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Doug Perry shares his new theater room with us. He mentioned the family clearly prefers movies in scope format. Scope all the way
Here is the equipment list of Dougs Theater Room.
Sanyo Z4
Carada 125"x53" 2.35:1 Brilliant White Screen
XBOX 360 with the HD-DVD addon drive
Sony S75 upconverting player
Yamaha HTR-5960
Motorolla HD-DVR
Ascend Acoustics HTM-200 speakers all around
HSU sub
8 Berkline 88s (we have 5 kids so the room fills up fast especially
on Friday night "Movie Night")

Thank you Doug !!

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Brian sent us pictures of his scope theater including his custom built screen. Looking at the pictures a lot of work went into this screen. I would never have known this was not bought from a screen manufacture. Here are some details of his theater.

Screen is an 100 inch wide 1.3 gain homemade.
Equipment :
Panasonic S97 dvd player, Power amplifier Marantz sr 4400 and the Projector is
the Optoma HD 70 With the prismasonic lens H700. His hometheather is 60 feet

Thank you Brian !!

And some pics.

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Forum member illumina finally finished his 235:1 theater.
Just in time for the holidays!!
I love how the screen fills the width of the room with the help of a Panamorph doing its magic.

Equipment details:
Pioneer Elite receiver, dvd player
Celestion speakers
Infocus SP4805
Panamorph U380
Velodyne VA-9100x Sub
DIY 106"x45" BOC screen (total cost: 60 bucks)

Thanks Eric !!

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Thanks Michael for sharing your CH theater with everyone all the way from South Australia.
Another serious screening room.
Some details about Michaels theater system:
Theatre Screen is a Majestic 2.37:1 scope screen.
The screen is 3036mm wide and 1281mm high. The frame is extruded
aluminum and is covered with a black flock velvet material. The screen
material is OZ Theatre Screens Evo3D fabric.
Sony VPL-W400Q 16:9 LCD projector with
aluminum version of Mark Techer's (CAVX) Aussiemorphic Lens. Across the
front are three Krix Euphonix speakers (Krix is an Australian
company based in Adelaide) and the dual enclosure Whise Profunder 624
sub-bass system (Whise is also an Australian company).
Other equipment includes a Yamaha DSP-A1, Yamaha P2500 amplifier (to
power the Profunder 624), Samsung DVD-937HD DVD player, Yamaha CDV-901
Laserdisc player, Zensonic Z500 HD Network DVD Player, Sony CDP-X222ES
CD Player, Sony MDS-JE520 MiniDisc Recorder, Aura Bass Shakers and a
Xantech IR distribution system.
Anamorphic lens construction pictures
here :-

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Forum member FACP sends us pictures of his families new 235:1 theater.
He says the family enjoys watching scope movies every night.
I bet he has a hard time getting everyone out of that room.
Another great looking theater, thank you very much for sharing.
Some details about the theater and its equipment: "I love that projector and lens mount"

120" Carada Criterion Series 2.35:1 Screen (Brilliant White)
Panasonic PT-AE900U Front Projector
Panamorph P752 Anamorphic Lens (with DIY sliding mount)
Lumagen Vision HDQ Video Processor
Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD
Origen AE X15e HTPC running Theatertek 2.4
Panasonic SA-XR57 Digital Receiver
Onyx X-LS Series Speakers
Coaster Studio Collection HT Seats with Aura Bass Shaker.

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Tor Atle sent us this picture for the 235:1 thread just to show how easy a Prismasonic can be attached to a projector, in his case the Kodak 333/777. The u-shaped pieces of metal are a standard wall-mounting bracket for hanging shelves. Cut in two and drill two holes. Cost is about $4.

Many will benefit from this. Good idea!

Thank you!

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Krishna was kind enough to send us pictures of his CH theater system.
He said he learned alot from everyone on this forum which gave him the confidence to build his dream theater. What a theater. 12 foot wide screen

Here is a list of some of the equipment:

Panasonic AX100U with Poor Man's CIH setup
Screen 12' wide Cinema Contour Da-Lite High Power Screen
Throw distance about 22'.
You can read see more of his theater in the " Building a Theater " Forum at this link http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=831233

Thank you Krishna!

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Jeff also joins the 235:1 CH club.
His screen is a Da-lite High Power Model C with CSR. Dimensions are 52 x 122.25 with 4 borders on the side, 6 on the top, and 23 at the bottom. The projector is the AX-100 with the Prismasonic H-700M Lens. The speakers are Klipsch Heresy's all the way around with a SVS 2-39CS+ sub, Disc player is a Toshiba HD-A1, and Kenwood VRS-8100N Digital Amp Receiver. The theater seats are Coaster Showtimes in taupe. The room is 11' 6 wide and 16' 6 long.

The screen shots are with and without the lights in the room on.

Another great looking theater.
Thank you Jeff!!

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Forum member mrigsby said this forum inspired him to re build his DIY theater but this time cinema scope style.
His equipment list consist of a W9000 1080P projector with a Panamorph
UH380 lens.
His screen wall has a 136 Carada Criterion Brilliant White screen.
He says the couch known as the Mammoth! Looking at that great screen shot I do not think I would leave that couch.

Another excellent scope theater!
Thanks mrigsby!

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Forum member Prof. is sharing his 235:1 scope theater with us.
He built his theater on his own inspired by others on this forum.
Quote from prof. a couple of months ago, I came across Mark Techers (CAVX) Anamorphic lens kit, and decided to convert my 16x9 theatre to a 2.35 CIH type..
I finished the conversion last month and I'm very happy how it all turned out

He wanted everyone to know: This is just to show members that you don't need a lot of money or the latest projector to have a Cinemascope theatre..
I have a SD 480p. projector, with the CAVX lens and a DIY screen

A few equipment details!

Benq W100 480p.Projector
Mark Techer's (CAVX) Aussiemorphic lens
Samsung HD860 DVD Player ( for the vertical stretch)
DIY 9' wide CIH white Nulon PVC screen

All I can say is awesome work. What a theater, something to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

On to the show!

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Member wishiwasflying is the latest who has fallen pray to the 235:1 craze!
He built the theater on his own and his wife made all the velour curtains. Great teamwork!
The theater features adjustable side masking panels that retract into the side columns. I really like how the black screen surround contrast great with the rest of the room.

Thank you for sharing!!

Equipment list!

2.35:1 SMX screen
Prismasonic FE1400R
Panasonic AX100U
54 hand made G.O.M panels (linacoustic and polyester filled)
Side masking panels that retract into side columns
Total cost under 11K.

Showing 235:1 mode

Showing 16x9 mode

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Wow look at this theater!!
Thanks Mark, forum member A/Vspec for sharing your 235:1 CH theater with us. Mid evil theme, very nice.
You do not see to many theme based theaters making this unique.

Ok I was just told Mark painted each and every one of those bricks on the wall. I thought it was some form of fiberglass formed panel. Thats amazing, fooled me !!

I like the projector firing through the port hole in the back.
Some details on the gear:

Sony Pearl
Panamorph UH380
Stewart StudioTek 130 51" x120" curved screen.
Totem Model-1's (8), Thunder Subs (2), Drums (2), Aura bass shakers (4).
Parasound Halo C2
Rotel RBM-1077

Mark, very nice. Thanks for sending this along!!

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Gary was nice enough to share his 235:1 scope theater with us.

Gary did most of the work him self and has a web site with lots of pictures detailing the build out and includes a list of all theater room equipment.

Click here!

Gary is also into automation so his site contains lots of good information you may find interesting and useful.

I like Gary's quote: "Years since we last set foot in a commercial theater"

Thanks Gary!

Look at that 115" wide mean screen

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Forum member kermit@1 just finished his 235:1 theater.
He went with the Prismasonic to mate with his HD80.
Room is 17 feet long.
His screen is 112 inch diagonal.(8.5 feet wide) PS3 and the Toshiba HD DVD A2. Amplifier is the Sony DG 700
Install looks very clean. I like it

From looking at those screen shots the electronics driving this theater are no slouch.
Thank you for sharing!!

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We cant get enough 235
Mazman808 has sent us picture of his scope theater all the way from Sydney, Australia.
The scope screen is a DIY melamine board( about 100" wide) which is 2.37:1 a/r, with velour borders and curtains that are remote controlled for masking lower a/r's.
Speaker setup is Richtor predator series 5.1, with the rack consisting of a blue ray player(PS3), a up converting hdmi dvd player sony dvp76h, a sony 300cd player, a HDTV set top box(for hdtv channels), and a Yamaha av receiver 5-1.
All controlled with a all in one sunwave remote control for ease of use.
the projected image is taken care of by optima hd70 projector with a CAVX anamorphic lens MKII on a sled.
Mazman says the picture quality is excellent and he is very happy with the setup, he can finally sit down and enjoy a great movie.

Thanks for the pictures and details from a fellow Home Theaterest all the way from Australia

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Here is something a little different. A DIY project from Stevo with some very nice documented drawings for those who want to tackle a DIY curved screen. Very nice and thanks for efforts Steve. Looks like it paid off!!
That screen cap looks like a very high gain screen that almost has that back lit look to it. Ver nice.

Screen: forex classic 6mm pvc foam filled sheet 2400x1800
Mounted on a curved frame calculating the horizontal distortion only made
with 19mm mdf and shelf brackets mounted on wall Diy cih 2.35:1 2 x prism lense
Panasonic ae700
Vga/component & svideo (PC/dvd/xbox)
Most 'dvd' movies are played on dvd player, with component & dolby 5.1
Most compressed movies are played through the xbox
Various photo's of each build process, bass traps, screen, masking etc
can be viewed here:http://picasaweb.google.com.au/stevodude/HomeTheatre

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This entry comes to us from Carey P.
Wow what a room. Theater Palace style
I love those doors. I cant imagine anything other then a scope screen in this room.
Thanks for sending these in!!
Equipment consists of a Stewart FireHawk G3 2.40:1 and it's 10.5 ft wide Sony HS20 projector and Panamorph UH380 lens soon-to-be-upgraded to a 1080P machine.
All 8.1 speakers are hidden in the columns, driven by a Yamaha RX-Z1.
Video/audio controlled by HTPC with TheaterTek.
The theater recently went through a major remodel which is chronicled
here with more pictures and even a little movie of the Star Trek type doors
in action: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/prometheus5/index.htm

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Brian has sent us some pictures of his CIH home theater.
I like the custom shelf for both the Projector and lens. All wiring is through the walls. Thats how you do it,looks very clean.
Also notice the projector as high up in the room as it is is sitting right side up
yet it still has the range with lens shift to properly place the image on the screen, very nice.

Thank you Brian, very very nice
Here is Brians equipment info :

Sanyo PLV-Z5
Aussimorphic Lens
DIY Screen - Wilsonart Laminate DW
Key Digital HDMI 4x1 Switch / Scaler
Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player

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Another scope theater comes to life. This one was sent to us from forum member c-not-k.

His projector is the Runco CL-700 (HD1 720p DLP). He plans to upgrade next year. Sources are a Pioneer CLD-99 Laserdisc player, Denon 1600 SDI DVD player and a Sony BDP-S301 Blu-ray player. Screen is a 92" 16x9 (80"x45") Goo Systems CRT White. He will repaint it as a 2.40 (108"x45") screen when he gets a new projector. He is looking into a masking solution, but most of what he watches is scope anyway.

Marks HT web page with lots of good pictures, descriptions and information can be found here:

Very nice theater, thanks for sending this our way

Chief mount and U85.

The lens mounted.

Screen cap. A little out of focus , sorry.
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One of our fav forum members "McCall" is sharing her 235:1 theater with us,
named "Mickelodeon Theater"
The attention to detail is outstanding. The theater replicates an Art Deco theater theme and the equipment including the bass shakers in the platform Rock
She has thought of everything, a real enthusiast. Outstanding,keep up the good work!
For more detail including some construction photos ck out this thread.

Some details
7.2 ch audio.
Screen is DIY Smx 120" by 51"
Equipment is Optoma H77 Projector
Panamorph UH380, slide is DIY
Lexicon RV8 receiver
Panasonic Blue ray player
Toshiba A20 HD player
REVEL Performa M22's for the L& R fronts and the two rears
REVEL Performa C52 center
REVEL S30's for the side surrounds
REVEL B12's for the Subs one on the riser and one on the stage behind the faux screen wall
3 Aura Bass shakers in the riser rock the theater.

Some theater images:

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Hello everyone. Forum member "dmcleod" has sent us picture of his CIH theater.
Derrick did not let the fact he lives in an apartment stop him from enjoying a dedicated HT. He was quoted: "Many thanks to the 2.35 forum for inspiring me to go with CH ... it was definitely the right decision"
Ilove how he did the front end. He also has some serious equipment. I bet its a kicken theater. Thanks for sharing Derrick.

Equipment List:

Sony Pearl (VW50 model)
Stewart Filmscreen Vertical Screenwall Electrimask (110.5 x 47)
Prismasonic H1400M (upgraded with FE lens)
Lumagen Vision HDP

Sony BDP-S2000ES (Blu Ray)
Toshiba HD-XA2 (HD-DVD)
Mark Levinson 390S (CD)
Pioneer Elite CLD-97 (LD)
Apple TV (music server)
Apple Cinema Display (used for Apple TV)
Da-Lite Standmaster II (projector cart)

a/d/s/ M20 (Front channels)
a/d/s/ MV10c (Centre channel)
a/d/s/ Sat 6 (Rear channels)
a/d/s/ Sub 10 (Subwoofer)

Nakamichi CA1 (Pre/processor)
Nakamichi PA5AII (Amplifiers - 4 of them, 1 for each of the front 3 channels and 1 for the rear channels).

And now, on to the show!

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Forum member "nosdude" shares his CIH scope HT with us.

The screen, and the Projector hushbox are DIY projects.
The screen is 158" diagonal (146" x 62") and is curved (42.5" radius)
Proof with careful planning your DIY projects can equal manufactured performance while having some fun and saving money at the same time.
The seating looks very cozy. Looking at the center seat I think we see the real boss of the house. He has the best seat.

Thank you "nosdude"


Optoma H77 HD2+ Projector
HTB-AR Anamorphic Lens
DVDO iScan HD+ video Scaler
Sony BDP-S300 Blu-Ray
DirecTV H20-100 Receiver
Yamaha RX-V2095 Receiver
Lutron Spacer (with SPS-41T remote)
MX-810 Universal Remote

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235:1 constant height strikes again
Forum member “strange_brew” and family share their CIH theater with us.
Another amazing room. I like the track lights bordering the top chase around the room.
The food bar / lobby add a nice touch. I dont think he left anything out.
Click HERE to see the complete build out process of this theater.


Projector: JVC RS-1
Screen: 127” wide SMX
Lens: Pending! (waiting until I figure out my scaling solution)
Amp: Reference 200.7
Pre-amp: Onkyo Pro PR-SC885P
Speakers: Monitor Audio Gold Reference all around: 60’s (front), Centre, GRFX (sides), In-walls (back)
Sub: SVS PB12 Plus/2
Sources: Samsung BD-P1200 Blu-ray (to be replaced soon), Xbox 360
2 x Motorola DCT-6416.

On to the show:

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Our next entry was sent to us from forum member "yourlilbro"
Geez you guys are killing me. Posting all these theaters has a negative side effect, to me my room needs a face lift after seeing the talent on this forum.
What a room. Those lights bring out the subtle colors in the room creating a theatrical atmosphere. All the colors work. Notice the curve of the screen. It does not get any better then having the speakers behind the screen.
Im telling you, there is no mistaken this room is used for some serious movie watching.
Thanks for sharing "yourlilbro"

Equipment list:
JVC DLA-RS1 lights up the 130" wide 2.35:1
SmX ProCurv cruved screen. Snell and Energy speaker combo get power
from Bryston and Sunfire Amplifiers, while the star is the Anthem
Statement D2 SSP. Using a Prismasonic FE-1500R Lens.

Theater room.

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Yet another great Constant Height Theater makes its debut. This one comes to us from forum member "Talontsi96"

There is so much talent and inspiration on this board. "Talontsi96" designed and built his own screen, you would never know this was not bought from one of the big manufactures. Looking at those pictures that screen cuts the cake or is that mustard, man they look good. And that reminds me when are we getting Gladiator (2000) on Blue Ray??
A lot of well thought out preparation went into this theaters design as evident of the lack of visible wires at the projector location. Very clean installation.
Thanks to "Talontsi96" for sharing his theater with us.
On to the equipment details:

- Optoma HD80 (built in scaler)
- HTB Anamorphic Lens
- DIY Grey acoustically transparent curved screen (40' radius) with
manual masking for 16:9 and 4:3
- Yamaha AVR
- BIC Acoustech HT-8W in-wall speakers
- Velodyne DLS-5000R Sub
- Source PS3 and Xbox 360

On to the eye candy.

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Mr Ian B went scope on us....welcome to the club
Another very nice theater. The scope craze sure is growing.
Plenty of goods in that equipment rack.

Sharing some comments he gets: You will never want to go to movies with your set-up and God, that is a huge screen.

Thanks Ian for sending in your pictures. Im guessing this is one popular room in the house

On to the equipment list:

Jvc Rs-1 front projector
Hometheaterbrothers.com anamorphic lens.
Pioneer Elite VSX 92 avr
DVDO VP-50 video processor
Toshiba XA-2 hd dvd player
Pioneer Elite BDP-95 blu ray player
Directv HD DVR
Sony vcr(don't know why I still have it hooked up)
Harmony 690 remote control

JBL N38 Fronts and N24 rear speakers
Yamaha NS center channel
Velodyne DLSR 12" sub

On to the show:

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The 235:1 picture forum continues to grow. 16x9 seams to be a dieing breed.
This theater was sent to us by Ravindra Nayak.
Wow looks very rich in design and color I love it. Some of the work is DIY and you would never know it.
Heres what he had to say about the screen:
The screen is about 180” diagonal, painted CINEGOO, 1.2 gain. None of the guests could so far make out that it is not a fabric screen. The screen remains covered by curtain when the movie is not running.

Something about theater curtains that give it that extra atmosphere.

More details about the theater:

The lights are controlled by Z-Wave and Lutron dimmers. In addition to high def DVD players, he is using High Def satellite receiver from Dish Network and a progressive scan DVD player.
The projector is a Panasonic PT-AX200U with Yamaha receiver, Sony PS3 and Toshiba HD-A30 High Def players, Panamorph for horizontal stretch, the projector does the vertical stretch.

All components are programmed for single button operation using either Logitech Harmony 890 remote which also controls Z-Wave dimmers or URC’s MX-3000 and MSC-400 combo.
Recliners are from Berkline

The remotes are programmed to open the curtain when the projector comes ON and shut the curtains before the projector is switched off.

7.1 surround speakers with 2 additional reference speakers (2 towers in the front, a central speaker, 2 box speakers in the from, sub-woofer, 2 hidden surround speakers and 2 rear hidden speakers. All hidden speakers are in-wall. All speakers are APERION brand.

Looking at the pictures Id say his work paid off and he hit a home run.
Thank you Ravindra!

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AVSF member "ArtieR" has sent us pictures of his 240:1 theater. Its nice to see 240:1 catching on.

Art worked with a basement re modeler (Custom Basements, Inc.) and a A/V specialist (eHomeXtreme, Inc.) and met with Dennis Erskine prior to the start of his build out.

A Completed Build Thread is currently "In-Progress" and will be forthcoming to AVSF after the HGTV "New Spaces" show airs on Saturday.
Yes you heard that right..mark your calenders This HT build project has been documented and filmed from start to finish by HOME & GARDEN TV (HGTV), and will be shown on HGTV "NEW SPACES" this-coming Saturday, September 20 @ 8:30 AM (EST). We think AVSF members will enjoy this cable TV presentation -- as they see "LIVE" the transformation from ugly "before" to a beautiful "after HT."

18' 4" wide x 25' 6" deep x 8' 6" ceiling height (plus 12" deep "Pit")

Front Row VD -- 11'
Middle Row VD - 18'
Rear/Bar Row --- 22'

Curved 2.40:1 AT Screen --- awesome video with HD movies & sports !!!!
Translucent Backlit Onyx Columns & rear Countertop --- "glow" gives a kool dramatic effect !!!!
Trey Ceilings --- more dramatic lighting
Adjacent Alcove with Fireplace and Game Table/4 more chairs.
"Retro-Modern" colors, carpet, & fabrics ---- "Kool Klassy Kontemporary"

Equipment list:

Screen ------ SMX 130" wide x 54" height, 2.40:1 curved Audio-transparent.
Projector --- InFocus IN83 DLP (recently switched from a JVC RS2 because I found out that I prefer DLP over LCoS + I needed more lumens/brightness for my screen).
Anamorphic -- Panamorph UH 440 lens
Scaler --- Key Digital HD Leeza
Receiver/Amp - Denon AVR-3805, plus (3) Audio Source 250 watt Monoblock Amps
Satellite HD -- DirecTV HD21 DVR

Blu-Ray DVD -- Sony BDP S-301
Server ---- Apple TV (160 GB for HD movies, music, & photos)
Speakers --- Polk Audio LSi --- Polk's "top-of-the-line" (clean, crisp, + BOOM !!!!)
Fronts: (2) LSi 25
Center: LSi C
Sides: (2) LC 60i
Rears: (2) LC 65 FX
Subwoof: (2) DSW Pro 500, plus (2) 10" powered Subs in LSi 25's

Lighting --- Lutron 6-Zone Grafik Eye
Remote --- RTi T3 (Handheld) + RTi In-Wall Controller
Seating --- (9) Palliser "Sequelle" (power recliners), and (4) Bar Stools

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Forum member "CollinViegas" is the latest to fall prey to 235:1 CIH and share his theater pictures with us.
I love the color scheme and design, modern art deco. The rooms atmosphere is everything cinema. Congrats on a job well done.

Equipment List:

120" 2.35 SMX Acoustic Screen
Sony VPL-VW60 Projector
Panamorph UH380 and Panamorph slide
Klipsch KL-650-THX L/C/R
Klipsch KS-525-THX Rears/Sides
Definitive Technology Supercube Trinity Subs x2
Velodyne SMS-1 Bass Management
Pioneer Elite SC-09TX Receiver
Pioneer Elite DV-79AVi DVD Player
Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD Bluray
Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player
PS3/Xbox360/Nintendo Wii
Monster AVS2000/HTPS7000
Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600/RFX9600
Berkline 075 Theater Chairs.

Thank you Collin.

On to the show:

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There is no doubt 235:1 is catching on world wide. Mr Karlsson all the way from Sweden is proof the 235:1 in home cinema experience is hard to reject.
At the heart of his projection system is the big dog Isco 3 lens, no messing around here. Audio is just as important as the video in this theater as evident of the Screen Research screen.
We may find ourselves upgrading our projectors and source equipment on occasion but other key components such as the screen and anamorphic lens many consider "buy once" so extra attention and budget to these areas maximize your investment lasting you well into the future.

Main components.

Sim2 D80E
Isco III Lens
Screen research Clearpix2 Cinecurved 330cm wide.

On to the show:

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