads are turned on within that zone. That is, if the music isn't playing anywhere in the house, it will be automatically turned off. This is so that you can just turn a keypad off in the room you are in without having to worry about whether the source is shared or not.

If the plug-in didn't do this, then the music would keep on playing if you didn't press stop before turning off the last keypad. In addition to generating unnecesary PC heat, noise, and hard disk wear, this would mess up MC's statistics (since it would show songs as "played" that have not actually been heard)."

I am wondering if this functionality is tied to the power management funtionality in the CAV6? My hope is that by turning off the Power Management off for Source 1 then it won't shut down my MediaCenter? THe reason I ask this is because I am using the loop-back ports on input number one to send uncontrolled audio signal to the amplifier in my living room which acts independantly from the keypads. Until all the keypads are off - then my music gets shut down as well even tho I want to still play it via the loop back outputs.. My installer is coming back this week to do some other programming and hopefully I will get him to disable the Power management for the 2 MC zones. Can you confirm if this is how your app works? Am I making any sense?
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I've been half-expecting this to come up eventually, since I can imagine that your setup isn't that uncommon. I am using external amplification, too, but I always have a keypad, even when the amp is external.

The current functionality is only based on the keypad status. As soon as no keypads are powered on and listening to a given source, that source is stopped. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "turning off power management" - is there a page in the manual that talks about this? If so let me know the page number and I can have a look at it.

It would be simple enough to add a switch to say "Don't automatically stop sources that aren't selected", if that would help. Would it?
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A switch/checkbox would be perfect, and preferred to using the power management option (see page55) as it leaves me in control of this thing and not at the mercy of getting the installer in to change the setting later should I want to change the configuration.

Oh.. and one more thing... Ths is one awesome little app you made! Can I make a donation to the cause?

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OK I'll check that out. Donations are always welcome . My paypal email address is paypal at objective.se.
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Now I've read page 55, but I'm still not sure how best to handle this. I ran a quick test here, and it seems like the CAV6.6 doesn't send out anything on the RS-232 port when the Home Theater 12V trigger in is activated. I tested it by just connecting my 12V doorbell to it and pressing the doorbell. Let me know if that wasn't a valid test.

As such, we don't know whether that 12V trigger in is on or off at any given time. If we knew this, then of course it would be very simple to base decisions on it. However I think there is another solution.

According to page 56, the CAV6.6 lets you define a "power off" macro that it will automatically send out when the 12V HT trigger input no longer has voltage present. If I add some sort of "no auto-stop" parameter, then all you should have to do is program the CAV6.6 with the default STOP command for "power off". If the CAV6.6 sends that to the HT zone, then the plug-in should pick it up (just as if you pressed stop on the keypad) and pass it on to MC. The only catch is that at that point the keypad is powered off, and the plug-in might therefore ignore the STOP command. If so, I could look into it and fix it.

Does this sound like a good solution?
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Sounds like a good solution but I don't think you need to get that complicated. I like your original idea better - that is to just have a flag or checkbox to NOT stop MC when there are no zones active and skip the whole integration with their Power Management.
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That's all I'll be doing in any case - it's up to each individual user to decide whether they want to bother with setting up the macro in their CAV6.6.

Should the flag specify a specific zone? I guess it should, since the CAV6.6 only supports one HT zone, right?
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I'm not sure about the Cav6.6 having a single HT zone but I know it does have RCA pass throughs for each source on the Russound. One global flag that applies to all zones and sources would work fine for me. (But you just KNOW someday someone's going to come to you and ask you to control it on a source by source basis) :-)
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Yeah, and as such I will make it flexible. Just to confirm: this should be specifiable on a source basis, not a zone basis, right?
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Russound has posted new controller and keypad firmware in their document center. They only significant change to the keypad firmware seems to be extending the maximum length of scrolling text from 32 to 37 characters. The new controller firmware (which is much easier to update) seems to include more significant fixes. I will probably upgrade my controller when I have time, but might not bother with upgrading my keypads.
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for me one global flag would work wonderfully. Either it shuts MC down or it doesn't. Maybe start with that and see if anyone really needs to have more granular control?? No one has piped into this feature debate yet.
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I installed XP Home and now everything is working -=excellent=-.

I am not sure if it was .Net Frame work 1.1 that was causing me issues on the other build, but from my reading it would seem to be the only thing I can link it to.

Anyways, awesome software! I am really enjoying being able to control my audio on the pc remotely. I also got the video portion working very well through the CAV 6.6 using an ATI All-in-Wonder card. I will be purchasing a PC to dedicate to media centre and your interface!

My only request would be the ability to control playlists as has been previously discussed by using an extended push on one of the buttons.

Also the ability to toggle whether to have it turn off with no zones connected could be handy for me in the future as I expand on the functionality you have given me.

Thanks again, great solution!

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Great to hear. WinoOutWest is testing the "no auto stop" flag, and hopefully we'll hear back from him about it shortly.
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Great to hear. WinoOutWest is testing the "no auto stop" flag, and hopefully we'll hear back from him about it shortly

I am a willing tester as well, if needed.


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I was excited to see your CAV6.6 integration and am personally interested in adapting it for my own use with Apple's iTunes . I sent you a PM with details.
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Originally Posted by wiredhome View Post

My only request would be the ability to control playlists as has been previously discussed by using an extended push on one of the buttons.

MMMMMMM... Playlists!!

Any updates on implementing this feature?
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How about Fm tuner support? I'd like to setup an FM source using something like the Axife FM tuner software and a USB tuner. It'd be really slick to have the station number, call letters or some other text displayed right on the UNO display.

I've got girder and netremote running on the MC11 machine. Any ideas on how to make your code interface with a tuner?
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Ditto on the tuner support!
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