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Onkyo HTS-770 Powering Up processing Problem  

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I noticed that the sound never sounds right when I power up the audio receiver to the last input that it was on.

For example, if I turned it off when it was on Video 2 (Sat), then the next time I turn it on Video 2 will sound strange. Specifically, the sound becomes more concentrated in the rears.

The only way for me to fix this is to get off the input and come back. I even set up of a macro so that when when I turn the audio receiver off it switches inputs before it does. When I turn the system on the macro switches the input to my sat input Video 2.

This on/off issue is not isolated to the Video 2 (Sat) input. It definitely happens with Video 1 (which is the VCR or [Sat sound routed throught the VCR]). Maybe it's the Sat receiver (D* TiVo HR10-250) I never noticed it with the Tuner input.

Do you think the wiring could be bad or the processor is bad or is it the D* TiVo HR10-250?

I just bought the Harmony 688 (not shipped yet) and I'm concerned that the sound will not initialize properly without the macros that I'm using with my current remote., as I understand the Harmony 688 doesn't have macros. I'd like to fix the sound issue.

I bought this system from CC in July 2004. How does CC City Advantage Plan handle HTIB problems?
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I thought I'd report that the system is functioning on all cylinders with the Harmony 688. Maybe, the fact that the Harmony is initializing the Video 2 input on the Onkyo HT-R520 receiver whether or not it was the last input or not is what's synching it properly.

Anyhow, I'm really happy with the remote and the way the Onkyo is processing the audio when the system starts up.
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Mine does this occasionally too. If you just switch to a different input and then switch back it seems to go away.
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