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All of these things have been discussed over and over, but since it's apparently still unclear:

1) The software does not support multiple controllers, simply because I only have one controller, so I can't test with multiple controllers. I'd be happy to add support for multiple controllers, but I will need someone who is serious about testing it, and can spend several hours with me over the course of several days running tests with their multi-controller setup.
2) Regarding FM tuner cards, the link software links to MC, and so supports everything that MC supports, and nothing else. Since at this time, MC does not support FM tuner cards, no FM tuner cards are supported. Since MC supports web radio, it is supported.
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Hyslopc - I went back to the previous version several days ago like I mentioned and everything seemed great, but this AM I had the same problem - no track info or controls from the keypads. I exited out of CAV66, re-ran it, and it started functioning again.

Any suggestions??
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Sorry for upsetting you. I was asking because in reading all the posts (which I did prior to my first post, and again after your initial reply) it appeared that at least one individual offered to assist you (via testing) with respect to adding multi-unit support, and numerous individuals requested radio support (which you had expressed an interest in). Since there were never any follow through posts with respect to these issues, I just wanted to ask.

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No problem, steve! I agree it's not 100% clear from the thread history - didn't mean to sound upset. I would love to add FM tuner support, multiple controller support, and tons of other stuff, but so far haven't found the time.
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Will this work with UnoS1 pads and if so what functions will be able to be controlled since it doesn't have a play and stop button. Can the button functions be changed in your program?
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I've never tested with the S1 keypads, but there is at least one other person here using them along with the AutoStop=Y and AutoPlay=Y settings, so anytime a source is selected and the keypad is on, it is playing.
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Hyslopc -

Any idea on my issue with CAV66? Is there any way to turn on a log of some sort that might clue me in?

Is there a command line switch to exit the application? Maybe I could setup a scheduled task to exit and restart it nightly and see if that helps....
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first, I would just like to say that this is a wonderful idea. I do not even have my CAV yet, but I think what you have done is great, even though I have not seen the software yet!

I have read through this thread, and I would like to concur with the other posters who would like to see some kind of integration with Girder. I use Girder at home for my whole-house control, and plan on using it when I get my CAV (the house will be done in 6 weeks or so, and I will be installing it then). this way I can control all of the zones via my PC interface (which I have linked on my LAN so any web-enabled device can control the system). anyways, the issue is there is only 1 serial port on the CAV.

Girder does have a COM interface, and they also have a plugin for controlling the CAV through girder. Their plugin serves a different function than your software, it is for controlling zones (source selection, volume, etc, etc).

Once I downloaded your software, I had planned on making a contribution, but if you think you have the time to look into the integration with girder, I would be willing to contribute now to help pay for your girder license. I am sure a few others who may be interested in this would be willing to contribute to this as well.

anyways, let me know if this interests you, and if I can help in any way.
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I looked into this briefly, but unfortunately the Girder serial plug-in doesn't seem to be sophisticated enough. I don't want to toot my own horn, but the RNet protocol is really, really complex if you want to cover it 100%. The software I have seen that uses Girder to talk to the CAV66 just sends static blocks of data and doesn't look much at what comes back - that won't cut it for the sort of functionality cav66.exe provides. It was also hard to get really good performance even with a native multi-threaded C++ application, and adding additional layers would inevitably slow things down.

Can you tell me more exactly what you mean by "Girder integration"? What benefits would it provide?
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Well, I am not talking about having your software integrate tightly with girder.

Mainly, I am looking at a way to share the serial port on the CAV. Ultimately, I would like to be able to use your software to integrate the CAV with JRMC, be able to see what's playing on the keypads, and to change what JRMC is playing from the keypad (or from any web-enabled device in the house).

But, I also want to be able to control zones via a COM interface. My front end is an ASP.NET web site with vb.net used to send commands to girder. girder controls most of my components, either via serial ports, or IR.

I guess I was thinking that you could use girder as your "conduit" to the serial port, sending/receiving payloads through the girder COM interface. this way both girder and CAV66 could share the serial port.

Another solution would be to provide a public interface into your app, and allow source control (does your app do zone and source control from the pc?) however, this solution would probably only be helpful to a few people who are writing their own front ends, and doing it with .NET. This is why I was hoping for some kind of integration with girder...
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Yeah, it would be neat. I just ran a search on Girder - does it cost $100 now? Seems like the freeware version is gone, at least I couldn't find it. I couldn't find any info on Girder / RNet integration, either - is there somewhere I can read about that?
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If I was going to provide a public interface to my app, how would you suggest I do it - DLL? COM? TCP/IP? Or something even simpler, like command-line parameters? DLL would be easiest for me - would that work for you?
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yes, it does cost $100 now. you would need the pro version to talk to the CAV (need the serial plug in).

Girder does not speak RNET, there is a serial plug in for CAV control, it just sends serial commands back and forth to the CAV. I do not know the details as I have not used it yet, but I was hoping that your RNET payloads can go through girder, and the CAV serial plugin (available on the downloads page here ).
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Originally Posted by hyslopc View Post

If I was going to provide a public interface to my app, how would you suggest I do it - DLL? COM? TCP/IP? Or something even simpler, like command-line parameters? DLL would be easiest for me - would that work for you?

Hmm, well, for me, the easiest would be to do either a .NET dll or COM, I don't know about other users, they might prefer IP to make it platform independant.

Can the CAV66.exe do zone control? (ie can I tell it to switch zone 4 to input 2) from the pc it is running on?
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The CAV6.6 serial protocol is called RNet. I couldn't download those serial settings (you have to register), but it looks like it's what I've seen before - just a dump of various commands which you can send, not a real RNet implementation which can interpret replies, etc. In any case I'm not so keen to spend hundreds of hours making my software dependent on a commercial program which costs $100.

The cav66.exe user interface is static - it merely shows information. As of today, there are no buttons, etc. that would allow you to control things. Those could easily be added, but it would probably be pretty ugly - I think providing a public interface and allowing others to implement the GUI is a better bet.

I think the two options for me to do a public interface are a standard C/C++ DLL or IP. I guess Girder must be able to do IP? If so then that would solve the Girder angle.
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Yes, girder can do IP, I had not considered having girder call your application. That might be the best solution of all. it can also send windows messages, if you like that better, but I think IP sockets probably makes the most sense. (If you could easily give it a COM or C API wrapper, that would make my life easier, but I can do sockets too).

Anyways, I think that would be the best way to go. If you need a beta tester, I am willing to help out, although it will not be for some time yet. I have to put my drywall up first. and no doubt the wife will want the walls painted before I get to tinker around with the important stuff...
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You can now download v1.32/3 from here . This version fixes the following problems:

1) Freeze after pressing the plus or minus keys on the keypad when all songs in Playing Now had the same artist
2) Pressing the minus key on the keypad when the second artist in Playing Now was selected would cause playback to go to the end of the last artist in the current playlist (instead of the first artist)
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Can anyone send me the RNET protocol document? Can I get it from Russound?
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It's freely available from the Russound Document Center: http://www.russound.com/doccenter/doccenter.php. Choose "RNET systems" and then "Russound Controller RS232 Protocol".
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I've posted v1.32/4 here. Following problems were fied:

1) Freeze after pressing the plus or minus keys on the keypad when all songs in Playing Now had the same artist (should have been fixed in previous version but wasn't)
2) When browsing using plus/minus keys and artist is blank, display "(no artist)" instead of displaying nothing
3) When displaying a track name which has a blank artist field, display just the title with no slash.
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This is awesome stuff...if I could figure it out. I'm totally baffled on how to set this up. I installed MC and d/l'd and ran CAV66.exe, but I get errors and things just don't seem to be setup correctly. Please help...what am I missing? I have a CAM6.6T.

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the ability to minimize to the system tray would be nice =)

...just a suggestion!
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Sorry, dbk1 - I forgot to include the install guide in the last zip. I have now updated the zip with the PDF install guide. If you re-download it (you may have to click on it twice, or clear your browser cache), then you will get the install guide which explains everything.
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Thanks Hyslopc, but where can I find the cav66.ini file? Sorry for these dumb questions.

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I got the ini file from the pdf, but when I select the source, CAV66.exe crashes...help please...thanks.
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Which specific settings do you want to set that do not match the defaults? If there aren't any, then you don't need a cav66.ini at all. If there are some, then you need to make a cav66.ini yourself (using Notepad) including those settings, and only those settings. Copying someone else's cav66.ini will most likely not give you the results you are looking for.
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This is a great plug-in and I'm testing it in my sister's new CAV66 system. I've got 2 MC zones configured, and the plug-in has been running successfully for the past 3 days without issue. I've read thru the entire thread and have the following questions...

1. It seems as if at some time in the past, it was possible to select music using the keypads by artist. Currently, I can only see a way to do this by playlist. Is there some way to get the old mode?

2. When I create playlists in MC, it seems like the keypads don't see them right away. Its almost like I have to shutdown the plug-in and application and restart before they will show up. These are straight playlists, not smartlists. I do seem to get some "blank" line entries in the playlist list, but I never clicked them to see if they correspond to my created playlist.

3. When you create a playlist in MC, you can specify a name and a group name. Is the group name useful to the plug-in?

4. Do you have insight into the ordering of the playlists? Some of the static playlists show up before the default smarlist ones, some after, and I didn't notice a logical order.

5. I was confused about shutdown/startup issues. I thought you needed to shutdown/kill MC process/and then restart for functionality to work. However, I've seen at least one case where just shutting down the app and restarting got the keypad communication going (without killing MC process/plug-in). This occurred because I inadvertently shutdown MC and immediately restarted the app. Is that expected should work? Killing the MC process often gives me a data base may be corrupted message. Starting plug-in starts MC. Is it expected to work to start MC first and then start Plug-in?

1. It would be great if +/- would "loop" through the playlists. Right now, when you get to the bottom, the only way to get to the top from the keypad is to cycle through from the bottom to the top. It would be great if one more + would cause the list to wrap to the top.

2. It would be great to be able to activate/de-activate the shuffle feature from the keypad.

3. I might have missed this feature, but it would be nice if the playlists could be sorted via some sort of manual grouping procedure. E.g. if I make a playlist for each album in collection, it would be nice to only have to scroll through the list of albums that match a desired type. E.g. the Rock type vs Instrumental. I'm not asking for dynamic grouping by genre, but if there was a hierarchy in playlist selection mode where you can select at the first level between group (which may be based on genre or other grouping), and then playlist that is a member of that group.

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New version v1.33 now available here.

In reply to above post:
1. Use +/- to browse by artist
2. Fixed in new version (see above)
3. No, we don't look at the group name
4. Fixed in new version (see above)
5. I have raised this with J River on their developer forum - hopefully they will provide us with a fix for this (or show me what I'm doing wrong in my code)

New features
1. +/- does loop - make sure you are running the latest version. If so and +/- isn't looping, send me a PM and I will investigate.
2. In new version (above), pressing PAUSE while playback is stopped (or holding it down while a track is playing) will toggle shuffle on and off.
3. I've asked J River for more advanced sorting capabilities to be available via the MC COM SDK, and they've promised me they will add some new capabilities into MC v12.
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I've got the new version running. I haven't checked all the features yet, but at least it seemed to pick up the new playlists. I forgot to check the playlist selection looping. I'll hopefully run some more tests tonight.

I tired the +/- to change artists, and though it did seem to work, I noticed the following...

If playlist is sorted by artist, (I know your plug-in cannot see this), the + or - makes it go to the next artist. However, not the next one as seen on the Media Center playlist... It seemed to jump to random one.

My intent was to have a method to go to the "next" album. To accomplish this, I could create a playlist with all the songs listed in artist/album/track order. Then, the + should be able to jump to the first track of the first album of the next artist, and the - should jump to the last track of the last album of the last artist. The random artist selection above means that the +/- artist select would not be alphabetical, making it difficult to use this method.

I also sent you a PM a few days ago with some other more technical questions that I thought we could discuss offline. Do you have another email address you would prefer to use for this discussion?


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I tried to verify the playlist looping feature last night. It did not seem to work for me. Hitting + when you are at the last playlist did not show the "first" playlist.

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