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>>> Forum Rules : MSRP Pricing only/ no retail links: MUST READ before you post! <<<

-posting / discussing MSRP pricing is OK : posting where you can find discounts or discounted pricing is not

Please no mention by members/dealers/manufactures of starting a power buy or group sales. The entire thread or post will be permently removed.
Proper proceedure if anyone has an interest in offering a PB to forum members please drop me an email or PM.

-posting ranges of prices generally is OK, but not if it becomes a thread of where to find best price/ who discounts most, etc

-subject lines (title of post/thread) Please avoid any pricing or retail name or link here in particular : these are high visibility areas

-No direct references No links to retailers, etailers, No discount prices or coupon talk please

-if we see a thread becoming a problem, we may post a friendly reminder in the thread - we can also edit, move or delete threads or posts - please do not take offense or question or challenge Forum rules

-we can't define every situation -just keep it reasonable and use common sense