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Another 16x9 possibility bites the dust and loses to 235:1
Forum member "Old" shares with us his work in progress CIH theater.
The screen is a DIY 125" diagonal screen using AT fabric from Dazian with 1.0 gain. Behind the screen wall it is treated ceiling to floor with 1" linacoustic and also OC703 cut into triangular pieces for base traps.
The stone you see are Eldorado Stone Veneers, which weigh about 15 or so lbs per sqft. The doors to equipment closest probably weigh in about 300 to 400lbs.
The walls are fabric framed and wrapped with GOM FR701 with 1" linacoustic behind it.
The projector is the Panny AE 3000 with the CIH zoom feature, no need for anamorphic lens.

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We cant get enough 235:1..keep em coming.
Forum member "youthman" sends us the details of his CIH Home Cinema. No chance for another 16x9 here.
The room sports a Lutron Maestro Lighting System. Walls are painted dark burgundy and ceiling is flat black. Room Dimensions: 13' W x 19' L x 10' H

Custom Entertainment Center / False Wall contains:
103" Diagonal Elite Cinema235 Scope Screen in white with 1.1 gain (Viewable area is 40.5" H x 95.2" W)
Klipsch RF-83 Floorstanding Speakers (behind far left and right panels)
Klipsch RC-64 Center Channel (behind top center panel)
Velodyne HGS15 Subwoofer (behind bottom left panel)
Yamaha RX-V1800 Receiver (behind bottom center panel)
Sony PS3 (behind bottom center panel)
Wii (behind bottom center panel)

Back of the room:
Panasonic AE3000u 1080p Projector
Klipsch RB-35 Rear Speakers
Front Row Aurora Theater Seats - They have electric recline and are plugged into the rear riser.
Back Row Theater Seats in black leather - Manual recline. I'm not sure of the brand or model.
Front Row is 11' from screen.
DIY Risers with insulation, electric outlets for theater seats and step lights.

Complete Photo gallery can be found here.
Build thread found here.

Thank you "youthman" for sharing, best of luck with your new theater.

A few pictures:

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AVS forum member "Mastercut" from Down Under has sent us details and pictures on his Aussiemorphic MK111 + 110" majestic EVO3D scope screen + JVC HD350 cinema.
Lots of good information included here from Mastercut in hopes others will gain from. Thanks for that Mastercut.
You have a wonderful system and glad to see you made the move into 235:1 land

Here are Mastercut details.

-Aussiemorphic MK111 lens
-110" majestic EVO3D scope screen
-JVC HD350 projector
-Aussiemorphic Projector station

Overall satisfaction 9/10. For once after having finished watching a movie I have come out of the room feeling like I have just been to a commercial cinema. You cant go wrong with quality big sound and big cinemascope image.

Setup specs:
-viewing distance 3 meters (9')
-Projector Throw distance 4.6m
-screen size 110" diagonal or 110cm in viewable height
-Calculator says zoom is around 1.2, no sign of vignetting.

screen install was slightly tricky in geting the vinyl tight with out any
creases. Using a hammer to push in the screen grip caused the vinyl to rip
some how in one spot under the grip, but lukily there was some slack and
tightness was achieved with only 30% doubling up on the screen gripping.
Better to use your thumbs. The velvet really makes a difference in
over scanning the image and creating super sharp black edges. Especially useful for calibrating noobs like me who just want to get into watching movies straight away.

Projector station was a bitch to install in a retrofit situation where there
was no access to the ceiling and was a bit fiddly with all the nuts and bolts.
Make sure you have all the right tools. I recomend bolts that can be tightened with your fingers like those cashew nut shaped ones. All I had was one ceiling batten to bolt into. Ended up using three bolts all in a line which
unfortunately didn't prevent the front corner of the projector stations top
plate drooping 10mm from the ceiling under the weight of the projector and
lens. Recommend to leave lens in place and not use slider. Alloy would be
better material than perspex in this situation or another ceiling batten to
get rid of the flex.

lens does what it claims. I spent 10 minutes setting up. Still not perfect,
as I am getting un even pincushion effect on one side of the image. All four
sides are not perfectly square. I'll be needing forum help to get this working
right, I 'm not familiar with video calibration. Image lost a bit of
brightness, but that doesn't matter, you should be watching movies in the dark anyway. Image lost a bit of focus which I didn't expect. Looked softer
compared without lens. Overall once the movie starts and you stop analysing
and start enjoying you won't notice anything wrong.

JVC projector is frakin amazing. thanks all for the recommendation. This is the

For those still reading and interested in my full HDMI audio setup here it is:
-VAF 7 channel DCX series speakers with active Velodyne 15" sub woofer. Big centre speaker very important for movies.
-Pioneer LX70 receiver. HDMI switching and plenty of juice for the speakers.
-Oppo bluray player. Good scaling of DVDs to 1080p and vertical stretching for scope setup. Awesome audio, better than my PS3.
-Another cheapo pioneer amp for driving 3 Bass transducers under the coach

On to the show. A few pictures of the home theater room.

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There is no vaccine for the 235:1 flue that continues to spread!
Forum member "frvega2000" is the latest to suffer the virus!
Very nice home cinema. Look at that skylight.
For his needs a duel aspect ratio was chosen for the best of both worlds. We are seeing this option becoming more popular.
He also chose to use an anamorphic lens paired with his BenQ W5000 projector for that film look.
Nice work "frvega2000" thanks for inviting us into your home.

A little information on the system components.

Displays: Plasma-Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-151FD Projector-BenQ W5000 DLP w/ DIY Anamorphic Lens and Manual Sled
Screen: Dual Elite electric screens (92" 16:9/2.40:1)
Receiver: Coming soon SC-27 (Pioneer Elite 94TXH replacement) Amp: Parasound 2205AT (220Watt x 5 Channel)
Blu-ray Source: PS3 80G
Speakers: L/R Front-KEF iQ7, Center-KEF iQ60C, L/R Rear-Infinity Primus 250, L/R Surround-KEF iQ8ds Subwoofers-#1 Acoustic Audio HD-SUB12, #2 Kenwood SW300 10" amp/enclosure upgraded with Dayton RSS265HF-4 10" Reference HF Driver.
Remote: Harmony One

On to the show!!

Set-up with 2.40 screen down. Love the skylight.

Dual electric screens in action.

DIY Anamorphic Lens painted to macth BenQ W5000 projector (purchased trophy prisms from fellow AVS member)

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Thanks Alan for unlocking this thread.

This is my small home cinema. It was built on a very tight budget yet works extremely well.

The room is just 5200mm long, 2500mm wide and 2000mm high. It has been designed to be free standing (like a trade show exhibit) so it is completely isolated from the house. It has surprisingly good sound isolation.

The screen is a custom curved AT screen at 2250mm wide which is probably the smallest one would go using an AT screen with a 1080 Projector due to the ratio of pixels to hole size.

I've not quite finished this end of the room off and why there is still raw MDF visible. I plan on adding a mask to the top and bottom to cover the areas above and below the screen.

The last image is looking back into the room towards the projector and new anamorphic lens.

Projector: BenQ W5000 projector recently replaced with a W6000 and handles both vertical stretch and horizontal squeeze. The projector is calibrated to 6500K.

Anamorphic Lens
: CAVX Aussiemorphic Lens MK5.

Blu-ray Disc player
: Phillips BDP3000 [has moveable subtitle feature.

: Pioneer VSX 1018 THX Select 2.

: CAVX custom with 2 way active LCRs, passive surrounds.

: Modified OzTS screen with Acoustic (SmX) Vision

: 4 total. Front row @ 2x the image height. Back row @ 3.2x the image height.
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This is my effort from here in the UK. The system`s in a converted bedroom and all the install work done by myself.


JVC HD-950 Projector
Stewart Firehawk G3 117" 2.40:1 Screen
CAVX MK4 Cylindrical Anamorphic Lens
Cineslide Lens Transport

Denon AVC-A1HD Amp
4 QSC Pro Audio Power Amps ( in the next room )
Audyssey Sound EQ Pro
M&K S150THX LCR Speakers
MK IW85 Surrounds
MK MX-350 THX Sub
Oppo BDP-93 Bluray

Next on the to do list is a custom screen-masking system.

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Finally got around to taking some pictures of my setup. My wife and I love it! My dog loves trying to sleep through movies as well! (Dog bed removed for picture purposes.)

TruVue Vango LED projector
ISCO IIIL anamorphic lens
Cineslide lens transport
Black Diamond II 1.4 gain curved screen. 115"width
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Hey Kevin,

Nice room. Fellow Minnesotan here.
How do you like the Vango?

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Hi Scottyb,

Wow, you're nearly right down the road!

Unfortunately, I'm spending most of my time in Florida now. I get away to MN as often as I can, and plan to return permanently some day!

I'm absolutely loving the Vango. I came from a JVC RS2 with a Carada flat 2.35:1 Brilliant White screen. The thing I remember most about that setup was how easy it was to eat snacks during the movie! That combination of projector and screen literally lit up the room. NOT a good situation for movie watching.

The first thing I noticed about the Vango was the sharpness. Fantastic! The combination of the Vango with the curved black diamond screen keeps the room very dark while providing a perfectly bright picture. Because of this, blacks are perceived as much darker than the old setup. Greyscale and gamma were quite good right out of the box, but colors were off more than I expected. Easily fixed with Chromapure! I'm loving this setup and plan to keep it for a while!!

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When you get back up this way be sure you stop over to my restaurant.


If I'm working when you come in I'll buy ya a glass of water.

I wouldn't mind checking out your HT sometime.

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Guys, the rules laid down by Alan when he unlocked this thread was that it was for pictures of CIH systems, not chat. MODS please delete the last 4 posts (69, 70, 71, 72) which will include this one.
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Projector: Runco Q750i
Screen: Stewart Studiotek-130 Cine-W 137" 2.35:1
Lens: Schneider 1.33x M
AV Amp: Pioneer SC-LX82
Amp: Rotel RMB-1575
Speakers: James S82 x 3 - James S62 x 4
Sub 1: SVS PB13-Ultra
Sub 2: James L4000P Sub - Amp: QSC RMX2450
Sub Eq: SVS AS-EQ1 Audyssey
BD: Oppo BDP-93

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Originally Posted by satsok View Post


I gotta ask. What's that white stuff around the feet of the projector? Is that so you know where the projector goes on the stand?
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and the new base of the projector .....

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Originally Posted by satsok View Post


Is it to mark where the projector is so if you move it you can place it back quickly and accurately? I have the same problem and have been looking for a solution. Every time I clean the filter I have to go through the repositioning process all over again.
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very nice...
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Originally Posted by ejhuzy View Post

Is it to mark where the projector is so if you move it you can place it back quickly and accurately? I have the same problem and have been looking for a solution. Every time I clean the filter I have to go through the repositioning process all over again.

That's partially what it was for. It was also there for a possible shake of the stand, so that the projector wouldn't fall.
The projector is bolted on the new stand.
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Temporary setup in living room, working on basement now...
Lens: Panamorph UH480
Projector: Sim2 HT380
Throw distance: ~17ft
Seating distance: 13ft
Projected image size: 172" wide 2.37, ~186" diagonal
Seating: 4 Berkline 088s
Subwoofer: Epik Conquest
Screen: None yet
Speakers: None yet

Image looks better at night on white wall with tall ceilings than it does in the basement with blacked out ceiling, contrast ratio appears better.

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Shown in this order

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Mopar, very sweet front stage. Super clean install and slick masking system. Is that electric masking or manual?

Edit...I just looked at the pics in your Build Thread. Very nicely done. I see you added insullation and made your own bass traps behind your false wall. I know I need to add some room treatments to mine. I'm assuming this made a significant difference in your sound?
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Originally Posted by youthman View Post

Mopar, very sweet front stage. Super clean install and slick masking system. Is that electric masking or manual?

Edit...I just looked at the pics in your Build Thread. Very nicely done. I see you added insullation and made your own bass traps behind your false wall. I know I need to add some room treatments to mine. I'm assuming this made a significant difference in your sound?

The masking is electric and automated with my Harmony remote. Check this thread for a little more info http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1229614

Can't tell you about the sound because the room was never set up with out them, but it does sound good to me. I had a member on here, bpape, design what to use where for me for sound treatments. Bought the material from him also.
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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I've been remiss in not posting in this thread, despite several requests for me to do so. We finished the theater (and basement remodel) a couple of years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed approximately 600 hours of cinema viewing since.

Our HT has become 'the' gathering place for family and friends. Going 2.35 added so much -- nearly every visitor comments that the viewing experience beats commercial theaters hands-down.

The racing seat & wheel package, along with Codemaster's F1 2011, is a very cool way to increase the F1 viewing pleasure. During the week leading up to a Formula One race, I 'run' the track to gain the driver's perspective. That makes watching the race much more intense!

In any case, here's our CIH HT. PM me if you have specific questions. The nitty-gritty details:
- Dedicated bat cave
- 136" Carada Brilliant White screen
- Carada Masquerade CIH masking system
- JVC RS-20 Projector
- Prismasonic HD-5000R anamorphic lens
- Pioneer VSX-03THX AV Receiver
- Sony Playstation3
- Pioneer DLD-something Laserdisc player (!)
- Southern Motion 2-seat recliners (4)
- PlaySeat racing chair & Logitech Wheel

Completed theater:


Media storage:

Ready for F1 action - go McLaren!!!
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I posted a question on your build thread if you have a chance to check it.

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Here's our 2.35:1 set-up, this gear is late 2007/early 2008 stuff, still works and paid for
(Maybe 2014 "update-itis" for 3D might hit in...)
Projector: Sony VPL-VW60
Anamorphic Lens
: Panamorph UH380, mounted on DIY manual slide.
Blu-ray Disc player
: PS3.
: Denon AVR-4308CI
: Paradigm v5.0 Frt Monitor Series 9, Center CC-390, Rear/back surrounds ADP-390, IB subwoofer (4) x 15" AEIB line array "Usul"
: DIY 130" diag 2.35:1 curved screen
: DIY Manual for 16:9, HT V2 will incorporate some power masking
: 8 total, we've had 16 people in here for big gatherings, love seats are nice for 3 people then...

Sketch showing room size, layout, etc.

The walls are dark green with ceiling dark brown, since we live in a loghome I tried to keep the nature theme going in the HT.
Used stained pine for baseboard and acoustic treatments.

View of 130" scope screen, manual 16:9 masks are stored below center speaker when not used as seen here:
(Panorama stitching via CS5 made the ceiling acoustic clouds looked curved, they are flat...)

View of rear:

View of DIY a-lens slide:

Just 3 pages in this thread??
I know there's lots more out there.

Hopefully people post "cliff-notes" of their 2.35 HT, I took CAVX as benchmark: gear, room layout, screen view, rear view, scope related gear pict
IMO, there are other threads for screen shot images, doing so here will clutter this thread.

[edit - Alan's 1st post clearly states rules, please follow these everyone]
Originally Posted by Alan Gouger View Post

This thread is now open allowing you to post your 235:1 cinema.
Please follow these rules to avoid having your post removed without warning.

1. No more then 4 pictures.
2. Please include a system description.
3. If you have a build out thread or site it is ok to supply a link.
4. No sales or politics of any kind. Keep thread strictly on topic.
5. Keep it short and sweet.
6. No replies. For posting of your 235:1 theater only.

Thanks everyone.
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a PM. Enjoy!!

Warning: This thread will take a few minutes to load. Lots of data !
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My room doesn't compare to most rooms here (It's not even complete) but screen wall is all done so might as well show a pic.

Room Dimensions are hard to give as the width differs. 10' x 20'

Screen: 104.5" wide DIY Seymour CenterStage XD
Projector: Panasonic AE4000U, 17' throw
Receiver: Onkyo NR609 7.1
Blu-ray Player: Panasonic DMP-BDT110 Blu-ray
Front Speakers: HTD Level 3 Center, HTD Lvl 3 Bookshelf L/R
Surrounds: HTD in-walls for sides & rear
Sub: HTD Level 3 12" Powered Sub

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Here is an image from a [friend of mine] system that used 11.4 channels, has 3D and is of course 3.6m (12ft) wide CIH The side masking is open and not visible here. The Aussiemorphic MK4 is mounted on a slide but is in place here hence the image stretch.

I got to watch SUPER 8 last night on this system and I must say, I am suitably impressed by what the extra channels do. Next screening will have to be something in Scope 3D
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I have some images of my new cinema I built at home in Auckland New Zealand. The size of the auditorium is 6M x 4.5M and a small foyer adjoins one end, which is then connected to the main house via a breezeway. The cinema has twelve seats stepped over three rows of four seats each. The projection equipment is all housed behind cupboards from the foyer so no gear is seen in the auditorium.

145 acoustic 2.37 scope screen.
Automated side masking Goelst 6200 - 4:3, 16:9 & Scope
Goelst 6200 Electric Curtain track

Oppo BDP-95 x 2
Lumagen Raidiance XS
Schneider Anamorphic M lens

Integra DTA-70.1
Integra DHC-80.2

Backstage speakers 3x ea KLC-KL7800 THX
Surround speakers 4x ea KLC-KS7502 THX
Presence speakers2x pr KLC-CDT5650C
Clarke Synthesis 2x TST429 Platinum Transducer + Monoblock 5.3 Amp
2x Velodyne Subwoofers V-SCIFIC SUB
1x Velodyne V-SC1250E AMP - 1250 watt
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Hi Murray,

Beautiful theater

Randy Freeman
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