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Motorola 6412 Resetting  

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I recently changed from DISH to Comcast because because they offered more HDTV programming in this area. In six weeks, I've had the Motorola DCT6412 replaced three times (most recently yesterday morning).

With each DVR, after some time interval, the unit eventually 'resets' itself while trying to select a program to record from the on-screen guide. At some point while scrolling through the guide when I push the 'Select' button, the DVR display goes blank, there is a loud click, then has a '-' (hyphen) and the channel number finally reappears. Each time, however, it dumps the entire guide and has to start re-downloading again (which has been taking in excess of 24 hours). The last time, all the recorded material (HD movies) was deleted as well as the listings for all scheduled recordings.

The Comcast service people said they'd never seen anything like it and I can find no mention of such a problem in any of the forums here. They've tested the line and connections :( several times and find no faults there. I'm using the original remote that came with the first box. Is it possible the remote control could be sending some rogue command that tells the DVR to reset? I had a DVR with DISH for a couple years and never experienced anything even remotely similar.
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That is strange. My Comcast 6412 has mostly performed without much fuss for the six months I have had it. As for your situation, the fact that replacement units do the same thing makes me suspect something in the local environment is the problem - either EMI/RF from nearby equipment or broadcast transmitters, or maybe even fluorescent lights that interfere with remote commands. Also, if you have the unit in a cabinet behind glass it may be overheating if you are not giving it plenty of ventilation. I also recommend you use a good surge protector, or even a large UPS, as nearby surges in power could be a cause of your troubles.
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Bizarre - I would check the overheating angle as that seems to be what has killed more 6412s than anything else.

Also, do you have any firewire devices hooked up to it? I have experienced numerous multiple problems (crashes and freezes among them, although no rebooting sequences) with my 6412 and my JVC 40K as the firewire software on both leaves a bit to be desired.

Just a thought.
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the same thing is happening to my box!!!
I got the box on june 17the and after the initial load and everything I went and tried out its features..
pressing GUIDE or HELP or Menu or sometimes even just the OK/SELECTkey on the Remote will RESET the box...
it also happens when the keys on the box themselves are used.
I contacted Comcast Hepdesk: whatever they could do, sending reset, updates, etc. did not help.
Then I went into the USER MENU (switch off and then press MENU on the box within 2 sec.) and reset the values to DEFAULT.
It help for a while.. but then suddenly it started again...
1:The Box appears to be used (wich is rather likely anyways)
2:the Power Supply makes are high pitch noise - like some Macintosh Computer power supplies for example..
3: the Power Supply area of the box becomes really hot after a while, eventhough there is no blocking of ventilation what so ever
Firmware is 9.15
It will be replaced on tuesday (22nd of June by ComCast) and hopefully that will fix it...
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