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I bought an RCA DRS7000N in January, it worked fine until last week, then kept getting ' an error occurred' messages and it stopped working. Before I was aware of this Forum, I pulled out the Seagate hard drive, hooked it up to my Windows computer, which would not recognize the file system, and used Seagate Disk Tools to diagnose the problem........ it reported the drive as being 'defective'........ so, under DOS, I reformatted and got rid of bad clusters, now the drive seems OK
Then I found all the posts on this forum regarding this machine, thinking I could re-initialize and format the drive, as suggested, but it just won't work ! The display reads "Disc Problem"....... also, you cannot drop in a typical IDE hard drive, as the four pin power connectors are reversed compared to normal computer configurations
Then I read somewhere else that it is probably some kind of Linux software that runs the DRS Seagate drive, does anyone know how to format a hard drive with Linux using a Windows machine ? All this is driving me crazy........ short of buying another DRS 7000N, I would really like to fix it.........and know how to copy the original software onto a new drive for when the Seagate actually dies.......
I tried everything imaginable, writing 'zeroes' to the drive, partioning it, formatting it using Fat 16, Fat 32, NTFS, nothing works..... the two-button "INIT" command won't work and won't format the drive........... someone please help !