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Originally Posted by miltimj

From what I've seen, most projectors do not vent heat out the bottom of the projector, so the plexiglas isn't an issue. What PJ do you have (or will you be getting)? If you already have it, notice where it vents, and if not directly off the bottom, this mount won't be a problem.

Although most projectors do not vent heat out of the bottom, heat does rise. However, the fan should blow much out that out of the vent. I built a similar mount for my X1 a couple years ago. Although you can't see it very well in the picture, I mounted the plexiglas as high above the PJ as I could. This was done by finding the longest bolts that fit into the PJ chassis, I believe that they were about 3 inches in length. I then used metal tubing as spacers to cover the actual bolts. The goal was to keep heat from building up between the PJ and the plexiglas by providing more ventilation volume. I don't know how much it effects the heat build up. One benefit is that it also provided a greater "drop" from my high ceiling so I could position the PJ without using any keystone correction.

The PJ is mounted to the ceiling using a speaker mount, which allows for some adjustments for leveling and positioning. The speaker mount was extended by using threaded rod and covering it with metal tubing. This gave a thinner, sleeker look than larger metal pipe. I've seen some great looking mounts that use larger metal pipe which also allows cables to be hidden. I decided against this since I prefer to keep my video cables away from power cables so they won't pick up any "noise". Aesthetically, some people like to hide their cables, some like to have them visible. I respect both opinions (as I've seen great looking mounts done both ways) but prefer mine out in the open especially if they are "dressed up" with techflex and heatshrink.


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Interesting point, Nephilim. Frankly, I don't think the close proximity to the bottom is going to hold air in, but I think I'm going to test this with some measurements with a thermometer in various configurations.

The reason I used two pieces of Plexiglas was so I didn't have any pressure on the female threads that are a physical part of the projector. If I'm going to put any torque/stress on a piece of equipment, it'll be my $25 mount instead of my 100x more expensive PJ. The reason I didn't put the bottom one that high up was because I liked the look of a pipe more than two big pieces of plexiglas.

Regarding the cables, you're absolutely right -- it works both ways, depending on preference. Unfortunately, I have the worst of both worlds at the moment.. bigger pipe, but not using as a conduit -- once I have a more permanent home for the PJ, I'll run it through the pipe. I'm also somewhat paranoid about power next to signal cables, but I think I'll end up using some kind of flexible metal tubing close around my power cable and running it in the conduit, eventually.

Good looking mount, by the way. The great thing about DIY is you can fit the mount to whatever your priorities are, as we've both demonstrated. :)
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Well, I began working on mine. Since I have a cathedral ceiling I am using a ceiling fan mount, the one that self levels to attach to the ceiling.

I will use the score and snap to cut my plexiglass. I don't plan to try and hide the wires.
I also found the sheet in HD for 13 dollars. They had 8x10 lexan sheets there but pretty thin. I originally was going to double up on them, use two for each layer (I didn't want the hassle of cutting the plexiglass) but had buyer's remorse!

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Several years ago I did something very similar. One difference is that I used a wall speaker mount for the adjustability, much like Nephilimsurfer. It has worked very well over the years.
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Well, I finished it. Not nearly as good looking as yours, Tim, but I'm not as talented as you obviously are!!. Hey, but it works and even mine looks better than most store bought (IMHO). Of course the room's all ripped up with holes for fishing lines through, but hopefully in a few days I can see how easy it is to adjust/aim.

Thanks again for your posts

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Post some pictures of your mount, we'd all like to see how it turned out.
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Okay, I still haven't gotten a thermometer that will fit between my bottom plate and the projector, but I just had the PJ on for about 6 hours and the bottom of the PJ and space between are room temperature... not even warm to the touch. I'm not worried about any supposed trapped warm air between them... (but will get a thermometer when I get around to it).
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It's no different then having your PJ on a table top.
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I have all the parts to make Monkey_Man's DIY Projector Mount. I just wanted to share that I was able to find some black tinted Plexiglass that I think should really nice in my Gray and Black room. I'll post pictures if I am ever at a point to mount my PJ. My room build was going great until summer hit. I haven't touched it in over 2 months.
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miltimj...thanks for checking the temp..i was just a little concerned cuz heat rises so it would be a little differ then table top mount....I would also be interested in the dark tinted plexi...does it come that color or do yeah have to tint it like car windows....thanks

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Originally Posted by Monkey_Man
It's no different then having your PJ on a table top.

Very good point.

I bought a mount off ebay before seeing this thread so I am stuck at least trying that. It comes with a ball and socket joint but I think that may be tough to tighten down without messing up its alignment. I like this four bolt technique and its ultra-precise adjustability. I'll know this weekend how my ebay unit works out.

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I'm pretty sure you can buy it tinted -- whether you want to do this, IMO, is directly related to what your projector looks like (and possibly your ceiling). With my PJ and a white ceiling, clear plexiglas looks much better than any tinted plexiglas would look. If I had a black ceiling it'd probably still be clear... gray projector and dark ceiling may look better tinted. Those are just my theoretical observations (ie guesses on how each would look). The fun part is being able to experiment.. you could bring both pieces home and see which would probably look better, and build it out of that.

Greg, just Ebay that mount and you'll still be ahead $$$-wise... ;)
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I did a similar mount in Dec 2004 with a H30, so far so good, I was told to watch for heat issues but can say none so far.

My question which I am more concerned of is material fatigue.....would the plastic plexiglass, start to crack and yellow over time and one day fail catastrophically? I have been wanting to redo my plexiglass sheet in stainless steel, (which was my original idea) but never found the time.
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The plexiglas is plenty strong, and aren't being subject to any extremes... warmer temperatures, but nothing extreme.
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I was concerned about stress cracks in the plexiglass myself. I have a friend whose dad is a metal worker (he makes decorative metal work). I finally just asked him if he could make me a metal plate to replace the plexiglass. He said no problem, his dad actually had some 1/4" stainless steel in the scrap pile that was big enough for the mount.

I gave him the Plexiglass as a template. He said he will cut the metal square and use a press to punch the bolt holes. I should have the new metal mount Monday.

If you are worried you may want to check with some metal work shops in your area. You might be able to replace the Plexiglass with metal pretty cheap.
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Interesting.. the metal would help conduct heat as well and could work as a heat sink, which could be good. (Though again, not that there's a heat problem with this mount). I still think I'd like the plexiglas better since it just disappearing and seems more like the PJ is suspended in mid-air.
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am_pcguy, hopefully I will get to doing a new one, one day, I am in Singapore and used to own and run a metal casting foundry, though not anymore, the SS material can be relatively cheap but labour is pretty expensive if I bring it to some shop....especially if you don't have friends whose fathers are in the metal industry ;-) I could DIY a new plate mount out of aluminium, as SS is hard to drill, if you do not have a heavy duty press punch.

Agree with you miltimj, plexiglass sure looks pretty though.
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I guess if you are concerned about heat you can use my DIY mount approach, which will have around a 1 inch or more air gap between the PJ and plexiglass. I think I may have a 2 inch gap, not sure I have to look.
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here is a variation of the same type mount that I made. I also used a union between two pipe nipples so that i could remove the PJ by just unscrewing the union. The PJ will swivel in the union, and I can adjust the up/down of the throw by the wing nuts with springs. Might not be as pretty as most, but it works wonderfully.


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Related but unrelated question.

I'm getting the BenQ PE7700 and had a quick question about hanging height for the projector.

Let's say my ceilings are 8' tall and the top of my screen is at roughly 7'. At what height do I need to put my projector (assuming it is ceiling mounted)? I assume it's not perfectly level with the middle of the projector lens, is it? I though it dropped a bit? BTW, the projector will be roughly 14' from the 16x9 screen.

Just want to figure out the math so I put the mount at the correct height.


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The BenQ PE7700 projector happens to have exactly a zero offset, meaning the center of the lens, when ceiling mounted and level, will project an image that has its top edge at the same height. Many projectors drop it a bit, but the 7700 is not one of them.

So your mount will be approximately 9" from the top (bottom) of the PJ, if you account for the distance from the bottom of the PJ to the center of the lens. Also remember the horizontal offset, so the lens is centered on the image (not the PJ itself). (By the way, that height difference is a guess.. I posted the exact dimension somewhere before, but you get the idea)
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Thanks a lot. That will make it so much easier to compute the hieght :p

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I just made mine... I used 1/2" MDF instead of plexiglass however because HD's cutter was broke and I didn't want to mess with it myself. I painted the MDF a "Deep Space" black to match the ceiling, so it actually looks pretty good. I'll be posting pics soon...

If you're concerned about air, you can get the 6.0 x 50mm hex bolts at HD which gives you the extra room over the machine screws (30mm is the longest length on those at HD). I had to use these because of the extra thickness of the wood versus the plexiglass.
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Originally Posted by Tripdaddy
Boy, am I pissed that I spent 150 bucks on my chief mount!!! This is awesome.

Great job!
There is the added security of not coming downstairs to see your projector on the floor... :p
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Originally Posted by pikers
There is the added security of not coming downstairs to see your projector on the floor... :p
WTF is that supposed to mean? :confused: :mad: :rolleyes:
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Originally Posted by miltimj
WTF is that supposed to mean? :confused: :mad: :rolleyes:
Just reminding people that proven solutions are not in direct competition to DIY efforts.

Stewart screens vs. Screen Goo is another good example, and always makes me chuckle when I think about it...
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This is why I never put the Monkey_man mount into production. One fall would be disastrous.
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If you were going to produce it you'd have to *try* to break it to see what failed and at what point. If you DIY, you're not likely to go that far and build one just to hang 100lbs on it to see when it fails. If you didn't trust any part of your mount you could always put a failsafe chain or strap on it.
...I think the weakest link in my own DIY mount is the brass nuts built into the projector! I'm not worried.

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I guess it just goes to show that for DIY projects, idiots need not apply. I can't imagine any scenario short of the roof coming off our house in a tornado that would have my projector fall to the floor.
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Hey mvv,

I feel the same way...I have an AE700, and those nuts don't look very secure... I haven't finished my mount yet, mainly because I'm still finishing my screen, so I'm projecting onto a different wall right now. While I highly doubt the designs presented here would fail, I like the idea of a nylon strap. I'll have to look to see if there us a cutout on the case that one could loop it through.

Where are you in Calgary? I've been in minnesota for the last five or six years, but I am Calgary born and bred. Grew up down south in Canyon Meadows, and miss the place a whole lot...

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