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How large is your Blender file? I have loaded Blender and played around with it but had no specific use for it. The learning curve is VERY steep so I haven't done much more than run through a tutorial. If the Blender file is small enough, I would love to play around with it. I can turn on a FTP server if needed. Please PM me if you would have no objection to sharing the Blender file(s).
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maddogmc et all,

The original file is hosted here. Enjoy...


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Got a request for another customized version... here is what I came up with...


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You know what... that welcome doesn't look quite right... let me scale that down and re-post...


update: This one looks better...

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Tweaked Alans Welcome words a bit too...


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Anyone else need help or is everyone blending their own right now? I'll be awake for about another 1/2 hr...

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That will give me something to do!
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Thanks, reaper. That looks great!

*wanders off to learn something about Blender...*
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Here's a first pass attempt at the video... let me know what you guys think. I know it has issues like the text in the middle and the squished size. I can fix those. Enuff for now... sleepy time...


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Hi Reaper,

Your video is very nice. I've downloaded Blender and the fox.blend file. But it seems not that easy to change it. How to create an AVI seems clear to me (thanks to the docs on blender.org)

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You are correct... it is not "that easy" to change the file. I wish I could say otherwise. But you guys will have to change the text, probably re-center it, probably re-scale it to fit. You may have to shift it up or down. It's not super easy.... but not impossible.

If you select the text on the middle or lower levels and then hit tab; you can re-type the text. You can hit g to move it around or s to scale it after you re-type it. While the text is being moved or scaled, you can hit x, y, or z to lock the scaling or movement to an axis.

You can probably just delete the text on top, copy the text in the middle and move it vertically. To copy text, select the middle text with a right click, hit shift-d and then hit z to confine it's movements vertically.

Then, just edit, scale and move the text into the proper position...

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btw, making the video is relatively simple after that, but including audio cannot be done in blender. You have to merge audio with the avi afterwards.

Try selecting the camera in the 3d window and hitting Alt-a. You should see the animation run in the 3d window as a preview. To create an animation, you will need to click the ANIMATE button under the render section. You may set all the options to your choosing there. It may take a long time... 3->24 hours or more depending on your machine and the resolution/options you set up.

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What reolution should I render the movie? I need to re-do it and need to know. What is DVD resolution? 720x480 right?

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That video is very, very cool....
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I can't open the animation in either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. I get an error stating that RealPlayer is unable to play this content. Media Player, on the other hand, simply doesn't show a picture and tries to play it as a sound file (very quiet, as you can imagine...).

Any suggestions?

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It might require a plugin. I was worried someone was gonna say that. I think I encoded it as AVI with the ffdshow compression. I am not much of an expert on all this stuff and was hoping to chose a compression standard that would just work for everyone. Apparently, I didn't do a good job. Suggestions would be appreciated...

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Knowing that you used ffdshow compression, I'll do a little research and see if I can figure it out. I'll post what I find.

(Of course, if somebody already knows, feel free to save me the trouble... )
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Well... that was easy.

You can download the FFDSHOW package here. (317 kb)

I just ran the executable to install the codec(s) on my computer, and then the AVI worked just fine using both Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

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And... well what do you think?
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I'll have to read up on how to select things, but it looks pretty cool. Exactly what I needed to add as a bootup screen to my PJ!
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I think it's terrible. If I hadn't seen that, I wouldn't feel obligated to learn how to use Blender so I could do stuff like that.

(It looks great!)
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Nice Job Reaper!
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U guys can ignore the question about DVD resolution. I remembered there is a "NTSC" button in blender that sets it up for you

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WOW. i gotta learn blender. that intro looks SLICK!
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Ok - so I figured out how to change the text, but now how do I save my rendered image. No need for the whole anim, just a simple jpg.
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ya.. on the top menu click on "render" then 'render current frame"
a black window will open and eventually will fill with

reaper. how do i transform the word "welcome" to fill in the bottom area?
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Try setting the frame to 650... there should be a box in the buttons area with some numbers in it... maybe 350 or so. Change that to 650. Doing this places the camera at the position required to render the one image that I produced for Alan. Ensure that the image format is jpeg. Click around on the buttons until you see that thing. I'd tell you exactly how, but my PC is currently rendering a better avi file for Alan. Set the resolution to 1280x720. Hit F12 or the big button called RENDER. After it completes, put your cursor on the rendered image and hit F3 to save it.


1. Set the frame to 650
2. Set the resoltion to 1280x720 or whatever you want
3. Hit F12 to render it
4. Point in the rendered image and hit F3 to save it...


Aren't you supposed to be working? Muahahhahaa
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I answered that ? in the first post at the top of this page. You will need to scale it. Go up and read that post...

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Ooooo.. missed that one.. thx
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Yes.... after about 20 hrs of render time, I now have a completely uncompressed animation for Alan at NTSC resolution. It is a huge file. So, I will simply upload the compressed version for you guys to see... I hope to send him a DVD of the animation if he'd like it.

So, Alan, what do you think?


Thanks for hosting such a great board here. We love it. I am glad you like the still image and if you want this video on DVD, it's yours!

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