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I am trying to record from a camcorder onto an LG DR4810 DVD Recorder, but the DVD-RW disk doesn't play on other DVD players. The steps I went through were:

1. I connect the camcorder to the LG's digital input (IEEE 1394 connector).
2. I insert the video tape into the camcorder and rewind it to the beginning.
3. I insert a blank DVD-RW disk into the recorder and format it when prompted.
4. I press PLAY on the camcorder and straight away press RECORD on the recorder.
5. The footage appears on my TV as it is playing/recording as I have linked the recorder to my TV so that I can check it is running OK.
6. After an hour of recording, I play the DVD-RW disk in the recorder and it plays perfectly on TV.
7. I put the DVD-RW disk in 2 other DVD players and get a "NO DISK" error on both.
8. I put the DVD-RW disk in my PC's DVD drive and can see a couple of files on the DVD, one of which has a file extension of VRO, but the DVD-RW won't play. However, when I change the VRO extension to MPG, I can view the file (although the quality doesn't seem to be too good).

It is driving me mad, and I'm running out of hair - can anyone help me ???

Many thanks,