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the file I found in this thread was an ac3 file and dvd-lab pro reconized it as dolby 5.1, would remixing it to 'digital' dolby result in a better quality file?

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Hi reaper , many thanks, on the case now for rendering, but i coudlnt find a blender version of 2.37a i could only find the latest version of 2.41 , will that be ok?
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Okay word of caution (though I may be alone in my stupidy). I took roar's advice and messed with blender. pretty easy to make the needed changes (not that it reflects an ounce of the skill and effort displayed by reaper and blazer003) and now the 'Flattend Crank Award': While adjusting settings to save the single image I did not realize that I changed THE render settings to apparently render JPG's so 19 hours and 650 frames later I was left with a directory of 650 individual JPG's... DOH!

Now at Frame 95 of the currently compiling AVI...

hope no one replicates my blender blunder.

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doubtful me's thinks digital be digital... though shows my haste in reading the thread as I found the 2 channel mp3. I did play around with the 5.1 mixer in Sony Vegas and started with the intro cadence out of the FL/FR then the Center mixed with the rear and duplicated the bass drum on the LFE.
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Originally Posted by tartag View Post

Okay word of caution (though I may be alone in my stupidy). I took roar's advice and messed with blender...

Now at Frame 95 of the currently compiling AVI...

hope no one replicates my blender blunder.

Oops... sorry about the wasted time I've 'blundered' through a couple of things in blender already too, on my 4th render already, I keep thinking of ways to make it look cooler (Nothing reaper hasn't already done, I'm just figureing out how he did it!)

Originally Posted by tartag View Post

doubtful me's thinks digital be digital...

Cool... I was thinking there may be a difference between 'Dolby 5.1' and 'Digital Dolby 5.1' but I guess the .ac3 file grabbed from another thread must be 'Digital Dolby 5.1' and DVD-Lab Pro is only calling it 'Dolby 5.1'

Come on render... here up and finish so I can make my next version!
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cheers reaper all sorted now bar one thing, can anyone recommend a free avi to mpeg converter? or if possible post or pm a link pls
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Originally Posted by shahedz View Post

cheers reaper all sorted now bar one thing, can anyone recommend a free avi to mpeg converter? or if possible post or pm a link pls

Posted much earlier in this thread... there was a 'step-by-step' using 'trial' software on how to do this... orignally posted by latntekky. I stll can't post links So go to page 4 of this thread, msg 105!

Edit: Now I can...

Post #105 by latntekky
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OK, I just figured out that there is a Mac OS X version of blender. I don't know how I missed that in the thread, but I did. (Insert Homer Simpson "DOH" here.) Anyway, I downloaded the 2.37a version for Mac OS X 10.3, opened up the blend file that reaper sent me (THANK YOU reaper!) and clicked the big ANIM button and watched it start building the first frame. Woops... too square. It didn't look like it was widescreen. That's when I figured out that 720x480 is a 1.5 aspect, not a 1.78 (16.9) aspect.

A little digging in the thread found message number 356 by psycho:


Sure enough, when I input psycho's suggested x (117) and y (100) figures, the dotted white line squares over the wire frame image changes shape to being closer to what appears to be a 16:9 aspect. However... when I then click on ANIM, the window that opens showing the frame rendering process is exactly the same size (approx. 1.5:1) as the original attempt (with repear's default x, y settings). Perhaps the MPEG encoder settings that psycho refers to are what will eventually stretch the image to the correct aspect??

I plan to run this from a home theater PC (Mac Mini), not from DVD. The Mac Mini is driving my JVC at 1920x1080 (16:9). And, since the Mac version offers a Quicktime output option, I'd like to use that if possible.

So.. my questions are:

What settings do I use to render a 16:9 aspect version right out of blender?

Is it OK to output it as a Quicktime file instead of an AVI RAW file?

Any and all responses are greatly appreciated!

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Here are a couple of images to show the differences I am seeing between reaper's default settings and psycho's "widescreen" settings.

repear's default:

psycho's recommended settings:

As you can see, the dotted white lines on psycho's settings have a much wider aspect. But when I attempt to animate with those settings, the window that opens for the frame rendering is EXACTLY the same size as with repear's settings. Granted, I only let it go for a few frames before stopping it but I don't think the window will magically get wider at some point.

Also, if you look at the image for reaper's settings, the innermost white dash rectangle is, apparently, the area that will be framed. With psycho's settings, the innermost rectangle is cropped too tightly while the second largest rectangle seems to exactly match the image size of the still (1280x720 jpg) that repear provided. Which white dash rectangle gets used? Or, do both (all) of them get used? And, more importantly, why does blender open up a 1.5 aspect window for psycho's settings too?

To experiment a bit, I did try setting the size to 1280x720 and setting the x and y both to 1. That resulted in white dash lines exactly matching the framing that psycho's settings displayed. And, when I click ANIM, the frame window that opens appears to be 16:9. But, at that size, it wasn't exactly hauling butt to build each frame.

If these things only took a couple of hours to render, I'd experiment away with glee. But given the extensive rendering time, I'd sure like to better understand what the final output might look like before I get started.

Again, any and all help is appreciated. I think it will be interesting to see just how fast I can get it done on my PowerMac. I've got a dual processor G5 running at 2.7GHz. I sure hope blender takes advantage of both processors.

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Going forward, I would like to ask that requests just go into my PM box. I tend to lose track of them here in the thread. I cleaned out the inbox this weekend but have found these in the thread. I don't think I have done any work on these requests yet. If I missed more, let me know. Right now, this is my to do list. If you are not on here and want me to edit the file for you, please PM me with your request and e-mail address...

Top: Welcome to (Medium)
Middle: Looney Theatre (Large)
Bottom: Enjoy The Show(Small)
Request: Still Image @ 1920x1080, and video @ 16:9
e-mail: clooney01@gmail.com

Welcome to the
Rosebud Theater

Middle - HOLCHIN
Bottom - THEATER

Bottom - THEATER
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Well, I decided to just "go for it" and set up my G5 to render the blend file at 1280x720 (leaving the x, y at 10 and 11). I started it just after noon and, approx. 12 hours later, it is on frame 325. So, it's looking like this is going to take right at about 25 hours or so. Not too bad considering the higher resolution (and true 16:9 aspect).

So far, it's looking good. I just hope that it works as it is supposed to, particuarly since I also chose to output it as a QuickTime file. I'll report back tomorrow evening.

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Just a note of thanks for all the nice work that you do. It certainly makes the little touches easier with your assistance. My rendering only took about 8 hours, but I had a little help from dual-processors and large memory.

Thanks again,

Ken Orme
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Appologies for not replying sooner. (I will follow this up with a PM) I have had much success using the generic blender file and it has turned out wicked cool. Thanks for supplyling it and you can take me off your to-do list!

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A big thanks to Reaper for my Image and Blender files and for the many (hundreds?) of files he must have done by now. Reaper, I am sending a token of my appreciation to your PayPal account. I would also like to offer to help with some discounts on equipment for your own Home Theater if I can. I'll send you more info via a PM, so I don't break any posting rules.

Thanks again Reaper!
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Mark... glad your 1280x720 render is coming along. That is the only advice I would have provided. I have rendered them at 1280x720, 1x1 and it has worked out pretty well. I hope it does for you as well.
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Thanks guys for your kind words and support. Much appreciated. Just doing what I can to help out around here. It's cool to imagine all the theaters that have this intro running across the country...
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Well, I was able to render the file. It took something like 40 hours on my 2.2ghz machine. I think I need to reinstall windows sometime soon Thanks again Reaper for your generious contribution of time in helping others. This thing looks amazing!

I'm having some trouble getting it to play smothly for some reason. The best I got was to compress it with Indeo in VirtualDub. Its still a little choppy, but the music at least plays clearly. I saw several people mention they used ffdshow codec. I have that installed, but its not a compression option for me in VirtuaDub. Do I have to import it somehow? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks again reaper,
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My PowerMac G5 rendered the blender file in just under 25 hours. I'm VERY happy with that speed considering the fact that I rendered it at 1280x720 (1.78 aspect), not a "tiny" little 720x480 (1.5 aspect).

Since I set the output as a QuickTime file, when it was finished I located the file (a .mov file) and opened it in QuickTime. I was disappointed to watch it hang and stutter as QuickTime attempted to play it. Further investigation revealed that the file was... get this... 1.7 GIGabytes in size! Even VLC couldn't handle it.

Fortunately, it opens in iMovie HD and plays just fine. I will be able to add the sound and then output as a compressed MPEG of reasonable size for use on the HTPC.

As far as the framing of the animation goes, everything looks just fine. A true 16:9 aspect and plenty of clearances at the edges to allow for the overscan of the TV.

reaper, again, THANK YOU for helping us out with this!! Much appreciated!!!

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ARGH! P4 2.4Ghz with 1GB ram... projected to take 54 friggin HOURS!!! This is beyond stupid. Explain to me again why I thought this was a good idea?

Oh yeah... cuz it's friggin cool.

Of course, looking at each frame, I realize things that I want to change, so I'll need to do this at least one more time. I think I may cry.

Since I'm just two days into using Blender. Is there a way to select the camera if you can't see where the hell the camera IS? The camera appears to travel along that curved ray path coming out of the top letters... but I'll be damned if I can find the camera icon itself to select it and use Ctrl-A to preview the animation. Am I just blind, retarded or both?

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Wish I knew how to help ya with the camera issue. I admit it can be a bit tricky to find it but I am so familiar with the interface, I can just swing the view around until it is visible. You might try clicking the number keys on your keypad to get different views of the design. Maybe you'll notice it as you do this.
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Yeah, I've played "happy fingers" punching on the number pad... thus far no luck. I swung the view around until I was dizzy and still couldn't find the damn camera. Clearly I must be blind. No worries. There's still at least another 30 hours I can't use the damn PC while it finishes rendering. You'd think I was using my Little Professor Calculator to do this it's going so slow.

Have a good weekend,
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I was hoping to fulfill the latest request list this weekend but it might be delayed. I just wanted to let you guys know that. Here's the story.

Last night, I got home in a rain storm around 6pm. It was pouring down and about soaked me on my way into the garage... just a few steps. I sat down to eat dinner with my wife and kids. Shortly thereafter it started lightning and thundering. Then, lighting struck with immediate accompaniment from thunder so loud we actually ducked at the table. We could hear some tinkling sound after it occurred. I can only guess it was crackling in the air after it had been ionized?

I got up to look outside from the windows and didn't notice anything. Then I checked the theater and noticed my equipment was not powered on. I resolved to finish my dinner before continuing the inspection.

A few more bites and a neighbor was knocking on the door. He says, "I think the tree between our houses was struck by lightning and is burning underground. The ground is actually boiling. Come have a look."

I head outside and am immediately overwhelmed by the smell. My wife follows and quikly reports that she smells gas. My neighbor is still trying to get me to go near the tree but we both informed him that there was a serious gas leak over there and we were not getting close. We started backing away with the kids and asked him to call 911.

I told the neighbors what had happened and asked them not to light up any cigarettes. Twenty minutes later, the whole street was outside and 4 fire trucks, two police cars, and an ambulance were present.

We were evacuated for 3 hours. I had no car, no money, no diapers for the kids, nothing. I had no way to get to a hotel. We waited and waited uncertain when we could get back in. Finally, around 9:30pm we got back into the house. The firemen got sick of waiting for the gas company and crimped the pipe to stop the leak. The gas company finally showed around 10pm and worked to replace the broken pipe until midnight.

So far, I have identified a broken phone, broken router and a broken modem. I am still unable to power up my equipment rack in the theater. I think the GFCI outlet has been destroyed and needs to be replaced.

So, as you can see, I have some things to deal with and hope to get back onto this next week. Maybe I will find some time this weekend but I am not making any promises. Just wanted to let you know my story and explain the delay.

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