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Sony New V Series LCD  

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KDL-V26A10 August
KDL-V32A10 July
KDL-V40A10 July

the 26, 32 and 40 inch will be 1366 x768

they have a pc input on it, a HDMI and Component input.
they also have a ATSC tuner and cable card.

the new v series has a new CCFL which improves the colour and makes colours especially reds not to be washed out.
The refresh rate is also higher on these models.

these new sets are suppost be coming out in the next couple of weeks, I called a place by me and they said they are on order and the price is yet to be determend.

I am very interested in the 32 inch model of this series, and Beascue of the higher refresh rate, and CCFL the picture quality is suppost to be a lot better then last years models.
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Can you post some links with further information? Expecially physical dimensions ?

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thanks for the tip. I'm seeing KLV-S....though for US (oh you arein Canada). they are googable for pix. sony news doesn't mention the 40" for US.
I've admired the 19 and 23" KLV-S23A10 in this line that have been out for a month or so, but waiting to see something bigger. The PQ looks excellent for an LCD IMO. Sound is so-so, as per the small size of the cabinet.
The prices are gonna hurt on the bigger ones but the 23" model is cheaper than last years Sony and looks great.
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There is 2 LCD lines that are coming out. The V series that I mentioned doesn't look like the model you are talking about, they have Pics in the Sonystyle Canada mag, that is where I got this info from. I will check when I get home to see what that diffrences are on the 2 series.
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Originally Posted by marktiberius
Can you post some links with further information? Expecially physical dimensions ?

Right now all I have is what is in the SonyStyle Canada mag, I will go through it to see if theere is more spec in the bag of the mag, they have a Charts for all there tv's in it
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I didn't find any reference to the ATSC tuner and cablecard on the the KLV-S models. I think Space 2001 is talking about a different line. I'm in the market for a 26" with cablecard and so far my options seem to be the Aquos and the LG.

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Slimoli, the V series comes with the Cable card, and the ATSC tuner

I don't have a scanner and I wish I could show you guys how sleek these models look.

if anyone in canada has the sony style mag can you scan in the Flat v series thanks
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Originally Posted by space2001
KDL-V26A10 August
KDL-V32A10 July
KDL-V40A10 July

the 26, 32 and 40 inch will be 1366 x768

they have a pc input on it, a HDMI and Component input.
Is the "pc input" analog/vga or DVI?
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You are talking about the KDL , right? I didn't find any reference to cablecard/ATSC tuner on the KLV, which is the only one googleable.
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This is my first post...

I am about to buy a Sony LCD panel this week. I can't quite figure out from the above posts what the US model numbers are. i was hoping to do an internet search. I know there is an "S" involved. Can someone write out the whole model number for US models for me ,or maybe post a link if there are any pics/info on them.
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Sorry for the Confusion, From waht I can tell there are 2 lines


Also I beleive they are coming out with 32 inch in this line aswell

Now the V series is another Flat LCD Line from sony KDL

This one Include all the Stuff I was talking about before. and cable card/ATSC tuner.

Is the "pc input" analog/vga or DVI?

I do not know what the interface will be, but it may be analog/vga, based on the KLV series.

but reading on some of the other Threads the KLV-S23A10 accepts 1300 x 768 which Suppossadly looks spectacular. I am using this series as reference becasue there is not that much out on the V series, except whats in teh SonyStyle Mag
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Haven't seen anything on the new "KDL-V" series.

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Sony Shifts Retail Operations Structure

By Greg Tarr -- TWICE, 6/24/2005 9:26:00 AM

New York — Responding to strong growth in its direct-to-consumer sales operations, Sony has realigned management responsibilities, shifting the online consumer electronics and Sony-branded retail stores to the consumer electronics group, Sony Electronics’ COO Hideki “Dick†Komiyama announced at roundtable conference with the press, here.

The e-commerce and retail store businesses, which were previously managed under Sony’s e-Solutions Company, have now been moved into the consumer electronics sales operation headed by Stan Glasgow, Sony’s U.S. consumer sales president.

Glasgow said Sony will continue to use its direct-marketing e-commerce and flagship Sony Style boutique stores as a vehicle for building Sony’s sales across all of its channels of distribution.

“We’re giving consumers a choice to shop anywhere [they] want,†Glasgow said. “We’re going to try to have a very open environment to allow consumers to shop, and we’re going to try to make sure there’s synergy between our online sales and our retail partners and between our stores and our retail partners.â€

Glasgow, who said Sony will double the number of its stores to 30 this year, said the company has been successful at balancing its direct sales and its consumer electronics retail distribution, adding that he has not had one complaint from a retail partner about Sony’s stores.

“They don’t see them as a threat,†Glasgow said. “Number one, they’re too small. We don’t stock everything in the stores. We’re trying to sell a select range of products and inform the customer and demonstrate things.â€

The shift was made in tandem with the realignment and expansion of Sony’s business-to-business sales into one company, which will bring together sales and product development teams to address the needs of various markets, Komiyama said.

“Previously, our other segment of the business was more or less fragmented and it functionally separated sales and marketing,†he said. In response Sony has established “a completely new platform†for business-to-business, focusing more directly on key product areas “while segmenting different markets such as education and government,†said Komiyama.

Also as part of the change, direct sales of Sony Vaio PCs to business-to-business clients, which was formerly handled through the e-Solutions Company, has moved to the new business-to-business operation, Komiyama said.

Komiyama said Sony Electronics North American sales operation “had another banner year,†in 2004, and is continuing to see growth as Howard Stringer, Sony’s newly approved worldwide chairman, leads a “turnaround†for the global organization.

Komiyama said Sony is following closely its three-year rejuvenation plan, called “Transformation 60,†which included last year’s relocation of its CE sales and marketing headquarters from Park Ridge, N.J., to San Diego. The goal is to complete the transformation around Sony’s 60th anniversary next year.

The move, Komiyama said, has helped solidify communication between engineering, sales, marketing and manufacturing, while speeding the time to market for innovative new technologies.

Komiyama acknowledged “concern†over certain market trends, including the rapid price compression in flat-panel televisions, and all digital technologies which have been exposed to the rapid commoditization of key components.

“However, I believe we have strong strategies for meeting these challenges,†Komiyama said.

Glasgow mapped out Sony’s display products strategy for 2005, showing the currently available 70W-inch Qualia 006 ($13,000) SXRD rear-projection microdisplay HDTV “at the very high end of the line.â€

Below Qualia, Sony is extending the XBR sub-brand — which was once used to mark top of the line CRT TVs — to include flat-panel LCD and SXRD.

Glasgow said Sony will introduce in the fall 50W-inch and 60W-inch SXRD-based microdisplay rear-projection HDTV sets under the XBR line “at considerably lower pricing†than the current Qualia 006 model.

Below SXRD, by display type, are Sony’s 3LCD-based Grand Wega microdisplay rear-projection HDTV sets. Glasgow said Sony’s Grand Wega line is currently its largest consumer display segment. Kamiyama pointed to Grand Wega as one of Sony’s “vertically integrated†products that use Sony-manufactured key components such as high-temperature LCD panels.

“We are going to be highly competitive in microdisplay with our Grand Wega 3LCD line 42W-, 50W-, 55W- and 60W-inch models,†noted Glasgow. “We’ll be competitive against all the other rear-projection products.â€

In flat-panel TV, Glasgow said Sony has scaled back its plasma TV offerings, but he added “we’re not out of it officially at this time.â€

Glasgow noted that production has started at the new Sony Samsung LCD-panel joint venture factory, giving the company a core competency in flat-panel production. Sony will market three major flat-panel LCD lines including the entry S Series, which “will be highly competitive, even against the 50 to 60 brands now showing up in the United States,†Glasgow vowed, noting that Sony “won’t be the cheapest. That’s not our goal. But we will be competitive in terms of base LCD models.â€

“Where we are really excelling is in stepping it up to higher performance†LCDs, Glasgow said.

Sony’s step-up V Series LCD TVs are positioned “for the more discerning XBR type of customer,†he said. The series will use enhanced CCFL backlighting to expand the color gamut, while using “a wider looking panel†with a faster response time.

At the high end, Sony will also deliver this year’s models using LED backlighting, which outperforms even CCFL, Glasgow said.
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there is a little tidbit from twice.com

The V series is there higher end LCD flat panel which compare to the XBR
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These models are going to be released in Mid to end of July,

The V series is suppossed to be really a good series, I can't wait to check them out
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do you think its normal for Sony to keep a new LCD line quiet like this?

I just started my new HDTV research two weeks ago. However, since that time I've found press releases from Sony describing new TV lines weeks / months in advance.

For example, the TV I want the most right now is the 32" Sony S Series LCD. KLV-S32A10 Sony put out a press release in March talking about this TV. Yet, you still cant buy it on July 1st.

Why do you think Sony is planning on releasing the V series pretty soon here without having done a press release, or any pre-info on it?

I'd love to know more about the V series too. I have a 41" wide TV nook. The two biggest questions I have are 1) I wonder if sony will annouce a 37" S series LCD the week after I buy the 32" and 2) I wonder if the 40" V series will have a thin case like the S series, I could fit a 40" V if it has bottom speakers & a similar case to the S...
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it is weird why they are keeping quite like this, it could be to get rid of the old line first.

I have the canadian sony style, the v series goes up to teh 40" as I said earlier,

the S series only goes up to 32 inch.

teh 32 inch should be relesed in the next 3 weeks according to the sony store.

I am holding out for the V series 32 inch.
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Sometimes you just have to go to the "mother country" to find out what is going on.

Here is what I think these TV's are:


Looks like they're using a 14-bit grayscale and an advanced Digital Reality Creation.

No doubt these sets will be altered for the North American market, but my guess is that these Japan market sets are very similar as what might be showing up.

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Originally Posted by Paul Bigelow
Sometimes you just have to go to the "mother country" to find out what is going on.
Paul, your brilliant! Thanks for the link!
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Actually, I believe this is the new V Series here, second photo on the page.


One interesting thing that it shows here, and a few other places is that the V Series is LCD up to 40" and apparently there's a 42" one that's plasma. Seems strange, but I've found multiple references to this.


<<<<< Chris >>>>>
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Chris, your brilliant! Thanks for the link!

However, there does appear to be a 40" S series on that page too. Should I wait for the 40" S series or get the 32" in the next few weeks.
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I love how the new styles of the lcds look,

And the V series is just stunning
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Translated from Sony of Japan's HappyWega pages, here are the specs for the 32" model!



Digital: Yes
Analog: Yes


HDTV Ready: Yes
Noise Reduction: Yes
Comb Filter: Yes, 3D Y/C
Film Mode (2:3 pulldown): Yes
Picture in Picture: No
Picture Brightness (Cd / m2): 500
Resolution: 1366x768
Viewing angle: 170 degrees

I don't know much about sound, so I haven't been able to translate these very well:

TruSurround DIGITAL 5.1CH
Clear voice: Yes
Audio multiplex circuit: Yes
Speaker: 2 5.5×15cm angular types
ID-1 correspondence: Yes

WEGA Gate (very snazzy on screen display/menu system): Yes:


Memory Stick: No
Electronic Program Guide: Yes
Screen Freeze: Yes
Silence start (does this mean Mute?): Yes
Power Saving Features: Brightness Sensor, Auto Off
Input skip: Yes (GREAT to see this on the new models!)
External equipment control: Yes (does this mean the remote can control other devices?)
On/Off timer: Yes

Component: 2x D-Terminal (this will be RCA for the West)
S-Video: 3x Mini-DIN inputs (S2 standard)
Composite Video: 3x (will be shared inputs with the S-Video no doubt)
HDMI: 1x HDMI input
Computer input: 1x D-SUB/VGA in + 1x 3.5mm input jack for the sound

*EXTRAS that we probably won't see in the West!*
Optical digital voice response terminal
Telephone line (modem built-in)
LAN terminal (10 / 100)
AV mouse terminal (what's this?)

Effective picture size (width * height * opposite angle): 69.8 * 39.2 * 80.0 cm
Whole unit size (including stand): 79.2×60.8×30.9cm
Weight (including stand): 16.9kg without stand, 20.7kg with
Power consumption: 150watt
Power consumption when in standby: 0.15watt
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thanks Lyris, hopefully we will see the specs for the moth american models soon
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It should be pretty much identical only without the modems and voice response (and with ATSC tuner and CableCard, of course) - it's the European version that I'll be ending up with that'll be a little more different...
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So, unless I missed something, a 26" LCD is the smallest with CableCard from Sony? (or Sharp, for that matter)
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yah the 26 inch v series comes with a atsc, and cable card.
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I wonder if the sony 40 lcd is same as the sammy 409D which will be using a new type backlighting, I read both the 409 and 460 series are produced in the new joint sony/sammy pannel glass plant; enen if the 460 is pushed up to this fall, the other series might be ready to go. Mike
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I know that Sammy/ Sony are building Lcd panels togethre but I don't know itf they are teh exact same
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does anyone have information when the 32" LCD hits the market?

can anyone tell me about the KLV-32M1 currently on the market? I went to sony style in NYC and they were telling me this is the new 32" panel. Anyone know when this hit the streets and how it is?
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