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Does anyone know if this set supports XDS level 2? What I mean does it use XDS to display the program title, running time, and channel like the Sony and Zenith sets do? Also has anyone had any experience with the internal Clear QAM tuner? Does it work?
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Does anybody own a DVD player that produces 1080i? Is that different from merely using the LG Zoom1 aspect ratio mode?
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The LG TV has an HDMI input. The type of DVD player you want is an "Up-Converting" DVD player. I hear a real good one for the price is the Oppo Video DVD Player which I got for around 2 hundred plus tax and shipping... It scored tops on Home Theatre Secrets test ratings.



I like the Oppo player because of all the options and screen modes.

I don't think the zoom mode on the tv changes the resolution......

Happy Watching

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I just bought mines a month ago and I just returned it because of a weird high pitch noise after the TV has warmed up. But overall the TV is great so I'm giving it another chance.I had to order another one from Best Buy and it won't be in till end of July. They claimed that they only order a few for each store, but the large order will be coming later on.
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Just so you LG owners don't think you're crazy:

Same old LG/Zenith bugaboos. The white line on 1080i external sources, the flickering, the buzzing, the chirping...unbelievable. I'm not sure why anyone is buying this brand at this point, at least for tube TV's.

These two threads will tell you a lot:



Note: NONE of the issues I've described here in this thread, or any of the issues described in those threads, have ever been figured out or SOLVED.
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Thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth since I have had one of these for 3 weeks now. I saw a question about ocassionally seeing pixels on fast movement. I think it comes from the source. I have noticed when the station is broadcasting a true hd show that it isn't a problem, but when they are just upconverting a standard signal it doesn't always look good. Probably has something to do with the stations equipment.

Another question I have seen asked is how does the channel scan process work? When set to scan it will check normal OTA, then digital OTA, and lastly all cable signals. That is as much as I can tell you as I only have OTA here.

Last question to answer, does it have XDS level 2? While I am not sure what that exactly means, but it will display the program title, running time, and channel (the analog channel, not the digital one). I kind of like the channel setup, it directly correlates to the analog station you are used to.

I haven't had any problems with the TV including the buzzing noises some people complain of. As for the blacks seeming to be washed out, that is just the standard color settings the tv is intially programmed with. You can get rid of most of it.

Last thing, when you have a true hd source (which isn't real often yet), the picture is amazing. I can understand why people go for a bigger screen as I don't believe the 30 inch size does it justice. Have fun people, ask questions if you wish, I may be able to help.
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XDS Level 2: Auto Channel Labels, Auto Program Titles, Elapsed Time, Program Length, Auto Clock Set, CC, Program Rating for V-chip. (Analog only)
Digital Broadcasts use different form of data packets for the above information but it also uses the newer EIA-708 standard for CC.

All Sony sets have this feature as well as all newer Zenith sets. It is not a feature that I must have but it is nice. Some sets implement some of the xds features but not all like the Samsung sets which does not support titles, program length and elapsed time which I think is XDS Level 1.What I really want to be sure of is that the ClearQAM Tuner works and people can indeed recieve unencryped digital cable channels.
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>What I really want to be sure of is that the ClearQAM Tuner works and people can indeed recieve unencryped digital cable channels.<

Hopefully someone who has tried it will write in. I think it can however. I double checked the channel setup in the menu and it has 4 tabs, OTA normal, OTA digital, Cable normal, Cable digital. I would think the cable digital covers your question. Sorry about not actually being abel to check it out.
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Alright, I'm a n00b, but I DO have a question regarding this television's ability to handle certain signals. I was told by the man at BB that the LG was able to handle 720p signals? Does it upconvert to a 1080i native or can it actually display them as 720p? This wouldnt be a real issue for me except for the fact that I desperately want an XBOX360 when they come out, and the need to have 720p will be immense. Any help is appreciated.

Just so you know, its pretty much between this and the samsung slimfit (but I'm a little scared of all the "geometry" issues with that bad boy... I dont think they can be fixed.. so yeah.

Help! Thanks.
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This television set up converts to its native 1080i but it can accept input signals of 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i. The Xbox360 will work with this set but the signal will get unconverted to 1080i. I also would stay away from the slim fit as it seems to have serious geometry issues due to the short tube.

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Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but don't ALL types of displays do this? You have, in this case, a fixed pattern of phosphors to illuminate. This would be simular to pixels on lcd screens and such. I would think any signal on any display has to be converted to match the "pixels" on the display. I don't see how you could display a 720 line signal on any display "natively" unless the display had 720 line to be illuminated. I have read about these arguments on other forums and I honestly believe that people aren't taking that into account. The better question is how well does the tv convert the signal into the proper signal for the display medium? This one does well, ABC broadcasts 720p and an HDTV signal looks extremely good to my eyes.

Any opinions?
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It just depends on how the CRT is designed testproggie. However an ability to actually scan at different rates on the screen is one thing that distinguishes CRTs from so-called "Fixed Pixel Displays" which only have a single native resolution. IOW, CRTs do have the capacity to change the number of "scanlines" they display on the screen. FPDs don't, because they don't really use scanlines at all. They use pixels.

Most CRT computer monitors are what's known as "multiscan" or "multisync". If you've ever owned a CRT computer monitor, this is probably something you're familiar with. If you change the resolution in the display properties, the CRT computer monitor will actually adjust to a different scanrate and display a different number of lines on the screen. IOW they can display at multiple scanning rates.

All tubes have this capacity, but the other electronics that drive the tube place certain limitations on how many different rates it will support. In general, the larger (and flatter) the tube is, the more costly it is to implement a variety scanrates. It's also generally cheaper to produce large tubes that scan at lower rates than higher rates.

Your old analog TV for example only has the electronics for a single scanrate, namely 15.75khz, which gives you 480i. Which makes it very cost effective to produce.

Most current HDTV tubes can actually scan at two rates on the screen: 31.5khz (which gives you 480p and sometimes also 960i) and 33.75khz (1080i, and also 540p on some TVs). To enable the direct display of 720p on the screen, the tube must have the electronics to support a higher scanrate: 45khz. Upgrading the electronics to support a third and higher scanrate is expensive though. So it's usually cheaper for the manufacturer just to add a chip to digitally convert 45khz-720p to either 33.75khz-1080i or 31.5khz-480p for display.

(In Fixed Pixel Displays btw, all signals are digitally converted to the resolution of the screen, which is typically around 1280x768 pixels these days.)

Even though most tubes can support multiple scanrates, they will usually be designed in such a way that there's one optimum scanrate that looks best. The optimum scanrate depends on a variety of factors including the dot-pitch of the screen, beam spot size, decay rate of the phosphors, etc. In the case of HDTVs they may sort of split the difference so both 31.5khz-480p and 33.75khz-1080i look fairly decent. Or they may favor one or the other (hopefully the 1080i).
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Anyone know when the slim version of this set is due out?
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Hello all! I am a recent purchaser of one of these sets. I love it so far - pq is amazing on a 1080i program as well as the 720. I have an issue hooking up my VA output. I am a amateur on this AV stuff. I know enough to get into trouble. I followed the instructions in the manual but it seems the audio signal is being hindered by the TV. I know on my old analog set that there was a feature to turn the VA on. I tried to turn the TV speaker off but it didn't solve the problem. I e-mailed LG for help & they told me to turn off the TV speaker - which I already tried. Before I call customer service, I thought I might try here. Also, I am running a Sony Pro Logic receiver, do I have to have a 5.1 or DTS in order to use the variable audio?

Any suggestions?
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What does "VA" stand for? Is it variable audio output? I am not familiar with that abbreviation.
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Can anyone tell me how many custom color setting you can store in this TV. My old 4:3 sony 32" had 4 different color modes Sports, Movie, Vivid, Game and each one I was able to change its color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. :D

Is this LG the same or does it have only one? :confused:

Im looking for more due to the many different sources I will be using. ;)
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Sorry for the abbreviation - I used VA as an abbreviation for Variable Audio.

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I had to join just to post!

Anyhow, I have this TV and I must say it's excellent. One thing I noticed is that I seem to be receiving some channels that I probably shouldn't be. I only have basic cable and don't have a cable box or anything but it seems that the TV is getting some sort of pay-per-view channels. So far this TV has been well worth the price of admission. I really pleased so far. XBOX games look sick especially 1080i games like Enter the Matrix.
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I found the same thing. I get either HBO or PPV channels, but those channels are very unstable. Sometimes the sound will go out and even the program will change as your are watching it. but when I change to another channel and back the sound will come back on.
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My only complaint about this TV, it might just be the way my store set it up, is the way the channels run. It puts all the analog channels together, then as you scroll past all the analog ones, then you get the digital ones. I prefer to get more like ch 2 analog, then 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, then ch4 analog etc etc...
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Originally Posted by sgnakster
My only complaint about this TV, it might just be the way my store set it up, is the way the channels run. It puts all the analog channels together, then as you scroll past all the analog ones, then you get the digital ones. I prefer to get more like ch 2 analog, then 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, then ch4 analog etc etc...
you can directly punch in a digital channel to get the digital channel part of the tuning (channel -dash- channel and then enter to direct tune to a digital channel) or channel - dash- zero and enter to tune an analog channel quickly or just to get in the range of analog channels that you can ch up/down through.

i suppose if you really want to mix analog and digital, you could add to your favorite channel list the analog and digital channels for quicker access to tuning channels.

i'm a believer you should watch digital versions of analog channels (but maybe that's because my analog channels are ghosty from multipath, so digital channels are clear and crisp and awesome here!)
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hi all, I just received this tv from bb a couple of days ago(i bought it a full month ago) and while i like it's sleek appearance, I'm having a problem with the PQ on dvd's and some digital channels on my digital cable. I might have it set up wrong or something, but dvd's and those digital channels look grainy. I don't know what it is. Besides that, I'm pretty sure the tv needs some type of calibration or service menu adjustment. Now, I'm new to this tv calibration and service menu thing(never did either before on any tv). How does a calibration dvd work and do they sell them at bb? Also can you all list some changes you made in the service menu so I can have some references for my changes?. Lastly, what is that calibration connection for on back of the tv? Sorry for all the questions, but I really like the tv and I know it can look better than this because I got the guy at bb to show me the pq with different sources other than hd and they all looked better than this. Thanks.
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HI guys, I just bought the 30FZ4D yesterday and i plugged in my playstation two's s-video cord to the back of my tv and the picture looks the same as the regular yellow a/v video cord. Is there a special s-video channel or something?? plz get back to me on this. thanks
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you won't see much difference unless you have two compared side by side. When I was using S-Video for PS2, I notice the picture were brighter and the color is a little sharper, but other that that It's not a real big difference unless you go to component video with progressive scan turn on and even though only certain games will help improve the quality.
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I've had my LG 30FZ4D for about 2 months and am very happy with it, execpt for the fact that the picture is too dark. I have adjusted the contrast and brightness several times, but it doesn't seem to help all that much.

Others have complained about this problem and been told to check the service menu. I don't want to mess with it too much since I'm not exactly sure what all the codes mean, so I was wondering, what have some of you out there done to your TV's service menu to help with this and other problems?

Also, is there a place where you can obtain a copy of the service manual to decrypt the service menu?
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Hey guys, I was wondering if the LG 30FZ4D has progressive scanning?
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I've had this set for almost two months now I guess.
I'm quite pleased with it so far. It's my first HDTV.

I can say that the factory video settings are way extreme. I used the Avia DVD to calibrate it somewhat, and it truly does make a difference. I was actually quite dissatisfied with the SD channel quality with the factory settings, quite grainy, etc, but after calibration they are OK. But I always check the HD channels first to see what's on. :)

Anyway, for what it's worth, these are my video settings:
Contrast 27
Brightness 57
Color 50
Sharpness 20

I would like to find more info on the service menu, but haven't been able to yet. I have a slight geometry issue with the picture bowing up just slightly starting from about halfway across the picture. The Tilt adjustment on the main menu did help some, but it could use more. Anyone have more service menu info????

Also, to answer a question someone had about how many video settings presets you can store: Each video source remembers it's own custom settings. As far as I can tell, there isn't any way to switch between custom settings for a single video source. There are, however, 6 or 7 factory video presets that you can apply at any time, things like Sports, Movie, Game, etc.
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What temp do you have it set at? Hot , warm, or cold
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I mean hot, medium, or cold.
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