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Ultimate electronics showroom seating.  

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Zipped across town to commune with a DVD player I've been thinking about dragging home. But what caught my eye was a loveseat there on the floor. The sales guy frowned and turned to leave when I asked who made his seating. Go figure, eh? I caught the words,"...a company in Denver" as he strode away.

I siezed the moment and plopped myself down. It was true love.

Several hours later, security came to drag me away. I clung to the cushions as best I could...but was out numbered four-to-one. I managed to gain another 20 minutes of gazing at my new love from out on the sidewalk, with most of my body pressed agianst the window, before local police showed up. Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Who makes these slim-lined, sleek, little beauties? My heart aches for a web-link to the makers of such blissfull seating.

I vow to remain standing until....JDB
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The Groucho glasses and nose didn't work. They spotted me right off. One heck of a footrace though. Later, I made a phone call to them. I made many inquires about high end gear and slipped in a comment about their seating.
Bingo! Blinded by dollar signs; I foxed it out of them.

Scott Rice Desigsns!

No need to describe my dreams lastnight, jdb
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If you have a "The Back Store" in your area, check out the seating they sell. They have some wonderful leather recliners that tilt the headrest forward as the back goes down, so your head stays pointed at the screen. Available in single, love seat, 3 wide, etc. It took nearly 6 months to get them after we ordered, but it was worth the wait... they are heavenly.

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Looked up Scott Rice in Yahoo and the one in Kansas City seems to be a distributor for an entire line of furniture including Lane and LayZBoy. Can you supply us with a web address?
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This post might be best read to the tune of "Mission Impossible".

First, I snooped out the vendor links at 2300 hours. The trail got cold very fast. Not even a sniff of my LOVEseat.

VM: For me there is but one seat and anyway Tulsa doesn't have a "black" store. Thanks for the dating alternative though. (I just moved here from San Cruz kinda miss it, but I digress)

(I'll skip the second part of this morning, rather embarrassing: but since no "real" weapons were invovled I qualified for bail.)

Thirdly, I called Denver listings for Scott Rice. Jackpot! The number is 303.576.7201 and for an addition 50 cents they dialed it for me. I got voice mail. I did manage to leave a somewhat normal message: although, As of now, I have not heard back. (Maybe the A.P.B. streached to Colorado and I'm foiled by caller ID?)

BobF: It's up to you now. And should you decide to accept this mission dont use your real name. I used it earlier. Try Bob G, or something like that. Anyway, you want Pat Andretta. The codeword is "The skinny man walks backwards". I'll keep trying on this end.

Thats the story, now I got to go install the dishwasher for my wife who paid my bail. jdb
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Bob F has been released. Whew.

Pat called this groggy, Friday morning. She is very nice and is sending photo's (Woo Woo) and some samples to this very location.

I will pass this photo packet around the AVforum fox hole like a GI who misses his girl. Dont bend the photos you louts!

Post an address, or PM me, to mail this to and maybe it will make the rounds, eh? jdb
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While we're all breathlessly awaiting for your pictures to arrive, I'd like to suggest a few sites for finding recliners. The Acoustic Innovation recliner is modular, so by buying two or three chairs and by ordering only two armrests you can turn the chair into either a reclining loveseat or sofa. The site is www.acousticinnovations.com
For the past couple of years Sharper Image has been selling a Panasonic massage recliner for about $3,000, but now the company that manufactures the massage element in the chair has sold it to Lane who has come out with the HTT massage recliner selling for between $1,000 and $1,200 depending on whether you want leather or not. The site is www.action-lane.com
Another site for recliners is www.cinematech-seats.com/index2.html
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Thanks Bob,

Had just about given up on HT seats 'til I saw the Apollo model at CinemaTech.
If the price is as sweet as the design I'm ready for take-off!


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Any word yet on your secret obsession? I called Scott Rice (which is an office furniture reseller) here in Denver, and they wanted more information on style and manufacturer. Any additional details that you can provide would be appreciated (not necessarily in the Penthouse Forums style)!


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Good news: Photos arrived! True beauties. And there MINE, all MINE!

The series is named "Joe" (hoping thats short for Josphine) and is made by Cartwright. The samples sent are 100% nylon "Tahoe" and have a nice spec sheet. 20 different colours!

Found the site. Bottom of page. Last three images. Notice the "cushion" or "tight" seat is two different versions. I love a "tight" seat, myself! And you can click to enlarge!

There she is, boys! (Drool on your own monitor)Ahhhhh,


Top circle is "show room" click it.
Grey rectangle "Lounge seating" click it.
She is on the 2nd page, last pic. OU LA LA!

#30 is Chair
#31 is Sofa
#32 is LOVEseat.

Sorry about the bad link guys, I will start testing what I post. I have a fax but no scanner, what can I say, jdb


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Aaaack! So close, yet so far away!

I can't get your link to work, and now I'm lost in designonline.com hell!

Victimized by voyeuristic tendencies again! :-O


(edited to fix smily)

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Thanks for the info. I sent them several e-mails and either they were returned undelivered or went unanswered.

If I could find out where in Germany they have them made, maybe I could buy some B-stock...


Quite an adventure! Btw the "regular Joe" is pretty much the nicest they make.
As a worthy successor to Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett, how would you go about discovering which German supplier manufactures seating for CinemaTech - any ideas?
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/3224/reel.htm http://members.aol.com/MG4273/hammett.htm http://www.cinematech-seats.com/index2.html

Maybe your Rocky Mountain industry mole has the inside story?
The codeword: "Frenchie doesn't know what he's sitting on!" http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/eek.gif


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Sorry for the delay, but I have just now been released.

I used your codeword and was instantly wisked away to a undisclosed location, under heavy gaurd, where I was unmercifully questioned, by three teams, around the clock, for 12 days.

Note: I spilled my guts in the first 20 minutes.

Suggest that codeword not be used in the future.

I learned nothing about german chairs: although I did get the chance to meet and talk awhile with Elvis, jdb.
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I'm in the process of looking for seating for my new (not yet installed) theater. It's in a room that has to double as a game room, so the furniture has to be of limited size and mostly moveable. I've looked at a very nice system called "Stressless", by a Scandinavian company called Ekornes. It's available in my area (NJ) at House of Norway. It consists of matching 3-seat and 2-seat sofas and recliners in various sizes. The sofas have each seat reclining and all pieces are very comfortable. No massage or any other extras, but they seem very comfortable (but I haven't sat in one for 2 hours straight yet!). -HMA
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