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Marantz vs. Pronto!  

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I've got a Marantz controller. Don't know how popular they are but it seems like a nice if bulky unit. Its big, goes through batteries crazy due to the backlight but it is infinitely compatible because on the bottom there's an IR reader to just capture the signal.
Heard of the Pronto but haven't actually seen one. Anyone have some opinions for me? : )
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you bought an RC5000? it should have come with a NiMH battery and re-charger station.

or did you get an RC2000?

the Pronto is the same as the RC5000, except it's green, the RC5000 is gold.

i love the looks of the RC5K, but the Pronto seems to be better supported. if i had to do it over, i'd get the Pronto...



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I've got the RC2000(mkII.) I didn't realize the Pronto also has the IR reader capabililites. Sounds much more fun.
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I understand that the Marantz 5000 is exactly the same as the pronto and therefore all pronto files etc. will work just fine. I have the pronto and it's awesome.
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