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Originally Posted by tomwil View Post

Wow, great information! Thanks for the link!!

Did you rent it from kmsutra, or from someone else?

Yes I did rent it from him!
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So I picked up my TV from the "authorized" panasonic repair shop. They originally told me it needed a new DG Board $350.00.
I told them there was a service bulletin on the problem and it needed the EEPROM reprogramed. He told me I was mistaken that they never told me it needed a DG Board but a DG Kit. Yeah right... I asked what a DG Kit was and he said it was different for everyone.
Pfft...whatever....The kit did not include a jig or anyother parts.
I asked why was it $350.00 for a 5 min reprogram? He said his boss set the price. I told him he was crazy. He got mad and told me to fix it myself.
Guess what...I did!
I elected that place because panasonic gave me a few choices and it had good better business bureau rating...oh well...only out $75.00 diagnostic fee which I might try to dispute since they did not diagnose anything..just try to rip me off.

Originally Posted by doug8867 View Post

Wanted to say thanks to this site and Crabbon for providing the info to fix my tv! Also wanted to provide a little more info that may help others as my procedure did not go exactly as the instructions indicated.

The tv I have is the Panasonic TH-42PX25 42" plasma.

To get into the service mode I had to do the following:

Panasonic television service codes
PA25UP / PD25UP / PX25UP :

• * Using the remote control:
• * Press the {MENU} button.
• * Set "Antenna A" to "Cable".
• * Select "Timer" menu and set sleep timer to 30 min.
• * Press {Exit} twice to exit menus.
• * Tune to channel 124.
• * Press and hold {VOL -} button ON THE PLASMA TV. "CHK" appears in on top-left corner followed by 5 letter/numbers (which are the cumulative hours in hex numbers)
• * While the "CHK" is displayed, press the {OK} and {VOL+} buttons ON THE TV simultaneously to toggle between Modes: — Red "CHK" for Serviceman — Yellow "CHK" for Aging —

You want to leave it with the Red "CHK" on the screen.

• * Press the {POWER} button on the remote to select one of the six Serviceman Adjustments Modes.


(You will also see an AREA selection at the bottom of the screen which you will use when you go to fix the 1/3 screen problem)

• * Press {CH+} {CH -} on the remote to select the settings on each of Service Adjustment Modes. If you make any adjustments to other areas write down the original values before modifying anything. It's easy to erroneously adjust the wrong item.
• * Press {VOL+} {VOL -} on the remote to change values.
• * Press the {POWER} button on the TV to exit the service menu.

Once I was in the service mode I followed Crabbon's instructions (listed below) with the changes I've indicated in all -UPPERCASE-:

1) Remove one screw in the back of the plasma in the top left to access connector PA23.
2) Plug in the EEPROM (the part # above), and turn on the unit.
3) Go to serviceman mode
4) Go to EEP "AREA" and press "OK"
5) Press > cursor button twice to slect "15 9C FIX", press "OK"
6) Select EEP "EX > IN" and "15 9E _____" will begin flashing yellow/purple once data transfer starts. (about 30 seconds) -


7) When EEPROM data update is done, the unit will turn off and back on.
Wait for it to power itself back on. (about 30 seconds)


8) Do some self checks if you like
9) Disconnect AC cord, remove JIG, and turn it on.
10) Enjoy, your plasma is fixed!!!



I used Doug8867's detailed instructions to follow as well as having the service bulletin pulled up to see the picture examples to follow.
I read over the instructions several times. I took my time with each step.
I was very careful to select EEP "EX > IN and NOT EEP "IN >EX as this will erase the JIG!

The process went very smoothly.

I want to thank Doug8867 for detailed easy to follow instructions.
I want to thank itsmesilly63 for suggesting I not get the DG Board replaced and for me to give it a shot at fixing it.
Lastly I want to thank kmsutra for renting me the Jig.

Hope this helps others.
Good Luck!
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same problem here and is interested in renting this JIG. looks like our TV have symptom #4 on the service bulletin.

kmsutra, just sent you a pm.
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Hey I need a TNPEEPJIGS. could any one loan me or rent me one? please send me a PM
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I'm a late arrival to this.

The Panasonic TH-42PD25 used to be my mother's. She recently moved into a retirement home. She lost her satellite subscription, and now only has cable.

The TV no longer displays an analog video picture, though it does pass through the audio. I've troubleshooted it extensively, and did some research. It appears to be a common problem. Trial and error testing showed that the problem is ONLY with an analog video source.

In looking at the earlier messages on this thread, it appears that there are some members who have the infamous part TNPX25JIG or TNPX25JIGS. So... since this damn tool is nowhere to be found either on eBay or service depots, does anyone still have one that they can lease or rent?

Many thanks, everyone.
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Hello, I also have the shifted picture issue (Symptom #2 from the Service Bulletin).

Please let me know if someone would be interested in loaning out or selling their test jig. I am near Detroit, MI in the 48183 zip code area.

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I also having the same problem and was wondering where I could get the JIG, thanks for any help in advance.
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I know this is an old thread but my tv just started having this problem today. I'm not ready to shell out the money for a new tv but would gladly pay to rent/borrow/buy one of these jigs if anyone has one available.
Thanks in advance!
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Hey guys and gals. Like the poster above me I know this is an older thread but I need help. Hubby called Panny on Monday the 25th of April and they sent us an SD card "with the firmware" that would just go into the service slot on the back of the tv. Well when it arrived it was blank. (Apparently they don't check the cards before they go out.) So i was wondering if anyone out there had the PX25.exe file they could email me. They said that this would fix the image being pushed and all the problems we are having. Considering that the tv has never been updated anything is better than what we have going on. It would be much appreciated. Thanks
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I have a TH-42PD25UP and had the sudden image shift problem about 2 weeks ago. Luckily I thought to "Google" it and found this forum. I could not get any info about it from Panasonic. One support person told me not to believe everything I read on the internet.

The 3rd support technician I talked to finally confirmed knowledge about the picture shift problem, but he could only tell me to call a technician.

The first technician I called had heard of the jig, and had one. He thought however that the t.v. could be updated with an SD card in the service slot.
When I called him back a few days later to check on his progress with finding the jig, he said I really needed the DG board instead. Thankfully I had found the post that day with the service bulletin from Panasonic stating to try the firmware fix first.

The technician then went onto the Panasonic website and downloaded the PX25.exe file. I have a Mac, and you have to extract the files and save them to an SD card on a PC. I tried and tried without success until I had a friend with a PC let me use their computer. It was easy enough to do perform the update, but it didn't fix the image shift.

I found the TNPEEPSJIGS on Sears Direct. I went ahead and ordered it, and it fixed the problem. Just make sure you follow the directions.

The jig was $70, but well worth it. The only other technician who had it wanted me to bring my t.v. in (over 50 miles away) and he charges $135. (He also insisted the board needed to be replaced.)

This is such a simple fix. Shame on Panasonic for not sharing more info with the customers. This is obviously a widespread problem. The first technician told me he was sad he couldn't find the jig because he had made a ton of money because Panasonic sent him all over fixing t.v.s with this problem.

Definitely try the jig first! If you don't want to buy it, I will also rent mine out for pretty cheap.
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Hello, I tried finding this jig and can't find it anywhere. Can some one rent it to me? Much appreciated.
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hi, i'm having the some 1/3 shift problem with my panasonic TH-50PX25. Interested in renting the jig if anyone still has it available...
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does anyone have the TNPX25JIG or TNPX25JIGS jig i can rent or borrow. pm if u do. thnx in advance, also does anyone have the file PX25.exe file they could email me, much appreciated
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I have the jig available for rental!! Contact me if you want to fix this issue.
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I am also in need of a rental or sale of the TNPXJIG (test Jig) to fix my TH-PD25 wIth shift problem if anyone has one for rent or sale I would greatly appreciate it thanks in advance.
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I have the same problem with my Panasonic of the picture shifting left and a wide vertical black band down the right side.
Will the TNPX25JIG work on my TH50PX25 plasma purchase around 2004?
What's the arrangements to rent your jig?
Thanks for any help you can give.
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Bump anyone I really need to fix my tv, please help.
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Please check your messages. I have the jig available.
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Got the jig from Kmsutra. He sent USPS in a day or two with a deposit through PayPal. Everything went smooth and quick. His jig fixed my Panasonic 50". I had a vertical black band down the right 1/3 of the screen. Thank you Kmsutra. I would advise anyone that is not technical, to also look at the thread offered by Goodlife from the Forum and go step by step, not short cutting anything.
Thanks again to Kmsutra and also kudos to Goodlife for helping me correct this problem quickly and inexpensively.
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Are you still renting your jig, is so, how much do you charge?
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still interested in renting the jig?
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please send me a Private message and I will send you instructions on how to rent the jig.
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I'd like to also rent/borrow the jig. Anyone in Canada or willing to ship to Canada? I'm in the Ottawa area.
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Please drop me a private message and I will help you out.
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I have a jig available if anyone needs one. Get in touch with me.
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If your still "renting" out your TNPX25JIG or TNPEEPJIGS, I could use it. Same problem as everyone else. Just can't find the JIG anywhere. You can reply to my email at rwox@cox.net.
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If your still "renting" out your TNPX25JIG or TNPEEPJIGS, I could use it. Same problem as everyone else. Just can't find the JIG anywhere. You can reply to my email at rwox@cox.net.
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Hi guys. I have a new 65st50 and tonight my image shifted about 5" to the left. Really annoying. On all inputs and main screen. Would this be similar and would getting into the service menu fix this? Thanks
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Please send me a private message and I can give you instructions on how to rent the jig.
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