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As I promised, I am posting how I fixed mine.

First of all, I followed instruction esoh has posted on 11/28/06 (thread# 61) to order a jig. Here is how.

1. Called 800-211-PANA (7262)

2. At the voice prompts said the following:

"Customer Support" then "Parts and Accessories" then "Plasma TV" then "Buy Direct"

3. Got support person on the phone, asked for TNPEEPJIGS (updated version of TXNPX25JIGS)

4. Paid $50 plus s/h, total of $63.74 by credit card.

5. Ordered on 12/27/07, received on 1/4/08

To fix my TV, I followed instruction crabbon has posted on 3/8/06 (thread# 38) and doug8867 posted on 6/27/07 (thread# 95) also went to BruZZi's website to go into service mode.

Trick was to go into the service mode, and after you get in there, it is really easy. Here is what I did.

1. Unplug everything from TV except for power cord.

2. Plug a coaxial cable from cable box to "Antenna-A Cable In" behind TV (my cable box was hooked up to HDMI input and it does not work when fixing this problem. Only things need to be hooked up to your TV is the power cable and coaxial cable to antenna-A)

3. Remove ONE screw in the back of the plasma in the TOP LEFT to access connector PA23.

4. Plug in the TNPEEPJIGS, and turn on the unit.

5. Using the remote control, press the {MENU} button, {Set Up} then {Program CH}

6. From "{nput Set Up}, change {Antenna A} to {Cable-Only} and "OK." TV will ask you to search all channels. Press "OK" and let it do the work. It may take for 5 minutes to scan all the channels, but without going through this step, I could not get into service mode.

7. After all the channels are scanned, go back to {menu} and select {Timer} and set sleep timer to 30 min. Still don't know why we have to do this but I guess this is the trick to get into the service mode that Panasonic set up, so us consumers have no way to get in.

8. Press {Exit} twice to exit menus.

9. Tune to channel 124. No picture comes on the screen but it is okay. Mine said no channel available after a few seconds. Why 124? I don't know, but I guess this is another trick to get into service mode.

10. Press and hold {VOL -} button ON THE PLASMA TV. "CHK" appears in on top-left corner followed by 5 letter/numbers (which are the cumulative hours in hex numbers)

11. Press the {POWER} button ON THE REMOTE. Screen will change and serviceman adjustments modes comes on as below.


EEP (this is what you use to fix the 1/3 screen problem)

12. Press {CH+} {CH -} ON THE REMOTE to select EEP.

13. Select {AREA} and press "OK"

14. Press > cursor button twice to select "15 9C FIX", then press "OK"

15. Select EEP "EX > IN" and letters on the screen highlighted purple flashes to yellow then the data transfer starts.

16. About 30 seconds later, TV will shut itself off and comes back on.

17. Turn your TV off and remove the TNPEEPJIGS, screw back the service panel cover.

18. Turn you TV on and enjoy your TV! I also had a problem with component inputs (using these terminals, pictures were terrible...black & white with a lot of snow on top of 1/3 screen problem) but this was also fixed at the same time. Now I enjoy digital picture with my DVD.

If it wasn't this forum, I had no way to fix my TV. I just want to give all of you a big thank you and I also made me decide to take time to post this to help others who still have the same problem. Hope this helps
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UPS delivered the TNPEEPJIGS eeprom service jig this afternoon and after following Goodlife's instructions I corrected my plasma tv's screen shift quickly. Wouldn't you think Panasonic would notify their customers of this issue and let them know there is an inexpensive fix? Thanks for the help.
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I noticed the shifted picture issue with my TV about a year ago. I looked online and at the time the only info I could find was I need a firmware upgrade.

I called Panasonic and got the whole story about the need to call a service tech. On top of that the local service tech didn't make house calls and wanted 100 bucks just to come and pick up the TV. So I forgot about the issue.

For some reason I searched the net again last week - and thankfully found this forum. I immediately called Panasonic and ordered the JIG. I got the part today.

Thanks to the step-by-step instructions I was back to normal in lest than 20 minutes.

The only thing I can add is I had my TV speakers turned off since I'm hooked up to a home theater system. And when getting into Service Mode the speakers have to be turned on (or else you'll be holding down the
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My TH-42PD25 image is 1/3 left, but then the left 1/3 wraps to the right side of the screen. Thus, the righ 1/3 isn't blank, it displays 1/3 of the left video. Is this the same issue that can be fixed by the JIG, or only if the right 1/3 is blank?
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I have the same problem with a TH37PD25UP. I just got off the phone with Panasonic, so hopefully my jig will arrive soon. I had a precursor to the problem, the CINEMA preset was causing all sorts of image problems on 480i inputs. It made the picture look over driven and there was something similar to snow or a bad acid trip going on. The other picture presets worked fine. Yesterday the image shift happened. I initially thought it was the horrible Comcast DVR, but once I found out it was also happening on the integrated tuner I knew it was the TV. For people with a Motorola HD box, you can change the box to "stretch" SD content which actually upconverts it to 1080i. The only problem is there are bad artifacts as the box does a bad job in scaling and a color push. At least I can watch my SD channels and see the whole picture until my jig arrives. It's a shame I found this thread, I really would like the new 46" 1080P Panny. I'm a little nervous about the HDCP issue, I hope that it is not a problem.
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Hello all...first post for me as I was panicked when my screen moved to the left...

I have a TH-42PD25 and I followed the directions listed in the thread to get into the service man mode but it isnt working...are there any steps that are particular to my model??

I have the jig to fix the issue (again, thanks to this forum) but I cant upload the fix without getting into the service mode....help!!
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Hello all...I got it to work!! I followed the directions on Bruzzi's site to the letter and the service man mode popped up!!

I loaded the patch and all is well....

Is there any reason I should hang onto the JIG?...or should I sell/rent it to the next guy with this problem??
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Goodlife, thanks for posting a great detail of how you fixed your plasma tv.

Bruzzi gave me the boost I needed to get mine fixed, and as a result I posted the detailed instructions needed at the time to fix my tv.

Now, several others have come along, fixed their system, and made comments. But, your instructions were very detailed, and I'm sure that others will be able to use them to get the job done.

Again, I'm surprised that Panny hasn't made this fix available as it's clearly a firmware problem, and clearly easy to fix.

As for the last person who asked if they should keep their jig, I'd say you don't have too. I've never had to use mine again, though I have "lent" it out to people who couldn't get one.

And someone said they had something like 94 of these panny's at a stadium. I'd be interested in how many have they had to do this on, or did they just go and do all of them as a preventive measure.

I think it's awesome that this forum exists and that we've helped so many get their tv's fixed. Just think of how many have not ended up in the junk yard or demoted to a bedroom rarely used.
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This is such a great post. I recently ran into this problem with my newly purchased Wii that comes with composite cables. The screen is shifted to the right. I also noticed that my 480i OTA has pink and purple snowy images that are also shifted.

Please PM me if you have a TNPEEPJIGS laying around. I will purchase it to give this fix a shot. thanks in advance, michael
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I've checked this forum for a while after I posted last time, and seemed to be no one was posting anything on this issue anymore, I thought problem was all solved. Just until now, I didn't realize there were new people accessing to this site for the same problem. I apologize to the ones sent me PM....

crabbon, I totally agree with you. Panny should have announced this to the customers long time ago. If it wasn't this forum, I would never have been able to fix mine. This is such a great site. Thanks to you and all the others who posted instructions here.

If someone is still having a problem and there is something I can help, please let me know.
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I am having the same issue with my tv, actually had it for a long time, but never bothered, since I dont watch a lot of tv.. now since I have cable disconnected and trying to watch a dvd, realised that the movie is shifted to the left...dont know what to do with this tv now, i read about this jig thing, I called panasonic, it seems they had no idea what I was talking about.
will try to call them again in a few days to see if another person can understand what I mean.
if not, does anyone have that jig ?? and is willing to loan, or sell it to me if possible ? I would greatly appreciate that.
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Can someone please tell me, wher to get that stuff

the thing mentioned in this thread to repair the plasma tv.. shift

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I hope this is the right place to post this.
I have a TH37PD25 that the fan never shuts off, I believe this started happening after I did the last firware update, probably about a year ago. Anyone have any advice on how to correct this, or revert to the original firmware.

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Hey f14rioa6bn,

did you fix your screen shift with the Wii?

I have the same issue with the ps2 and PS3 with my TH42PX25. will this jig fix the screen overlap?
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Another successful fix! Thanks to everyone who posted how-tos. This also fixed the problem with the cinema preset I posted about previously.

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Hey everyone. First ever post here. Thanks to you guys, my Panasonic plasma is back to normal.

I have the TNPEEPJIG that I bought for $71+$10 shipping, that I'd be willing to sell to the next unlucky guy with the same problem for $50. PM me if you need it.

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Why continue paying Panasonic multiple times for a KNOWN issue that should be fixed with a service bulliten? Does any member have a jig that they are finished with and willing to pass-on as adampava is doing? I'd be happy to pay a discount, and then pass it forward as well when I'm finished.

Please PM if you have a jig you've finished with. Thanks to all the good posters here!!
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Hello all, I have a 2004 TH-50PX25 that did the infamous 1/3 shift a year or so ago, HDTV is fine just the SD side etc... But mine only did the 1/3 shift for a couple of days then it went black. The OSD and sound still works in SD but no picture. I ordered the TNPEEPJIGS from panasonic today for $60. Hopefully this will fix my problem I will keep everyone updated. And thanks to all for this great info I thought my TV was hopeless until I found this thread.
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Can the Jig be used again.. or does it just work ONE time only.... ????
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Originally Posted by dhiraj View Post

Can the Jig be used again.. or does it just work ONE time only.... ????

The jig can be used as often as you want... it's simply an EPROM with factory data loaded. You could, conceivably, erase the contents by mistake.
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I received the fixit kit from Panny today... following all the good directions listed here I fixed my TV in minutes. THANK YOU to all of those who came before.

Ordering from Panasonic was simple, and I paid the extra 10 bucks for 2-day delivery.

I now have the kit available to pass forward. Anyone who needs this can PM me and for $50 I'll ship it to you DHL 2nd day.

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Well unfortunately this did not fix my problem. I received the kit and did the flash, but my TV is still black in SD. Does anyone have any ideas? I know my CURRENT problem is not the 1/3rd shifted screen, but thats what WAS wrong with it a year or so ago, then it just went black. Sound still is perfect and HD programming is still fine. But if i hook up any SD source TV, VCR, etc all I get is a black screen with OSD and sound.
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I'll pass mine on for $50.00...just PM me and I'll get it in the mail....
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Just got mine today, anyone in San Diego who wants to borrow it for free let me know. No mailing.

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Just got the jig, and it didnt fix the problem...I still have a shifted screen. I did the update and the 15 9e flashed yellow then purple, and stayed purple. The tv never power cycled. I turned it off from the front power button then back on and tuned to a local tv station and the whole image is still shifted. Any Ideas?
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just fixed panny th37pd25 that has been down for over a year! tnpeep jig worked like a charm. thanks to this site I not only saved a set that was on the outs, but also two grand I would have had to spend to replace a perfectly good plasma. thanks to you all!
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I've had this happen to the Panasonic about 3 times already. About every 8-10 months I have to re-attach the jig and perform the update...very annoying.
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I got mine today, it worked but I'm still in service mode even after I unplug. Any thoughts?
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I went back and read post 46 about being locked inside. I held 'ok' and pwr on the tv and it brought up another service menu. I pressed 'exit' on the remote, the chk went away.

Picture is full - thanks to all that did the hard work for the rest of us!
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I'm glad I came across this Forum...it appears that all that have used the jig have been successful in getting their video back...

I was wondering if the Jig was still available for sale from Panasonic and if not, if there was a kind soul that would either let me borrow or rent their jig from them...

Right now:

Have Video/Audio in:
1. HDMI cable using HD Cable Box
2. Composite cable using HD Cable Box

Have Video:
1. Using RGB input...my computer image looks fine.

No Video/Have Audio:
1. RCA inputs
2. Composite cable using XBOX
3. S-Video Inputs

Please PM if you can help.

Thank you,

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