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Hi all...

We will be testing the off loading of the images to a differnt server to see if that helps. Also will be pruning the database down in size like we do from time to time. The pruning though will require the site to be closed most of the day. So we may do that this Saturday or Sunday. (8/27 or 28th)
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Ok...At this time all images (Alliance sponsor buttons, site buttons, status icons, etc) are all being served off another server.

Thus at this time we have 2 web servers serving pages, 1 server just serving the graphic images, 1 more for the ads, and the 5th one that is the database server. So 5 servers at this time. (The one serving the graphics is just a test machine to see how this goes.)

Hope this may help some. But again, based on searchs, the site can slow.

If this works out, we will then add a full service server into the mix that will take the graphic serving and also be used as a MySQL search database server. Thus all the search calls will go a separate machine for just searches thus not table locking the main database any longer.
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Seems much faster to me, although I haven't tried it at home yet, but at work, ;) , it's much faster...
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Right this very minute, pages will not load completely. Again it's the little icons, ads, and page formatting. Page initially loads and says "Done", then the icons start loading. I can sit and watch the clock tick away while the status says "10 items remaining"... "9 items remaining"... "8 items remaining"....

Looks like you are having a problem with http://avs.speedhost.... Not so speedy right now!

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Whatever it was, is fixed now!

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Working much faster for me at work right now too on the fast PC's with 100Mb direct sonnet ring connection. I will test it tonight on my 10Mbs dedicated line on the slower PC's.

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