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Well, after lugging 18 or so pieces of drywall down to the basement this morning at 8:00 AM (to avoid the heat), I ran to HD to get some 14/2 wire to run on extra outlet. About 11:30 I started drywalling. Got a decent amount done. My dad stopped by again and helped for about two hours. I think I'll be able to finished up the walls in the gameroom and at the bottom of the stairs tomorrow. I finished up the ceiling in the bathroom and have about 1/2 the walls done in there. I need to get cement board or Hardy stuff for the surround (for tile, not speakers!)for the shower, then I can complete that. I think I fried my transformer on the furnace though. After I put up some board and made a hole to push the thermostat wire through, I think I fried the chip. I'll play around with it tomorrow. I forgot to shut the furnace off before I did it. Oh well. Chirpie, you should feel better. I didn't really get to clean up this time! Here are a few pictures from today:

I watched The Aviator tonight (the last hour of it). Boy, Howard Hughes is a wacko!

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A couple questions, Bud...

Where are you going to mount the projector? In front of the middle soffit, or in the back?

Are you running conduit in the soffits, or are you going to run strings to pull more cables later, if necessary?

Good job so far!
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Depends on the projector. If I end up going Panny AE700 (leaning this way), then I'll mount in the back in a hushbox. If I end of going with something else, like the IFSP7205 or IFSP5700, I may move it more forward. I still need to make that decision. I hope we're talking about the right soffit though. The pictures in the previous post are the gameroom, not the HT room. Your reference to "middle" throws me off. I'm doing the whole basement at once. The hold up for me is the indecision in the projector. I expect I'll have the walls in the gameroom/bar tomorrow. I'll do the walls in the HT room next (and concession area), then do the ceilings and soffits after that.

I have 2 1/2 conduit installed already. I'm running all the cables outside of the conduit. The conduit its for future cables/expansion only. I figure its better to run what I can now (maybe spend a few extra bucks) and if I need to run something new, I have the room for it. You might not have seen the conduit if you're looking for it in the gameroom.

This is an old diagram, but it serves its purpose. The red arrows are the walls I worked on today and what shows in the pictures in the previous post. The rest of the walls in the gameroom, bar and bottom of the steps should be done tomorrow. I'll run my HDMI and a few speaker wires for the bar as well. Next week, I'll do the walls in the HT room.

Sorry for the confusion. I'll post a closeup tomorrow of the soffit where the projector will be installed.

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Ahh, makes much more sense now. I was assuming that was your gaming room. I should've figured you wouldn't have that many windows in the dedicated HT.

As long as we're on the topic of projectors, might I highly recommend the BenQ PE7700 (newer, typically cheaper, and quieter, than the IFSP7205). I absolutely love mine, and as long as you aren't bothered by RBE, 720p DLP is the way to go. Relative to the amount of $$$ you're probably spending with your remodel, the upgrade to that grade of projector is probably worth it. The other factor is whether you're willing to have the projector hanging down a bit, since it's a zero-offset (so the lens is same height as the top of the screen).

I also agree with your plan to run conduit with nothing in it, in addition to the cables you'll need right away. It only makes sense.
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Thanks! I'll take a look.

Here's what I finished today. I was hoping to get farther, but got a late start today. I don't want to bore people with gameroom photos, so I won't post any more until it's near completion. I will post the HT pictures as I start drywalling. The first is the gameroom, the second is the bar area.

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You really coming along. The drywall lift looks fearsome.
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Originally Posted by chinadog View Post

I will post the HT pictures as I start drywalling. The first is the gameroom, the second is the bar area.

Where are your priorities, Bud?! :P

Another thing I'm curious about... why make a soffit around the header beam in the game room? Is it to run electrical without drilling through the joists? Seems like a bit more work..
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Good observation. Actually, many of the soffits have heating ducts. These pictures don't show them. The other thing I wanted to do was keep things symmetrical. They put in these laminate beams (instead of poles). Some of the duct work runs along these beams. If I were to put in put a soffit on one side to hide the duct, when finished, would give the impression that the beam was off centered. I tried to figure out how to resolve this and the only way to do this was to do the other side of the beam. Also, there are is a waste pipe on one end of the room that had to get covered as well. After creating soffits where required, I ended up with several soffits running in parallel to one another, and a few perpendicular. It just didn't look right to me, so I ended up putting in the extras to make it symmetrical. I was also trying to minimize the size of these things, so I was considering double treying the ceilings or potentially doing a coffered ceiling. Now I'm thinking I'll be running crown everywhere, so that should minimize the "substantial" look and soften it up. The ceiling is 9 feet, the soffits are 91" underneath.

The damn laminate beams are 17". Also, I ended up having to cut 5" off length wise on second pieces of the drywall to get the right height. I had some flexibility in the HT room though and made the soffits just shy of 12 inches so I could put two sheets of drywall up without having to worry about cutting them length wise.

Oh, and having to run wires with a million soffits, sure does help.

EDIT: Tim, as far as priorities are concerned... if I made a decision on the projector, it would definately be the other way around. For those big decisions, I like to let things lie until my impatience takes over. I tried to give things time to make an informed decision, get lucky, or a light bulb goes off, sometimes the technology changes things....like the new Mirage screen (do I want to cover my windows now in the HT room)? Or a rumor... Panasonic AE800? For the most part, I plan, plan, plan, then implement. I'm a certified project manager. On this project, for those things I can't plan, I just put them on the back burner until they come to a boil and deal with it then. In the meantime, I keep my mind off of it by getting covered in fine, white dust.

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Originally Posted by dc_pilgrim View Post

You really coming along. The drywall lift looks fearsome.


Thanks. Worth every penny! Looking forward to doing the ceilings now, if thats possible.

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Your whole setup looks fantastic! I just read through this entire thread, riveted. (Is that sad??)

I'm coming up fast on starting my HT/Home Office / Bar/ Gym basement. Closed last May on a 1 flr ranch, with a nice, clean, dry concrete basement. Just have to finish some trim work upstairs, replace a couple of outlets and wrap up some miscellaneous stuff, and I can get started.

First I have to shopvac the whole basement. Then I plan on acid-washing the concrete, then sealing it (the basement has never seen water from what I can tell, but I'm not taking any chances). Then laying plastic, then putting in a subfloor of pressure treated 2x4's (laying wide-side down). Then 3/4" plywood on top of that.

At the risk of getting bashed, my home office will have priority over my HT room. But I'm a computer geek, plus both my fiance and I work a lot on our pc's (I do side work, like websites and pc repair) and we're currently cooped in a tiny spare bedroom upstairs which is just too small).

I'm leaning towards the exact same Panny pj, but I'm probably a bit further away from making the purchase than you are. I was very happy to see the specs you posted a while back on the viewing distance for the AE700, that was extremely helpful (and I realized my screen was going to be 2 feet wider than I was planning, WOOHOO!)

Awesome work, I plan on copying (more or less) your cove with the cable lighting, it looks slick! Let us know how the AE700 (or 800) works out for you if/when you get it!
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Thanks for the response and welcome to the forum. I understand the home office thing since I work out of the house (both the wife and I). At least on those cold winter nights in NH, you'll be able to have somewhere to escape to. I grew up in CT and I don't miss those winters. Good luck with your theater.

Help yourself to the cove/trey design. I think it'll come out great. Looking forward to the final result myself!

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Hope it's not a faux paux to post a link to my own thread, but I finally stopped being lazy and started one w/ a pic of my layout/design, and I'm eager to see what people think (i.e. make sure nobody sees a major design flaw I have to accomodate before I start framing in two weeks)


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Well Bud, I'm finally getting around to reading your thread in detail. Looks good so far! It seems like there's quite a few of doing the entire basement thing. I work from home too, but luckliy my office is already done

I like the look of your tray! I wish I had enough height to do it like that. I'll have soffits down the side and I plan on putting in rope lights in the lip that will overhang. How high are your ceilings again?

Also, assuming I can ever get going again on my basement, keep me in mind for that drywall lift. My guess is I'll be needing something in a few months and you might be done with it by then. In fact, why don't we just make it the AVS lift that goes from house to house?
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Thanks. Ceiling in the HT room is nine feet in the center and 8 feet under the soffits. I'll probably go with an eight inch riser, so it'll be more like 7'"4" in that area.

You're the first to inquire about the lift. We can touch base later. I expect in about a month I'll be done with it. I thought about the community lift idea, I think there several people that would want it at the same time. As long as I recoup some money for it, I'm cool with that though!

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Here's the latest. Ran two HDMI cables and SVGA cables, one of each to the projector, the other to the bar (plasma/LCD expansion later) back to the equipment closet. I also ran an IR expansion wire to the projector area, in case I need it as well. The only wires left is a pair of speaker wires to the bar area and another pair for the shakers (I have one pair already, figured I'd add one more just in case, will do that today. THAT'S IT, no more wires! The SVGA tcables were another "just in case" and were reasonable, so what the heck. The next step is to connect the Buffalo IR receiver in the bar area and connect everything in the equipment closet to make sure it works. Should be done this week. Here are my plans for IR.

I plan on connecting my step lights in the HT room for the riser and drywall the HT walls this weekend. I drywalled the ceiling at the bottom of the basement stairs and a few of the walls outside the HT room as well. I'll finish that up shortly and puts me back on schedule.

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Originally Posted by chinadog View Post

I'll finish that up shortly and puts me back on schedule.

Great plans. I have a general question for you... You mentioned "back on schedule", and I'm curious how detailed your schedule is, (or in your terms, "project plan" )... Something tells me you have an MS Project file named, "Basement Remodel.mpp" on your computer...
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Ha. Actually, I have thought through it. I've started a high level plan, but decided against it for two reasons, primarily time and money. If I had calculated out a firm budget and timeframe, I would have definitely. Since I don't have these constraints (at least time, money is a factor obviously, but I adjust that as it makes sense), I'm sort of open ended.

I do have milestones in my head that I'm targeting and working towards, but if something comes up financially or requires my attention (wife's birthday and daughters birthday coming up, for example) or I need to figure something out technically, I just adjust according. I did however, plan and work through my dependencies (plumbing rough-in for the bathroom and bar, getting my father-in-law here to help with the electrical), so I could keep moving forward. I always have the next two or three tasks in my head I need to do next.

I have thought about going back and working a MSP plan after the fact to log all the planning steps, dependencies, predecessors, successors tasks, milestones, etc for a future theater if I ever decided to move and redo this endeavor or if someone wanted a skeleton plan to work from. I may, however, be busy watching movies. and sitting at the bar . But I'll think atbout it at least!

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Makes sense -- I did that basically with my house remodel, since we ended up ripping up the downstairs bathroom, and the entire upstairs floor (except bathroom), then swapping, etc.. (For me, a dependency was to always have a bathroom; somehow my wife wasn't willing to negotiate on that one...heh)

Instead of doing an MSP plan after the fact, you could do it as you go, so it's completely accurate, and helps you lay out your thoughts for the next few tasks, and you don't forget that one idea you had about why you needed to do one thing first... (because it's a comment in the plan, etc...) Just a thought -- you're making me itch for an unfinished basement again...
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My God, I thought I was a geek! J/k!

Tim, my basement is unfinished, I'll fly you out here and put you up for a few weeks if you want!

I barely have any time to work on this, much less get that crazy w/ planning. I do take advantage of every spare minute (such as lunch breaks at work) to layout what planning I do have. And whenever I'm having a hard time falling asleep, I just starting milling through what needs to be done and/or how I could do X in my basement, and I'm usually out within minutes.
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Ah come on, you take lunch breaks? You have plenty of time!

I'm saving myself for when that time comes, because I'm sure I'll reach burnout at some point in the project.
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Hehe, yeah, they let me eat here occasionally.

Hey, I've been searching google (HD's site didn't turn anything up) for a steel i-beam supplier. Yahoo yellowpages didn't get me far either. Where would you go to look? Is there a thread on that somewhere on AVS already? (probably is, I just haven't looked very deep yet).
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You have to go to a steel supplier near you.. google for that. None of the main home improvement stores will have anything like that. I don't know if there's a thread for it.. (but speaking of that, we should un-hijack Bud's thread... )
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You're right Tim, sorry Bud!

Couple questions Bud, in your equipment room, are you relying solely on a fan to keep things cool?

Also, do you know for a fact that the Panasonic AE700 will require a hushbox, or is it just a precaution?
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On the AE700 noise, probably not, more for aesthetics and a clean look. I'm sure others can chime in here. The fan in the equip closet is the main source to remove heat, but I don't plan on putting a glass door on the front, plenty of ventilation through rack panel vents and a louvered door. The fan is pretty quiet, I won't need to really seal it up to contain noise. I need to re-read this document (from post 11), thanks for the reminder:

Middle Atlantic thermal management info

Also, if a do a hush box, I have 4" duct with a in-line fan already run to pull heat from it.

And I take the geek remark as a compliment. Believe me, there are worse names I've been called.


Yes, I should do document everything now as I go. I am with at least the pictures (not posting all I took).

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Chinadog Great stuff, it has help me alot. Where did you get the introduction Blazing Ridge Cinema at, I would like to buy one.

Keep up the good stuff, it is very helpful for us new guys trying to piece together a home theater.
Thanks Frank
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Frank, this is the thread regarding Bud's "Blazing Ridge Cinema" introduction screen:

Reaper's the man...
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Thanks, I plan to keep the ball rolling. On the introduction, what Tim said. Its a very detailed and long thread. Reaper did a great job with that one!

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Chinadog I see yellow and white electric wiring, what size are they. Where did you get your blazing ridge introduction from. Very nice job on everything. I am just having a new house built. Am looking forward to all I have to do. I will do it all myself.
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Frank, check Tim's response for the introduction. It was done by Reaper here on AVS. Here is the thread he started on the subject:


You'll have to read through the first page or two to understand what he requires to do the intro slide and animation. Warning. Its a very long thread.....

The yellow wire is 12/2 and the white wire is 14/2. Don't go based on what you see here in my pictures, it really depends on the circuit you're installing, the breaker, the load, the number of outlets and cans, etc. If you're not up on these things, consult an electrician. My father-in-law knows this stuff. I know my limitations. I'm good for running wire (based on what he tells me), drilling holes for wire and an occasional few outlets/switches here and there. I personally don't like to mess with it and if he wasn't my father-in-law and a good guy, I would have paid to have it done. No question.

And good luck with the new house. Exciting times!

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