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You didn't comment on the MP-5's just wondering if they are going to be put into production or not. Thanks. I'm glad you have put the streaking problem to rest even if it's only your knoledge and the 2 you promised are getting it.
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Originally Posted by mp20748
I really appreciate your comments, but there's a lot more to this than what you see in this thread.

Maybe i was just plain stupid to take this on, or at least, i should not have taking it on at the time that i did. Without thinking, I jumped on the 1292. I did that because at the time, i had spent a many hours looking at streaking and other things related. Therefore I felt i would be a good choice for this problem, but i had no idea I would incure such rath for devoting my own time on this. Folk complaining about the fix not happening fast enough, though I've been terribly hindered with perosonal issues, yet I still stayed with this.

And to include the fact that I took on a problem that had Sony's engineers and tech's baffled. They concluded that the problem was the CRT's and moved on to using Panasonic tubes in their next projectors (G70, G90). This problem was the biggest challenge I've even had. And I've put a lot of my valuable time into troubleshooting this problem. Things are getting to be a little better for me finacially now, but doing the time that iwas working in the 1292, i was seriously lacking fanancially, yet I still devoted time to this projector, when i could have been making funds to put in my pockets. the thing that really pisses me off about this, is that I'm being attacked about something that I did not take one penny from anyone for. This was all done on my time. And it also cost me $$$ in parts.

I may change my mind later, but for now, I'm pissed and would need to step away from this.
That is the bit I don't get - I can understand getting annoyed when people want it now when it is a part time project for you, but to me the easiest way to feel good again would be to let people know what the fix is.

It would garner much appreciation and adulation from the masses and would make you feel better, and would help other people out.

To just walk away and go well nyah nyah, I worked it out, and I'm not going to tell anyone else, and I'm not going to offer it as a fix either, because you people all nagged me - would seem to be the guaranteed way to stay feeling pissed.

Just my 2c.
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Originally Posted by mp20748
I may change my mind later, but for now, I'm pissed and would need to step away from this.


This is your best excuse yet !!! You are going to take your toys and go home!! What happened to "Stick A Fork In The 1292 Streaking Problem It's Done" Couldn't you find your "Fork"..... Oh I forgot that was another Excuse........

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Originally Posted by mp20748
Wait, are you saying that you don't know if the problem is related to circuit failure?
You dont read very well. No, I said if no one else has it, it doesnt exist. Did I tell you I have a microscopic person locked in a jar?

I cant show it to you but I can assure you its here. GIVE ME A BREAK

Originally Posted by mp20748
Well, what is this DVD about? ?
I had 5 people wanting me to come to the USA all expenses paid and massage their 1292's. I havent got time. The next best thing, and better for eductaional purposes is a DVD as they can do it themselves and learn.

Originally Posted by mp20748
Hmm, I lead people on. That would mean that I had bad intent. right?
No I didnt say that. There is a distance between beleiving what you say and doing it with malice. I am sure you beleive all you say here. Not having a grasp on the reality of what constitutes stringing peopl

e along is the issue here.

I am sure in your own mind you beleive you are doing the right thing. Its a shame as you may actually sometimes know what is going on. The problem is you (maybe unknowingly) ******** people too much.

This is your wake up call.

Originally Posted by mp20748
Good point, there's not enough in this for me to go further. However, I've only really promised this to two people. And that promise will be kept.
At last we see what the underlying issue. "There is not enough in it for you to spend any time bringing this to an end". So instead you just ********ted us for over a year about problems with this and that when the real issue is it wasnt worth your time, so it (we) never had a priority.

You should have stated the obvious ages ago and stopped the sickning pleading that has gone on in this thread.

You are the only one here who is running a business that revolves soley around Projectors.

Originally Posted by mp20748
No, I'm going to kick back and let you put your fix out there first. I see no need to make this happen anytime soon. I'm just going to set back and watch you take over the show
Here is where the leopard shows his spots people. "I see no need to make this happen anytime soon" there you have it. Dont hold your breath for this MPxxx fix.

If your entire presence here is to make money of hobbyists. I am sure the AVS management would like hear this.

So what you are saying basically is "screw you all, I know how to fix it and I wont tell you and I wont supply it eiither".

Mike, screw you too!

Originally Posted by mp20748
Yep, that was my intent initially, but after looking further into the problem, and seeing that it was not associated with the circuits that i had expected, i knew it would be very time consuming. And that is when I knew i neede to approach this a different way. I don't mind devoting time as a hobby, but when it involves some serious time on my part, things has to change. This is not a hobby for me.
AVS moderators take note please

Originally Posted by mp20748
Wrong. If it was about money, it would have been out there by now. It was more important for me to get this done, and done right first. And that's why it took so long. The 1292 is a very complicated PJ. I've spent a ton of time getting intimate with it. After all, I still have everything on it from when I worked on one. I've even found my notes and some other technical stuff on it. It's really a very nice projector, but there's several things other than the streaking problem that should also be addressed. .
So, ifs its not about money why not free release the fix ?? For gods sake get your story straight.

You must think we are all stupid! Trust me when i tell you we are not!

Originally Posted by mp20748
Today I can say that I've fixed or solved every challenge put before me. And that's enough for me to walk away from this without having to prove anything. And you're right, the appreciation from forum members has been enormous, and that was the main reason for me taking this on and staying with it. And these same pepole would clearly understand why I'll have to throw the towel in at this point, and leave the solution up to others.
cough, cough, ******** !! You have more to prove to everyone that you have promised this to for the last 12 months. Regardless of whether you beleive you have a responsibility to provide this fix or not.

This is larger than your perception of your responsibility is. Your responses will set in concrete whether you are in fact taken seriously with the AVS community for a long time to come. I can tell you it isnt looking good.

The number of PM's I recieved insupport of my posts today is daunting. You are verging on being the Gomer Pyle of the AVS community along side Raster.

Originally Posted by mp20748
Delay, excuss :confused: - this was all on my time. And unfortuanately, my tiome was seriously hindered beyond my control, and that's not something thAt I'm going to apologize for.
One minute this is work, next minute this is YOUR time. Please get your story straight. This is a money making venture by your own admission. Dont try to tell us that this time investment of yours was not associated with a business. In normal business the rush to address a market is fast. WTF is your program with taking your time? You recon 1292 are appreicating in value?

They will be largely gone within 3 years. Is that your time frame? To wait us out till we go digital?

You are looking for a pay off. If that is not the case release the fix to AVS now! What difference will it make?
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Originally Posted by mp20748
......................... This was all done on my time. And it also cost me $$$ in parts.
I may change my mind later, but for now, I'm pissed and would need to step away from this.
Yes, you have put a lot of effort into this and I think everyone would be grateful if there was something coming out of the bottle but the genie seems to be firmly locked in and even the most patient of people get short tempered. The time is quickly passing by. Our 1292s will be too old to appreciate any streaking mod by the current progress. It's like giving viagra to my old man, nice thought but how do you keep up a shrivelled weenie?(only joking, dad).
You stepping away would only reinforce all the negative comments. Is that what you want? Is that what you really want?
It's natural that people don't like being given false hopes and promises. Any delivered promise would save the day.

If I were you (and I'm not) I would do one of the following:

1 Spend a crash week sorting out any remaining issues and let us know what sort of kit is required and how long it will take to put together, and approx. how much. The pressure will be on for you to deliver on the promises with a fixed timetable. And, being quiet on the forum for that week with no "updates". This solution does not have to include all problems, just the "main" streaking fix.
2 Tell all about what you know and try to get some glimmer of respect out of it all.
Getting something financial out of it will then be up to your entrepreneurship .
3 Keep the genie in the bottle. If so, then please, no more promises on avsforum.

There might be other choices but they're the main ones. Hope they help to distill your choice. Good luck Mike, it's your choice.
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Wow! The animosity level on this thread just shot off the scale! :eek: What's up with that? And that can't be attributed to Mike... it's all your doing, Graham. Why the personal attacks?

I can certainly understand that all the delays are frustrating, especially to those who've volunteered their PJs as guinea pigs, and have been waiting all that time. Mike has made optimistic postings here more often than would have been wise, but AFAIK he hasn't taken anyone's money. Anybody with an alternate solution can drop Mike like a hot rock, and take their business elsewhere.

Mike's poured a lot of time into this, and being the perfectionist he is, is reluctant to let it go before he's eliminated all the problems he's uncovered. He's also obviously got too many things on his plate at one time, and tries to squeeze things into the cracks. Never a good scenario for finishing, wrapping, and shipping solutions. What's YOUR investment in solving this problem, Graham? Other than b!tching and whining?

It seems like an interesting coincidence to me that as soon as Mike indicated that he was going to make the changes locally, requiring boards to be sent to him, that several of those in far-off lands decided it was time to attack him. I guess the idea is to browbeat him into releasing all his hard-earned work into the public domain for free, so they'll be able to take advantage of it. They not only want the diagnostic results, with an explanation of the source of the problem and why it's happening (which Mike has already generously revealed), they also want the circuit designs, mods, and fixes too. So somehow, now Mike has to provide all this to "prove himself". Clever.

These belligerent outbursts are really unlike you Graham, and I find them quite surprising, and not at all in the spirit of this Forum.

> We need to get this thread back on track with REAL mods that people have discovered. <

Why? What's so special about this thread? What's stopping you from starting a "Graham Johnson's 1292 Streaking Fix and Other Amazing Mods" thread? If this one is so offensive to you, just stop visiting it.

> So what you are saying basically is "screw you all, I know how to fix it and I wont tell you and I wont supply it eiither". Mike, screw you too! <

I've never liked it when someone puts words into someone else's mouth. And then turns around and uses that as their excuse to respond in like mean-spirited fashion. Seems disingenuous to me.

> At this point, You are making an ass of yourself. <

If so, then he certainly isn't the only one. You do realize that you're posting in a public Forum, right?

> You dont read very well. No, I said if no one else has it, it doesnt exist. <

Hmm? So since Moggy is the only one who has his transcoder, that doesn't exist either? That's interesting logic, to say the least.

Look, I understand that you're frustrated with the long time this has been dragging on, and I sympathize with that. But I don't agree that "releasing your rage" is an effective technique for obtaining what you're hoping for. Are you forgetting how long KBK was looking into this and making bold promises, before Mike even took his first peek into it? And then after all that KBK finally just gave up? And remembering long delays, what's this guy been up to all this time? Fire up the Wayback Machine, Sherman...

> Now I have two 1292's to play with. I noticed that one is worse than the other. I can feel board swapping coming on. let me finish sorting the tube issues I have then, I will look at the streaking. (July 13, 2004) <

Two months later, when asked again about "anti-streaking"...

> Its on my list of things to do Nils, I have 4 machines here with various levels of streaking, and intend to do a bit of board swapping to try and narrow down the culpret. Next few weeks I should have time. (Sept 17, 2004) <

Whatever happened to that guy? [Coincidentally, he shares your Forum handle.]

Personally, I think you owe Mike a public apology for your rude and offensive diatribes. If I were in his position, I wouldn't give you the time of day, much less the answers and circuit designs you so desperately crave.

And just for the record, I don't like the idea of having to ship boards off for "secret mods", with components hidden in embedded potting epoxy, any more than you do. And I don't even own a 1292. I'm just not sure that the number of people who will wind up taking advantage of it that way will justify either the hassle-factor, or the potential financial remuneration.

[One possible way to resolve that for those overseas not wanting to be without boards for some time would be to require a large up-front deposit, have Mike ship out a pre-modded set of boards, then refund the deposit when he receives the original boards back from the fixed PJ. But folks would still be unhappy about how long the process was taking.]

But I'm not the guy who did all the work, ingeniously located the source of the anomalies, and came up with solutions to problems that have been baffling others for years, thus solving issues that even Sony engineers couldn't get "right". I'd rather see him do something a lot simpler from his perspective... providing a kit of parts, schematics, analysis, and instructions, for a reasonable price. And have folks agree to buy his solution (rewarding him for his efforts) for each 1292 they fix. But it's Mike's decision to make, and I can see how someone unscrupulous could buy one kit from Mike, then go into business selling high-priced upgrades to 1292 owners, with no compensation to their designer.

Unfortunately, as complex as the technology can be, at times the "business" decisions are even more complicated. :(

- Tim
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Never good when things get personal, it tends to get very destructive then.

However, I guess there's an official competition now;

Which comes first? MP:s streaking mod or GJ:s DVD? :D :) I want both now! *whine* *whine* ;) :)
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I dunno Mike, I really was giving the benefit of the doubt - but it just seems a bit much, you stated a few times you knew exactly what the problems were, and a year later, there hasn't been a technical explanation that makes any real sense.

It is a problem that interested me, I was hoping to see some real info, and some experimaents to play with - I don't have a 1292, but a lot of CRT gear exhibits some kind of streaking/smearing problem.
In the old days on black and white sets it was caused by tilt (an archaic term, but I'm an old guy) and was easily tested for by feeding in a signal and sticking your scope in the set and seeing what angle the line ended up at.
I imagine in the 1292 the problem is at multiple levels, but you either know the solution or you don't.
After a year of (sometimes ridiculous) posts, there is still nothing that amounts to anything like an expose of the problem, let alone a fix.
If it is a money making excercise, then it really should be on the market by now, if it isn't then why not tell us the cause of the problem, even if you withold the details of the fix.
With the MP-1 you did a similar thing, got help developing a product from people on the forum, (which some didn't agree with as a way to do things, but others didn't mind), and never told what the 'magic' was, but at least you could buy one (if you didn't mind an interminable wait in some cases) and plug it in and decide for yourself. It made sense from a money point of view to withold the design and details in that case (whether people agree with it or not, it is a reason not to release the info)

But really, with this one, you aren't offering it as a product, so what is the point of being churlish and keeping it to yourself?
We don't need circuit boards, or extreme hand holding, just a lucid explaination that holds up to scrutiny as to the actual cause - some of the postulated things you put forward in previous posts barely seemed to make sense.

My guess is you thought you had it sorted, and in the end you didn't and had dug too big a hole to step back and admit it - or perhaps it kinda worked on one but you weren't sure why, but once again, too hard to admit.

You could easily prove any naysayers wrong by releasing some sensible info, it would just take a simple post - or releasing a real product.

Do you really think anyone else out there is going to go to the trouble of ripping off the design, and undercutting you, the 1292 market is pretty small, most of the owners would be on here and would prefer to buy from you anyway unless you were gouging.

I can't see any explanation other than you don't really know, and can't quite admit it.

The alternative is that you do know and won't tell regardless, which if true would be simply awful.
It would make me lose way more respect for you than if you came out and said "I thought I had it, but I didn't"

You could dump all your naysayers in the dirt yourself in a minute with a single post...one way or the other
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I cant believe that anyone after all this time can openly support the fiasco that is happening here.

You obviously havent read my posts properly. There is no personal attack happening here. If you care to read closely it is more a statement of facts. Not once did I sink to name calling.

I purely pointing out the glaring inconsistancies and bluff in post after post. He has long ceased to be a hobbiest. This is business effort. This has nothing to do with mods being done overseas or any other place for that matter.

AT the moment there is no fix at all so what does it matter.

Your right, why have i got stuck in? I usually couldnt be bothered getting close to the root issue here hence my absence from the thread and very occasional posting if something relavant comes up. Fact is THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING RELEVANT FOR ABOUT 12 MONTHS.

Thats the problem.

Get off your high horse MP lover. Stop trying to restrict free speach on the forum. If you dont agree. Instead fo dredging up ******** from the past that has no relevence at all to the question. State your reasons why you recon its taking so long and butt out.

It so pisses me off when people are put up to replying. Did he phone you and ask you to chime in?

Right now this thread has NO relevance at all. Basically I beleive everyone is entitled to a put up or shut up explaination.

For gods sake even the famed audition last week got called off. Give me a break. another excuse.

For your information I have no axe to grind with MP personally. I am pointing out his efforts to address this problem are extremely poor. His conmmunications skills are very weak and his bluff are easily seen through.

NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED A SHEEP MENTALITY FROM PEOPLE HERE. We are way smarter that. I refuse to be treated like a child by You or Mike Parker.

There are so many glaring holes in every post he had made. That he cant be taken seriously any longer.

If this is a money making excersize FINE ! Dont try to sell the fix as something he is doing off his own back in his private time. If its commercial instance dont bleat about getting head butted when you continue to deliver LATE LATE LATE.

He is not doing this as a love job. He could care lees about us or our projectors. Its about money plain and simple.

Thats is called a commercial reality. Get it done get it out. That is all that is wanted by EVERYONE HERE.

No more moaning and no more excuses.

As for me I am not going to address your post line by line. This isnt about me or what I want to do or not do. I didnt promise I found a fix. I didnt say I have stuck a fork on the streaking. In fact I didnt promise anything.

Only one person in this thread has. MIKE PARKER !!
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geez Tim..comparing MP to KBK..

You really know how to kick a guy when he's down..:)

Dochwyld and I had to endure well over a year for Ken to finally get our projectors done - Doch has the added punishment of Ken still having his, waiting on MP to do the streaking fix and have Ken finish his..

KBK wasn't able to solve the streaking - his guess was that it was in the neckboards but that was a wrong guess..

I sent a 1292 to MP over EIGHTEEN MONTHS ago..surely had I known it would drag out this long I would never have bothered - I had my KBK modded one back - I should have just installed it and brought in a pro to calibrate it..

Everyone has been supportive of MP during the period that he had his personal problems to deal with..after things returned to normal, Doch and I still used the honey approach - but all that has gotten us are more bee stings..

I have been talking with Graham for months now and was willing to fly him over and do the setup on the 1292 when MP finished - guess one consolation in these delays is I save $$ in not bringing Graham over as we'll follow his DVD and do it ourselves..

MP has had my set of boards for 6 weeks now after having the fix done - still no sign of them

privately I thanked Graham for his post - it's long overdue - I'm at the point where I don't care anymore - just want my good 1292 installed and calibrated..I've lost all this time watching it in less than what it's capable of..

It's really time for MP to close the book on this whichever way it goes..
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This pot had to blow it's lid off sometime.

The unfortunate part is it's probably given Mike P the out he's been waiting for and this was the tightrope we've all been on.

You give Mike the benefit of the doubt and only a rare few have challenged his statements publicly in case it offends him because it's hard to knock someone who's trying to fix a long standing problem whatever the motivations are for doing so.

But then it drags on and people get frustrated. I'd worked in an electronics repair shop for years as a tech and I thought I'd heard every excuse used on a customer for delaying a long, drawn out repair or a "problem job" as we called them.

Mike has used every tried and true excuse and rolled out some ones I've not heard before in an attempt to take the heat off himself.

Mike, sometimes it's better to show your hand than to let things continue to fester. I think Dokworm's last post is spot on.

You lost my interest when Epoxy resin was part of the mod/fix as that renders a board unrepairable.

Unfortunately I don't think the 1292's streaking is fixed either because this mod/repair has all the signs of a job that's gone pear shaped. I doubt that was Mike's intention though.
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Originally Posted by VideoGrabber
> You dont read very well. No, I said if no one else has it, it doesnt exist. <

Hmm? So since Moggy is the only one who has his transcoder, that doesn't exist either? That's interesting logic, to say the least.

- Tim
Did you see the post where Moggy linked to the schematics + equations etc for his transcoder? You can build one to Moggy's design if you like to show it exists (I've seen it in action but you don't have to believe me)

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Wow guys! This thread is really getting out of hand.
Can we try to come to some sort of agreement or should I shut it down?

I'll let the next few posts decide.

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I'd love to be able to paypal a deposit, take a number, and when my number comes up Fed-Ex boards with the remainder of $500+ to have a fix with a 7-day turnarround.

If that's not going to happen I'd like a DA extender board. Any one else up for one?
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Originally Posted by Kysersose
Wow guys! This thread is really getting out of hand.
Can we try to come to some sort of agreement or should I shut it down?

I'll let the next few posts decide.

I agree,even though i dont have a 1292 its still annoying for me to see these posts with no end in sight for anyone.I think MP needs to head an agreement/decision...
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Originally Posted by Kysersose
Wow guys! This thread is really getting out of hand.
Can we try to come to some sort of agreement or should I shut it down?

I'll let the next few posts decide.

I dont beleive this thread is out of hand. there have been no personal threats, no name calling and isnt argumentative. There is no need for Moderator intervention.

This thread has been in existance for over a year and basically comprises of 8 pages of "is it finished "

What it needs a resolution of the issue. If this doesnt come to an end now. You closing the thread not only will acheive nothing, but leave everyone hanging for an answer.

This would be a good time to sit back and watch Mr Moderator. Not intervene.

The forum rules are pretty clear about abuse, and defamation. This thread does not slot into any of these criterion. IMHO does not rate closure or even examination by you until it breaches the forum rules.
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Originally Posted by Graham Johnson
The forum rules are pretty clear about abuse, and defamation. This thread does not slot into any of these criterion. IMHO does not rate closure or even examination by you until it breaches the forum rules.
Excuse me? Saying...
Mike, screw you too!
and saying that someone is [polite]full of it[/polite] borders on abuse.

Last warning. Continue on this path and I WILL close this thread.
Clean things up and debate in a civilized manner.

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I can't belive it...
Probably every people on this thread have understood since quite some time that we won't see a fix any soon... and now it may be closed because someone (thanks Graham) did tell the real thing. !

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Originally Posted by Kysersose
Excuse me? Saying... and saying that someone is [polite]full of it[/polite] borders on abuse.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong,

Which planet have you come from? Dont you think your being a bit precious ??

No one in their right mind could take being called "full of it" as a veiled threat or abuse.

You need to get over yourself, and start to treat people here as adults instead of naughty school children.

You have been charged to be the moderator of the CRT forum for good or bad.

That job requires you to examine the situation and look at the relevance of the remark to the topic. Then make a decision based on logic and the tenor of the participants of the forum.

IE: if this was a Jail house forum, you could realsitically be expected to allow a wider interpretation of what is correct and proper than a Childrens book club forum.

Not just robotically apply "your sense of decency" on ALL of us. You have to use some common sense.

I have no doubt you will close the thread after these comments of mine. I fully intend to take this up with Alan Gouger.

You will exceed your authority to close this thread down.
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I just expect people to treat one another with respect. "Screw you too!" is not how we treat members on this forum, sorry if you have been mislead into believing this.

Say what you will, I'm closing this down. I'll speak to Alan and see if he wants this to stay open. If he does, we will re-open it and hopefully everyone will have calmed down by then.

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