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Lol, Weeds is funny. It went from **** hitting the fan to how much **** can she and everyone else in that family can get in to before it all comes crashing down.
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lol, another funny episode.
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It was a good episode.

I think Martin Short stared in the episode? If it wasn't MS, it was another famous guest role.
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Martin short is correct
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More Doug, definitely more Martin Short, and less Andy (or at least a better storyline). Cuz this show is on life support.

Did Silas borrow some of Nancy's hair color? Is the dark shade supposed to make him look less of an airhead? Doesn't work.
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Best episode of the season I think so far. Really just the last scene. Hopefully it cab rejuvenate the show.
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Good episode indeed. Martin Short being the attorney is funny. I wonder what will happen next episode.
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Just when I was going to quit on this show it came back to life in this episode!
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Good episode last night. Nice to see some of the old "gang".
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Good to see Helia back, just waiting for Conrad to show up sooner or later. This show has run its course but maybe they can go out in style.
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Good episode.
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I'm guessing Shane is getting all those loans with his fake name right? and him going to police academy? wow..
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Oh gawd! I heart this show, LMAO! "**** this, I quit... I'm going to college, they have student loans".

LOL @ ending.
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I thought the black hooker w/braces was kinda cute.

Good episode.
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^agreed! But... I would be afraid of catching something.

Edit: Oh wait! This is weeds not BB. I'm thinking of the chick that plays mario cart with jesse. Lol
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What a ending.

I doubt that a CEO would want to be a part of that scene.
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Such a funny ending. I've liked most episodes so far
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Lmao, shits gonna hit the fan hard. Nice Trachenberg, missed her.
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This was one of the best episodes of Weeds in quite a while. The ending scene is a Top 10 all time Weeds scene. The looks on Andy's and Silas's faces were so funny! I was laughing out loud.

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Shane did a good job of printing out the police reports of Pouncy. A little too late though.
The "upside down room" was weird.

Good episode. Doug and Andy had a couple good lines in there.
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Wow! @#$%ing hilarious! Lmfao!
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Lol, i can already see the build up to **** hitting the fan.
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Filler but still good. Really enjoying the cast.
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Silas set her up?
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Silas has no chance against Nancy. She'll get out of whatever Silas throws at her. Love Demitri and Emma, they're great. Good episode.
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There might be one more season left in the show, but I'm not sure how I'd like it to go out, Nancy on top or always in trouble. I have to say this season was much improved.
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Yes, this season is much better than last season. How many more episodes this season?

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I must confess, I'm not sure what's being set up here for the finale. An awful lot of stuff was packed into those last couple of minutes...

You know, when this show hits, it's still wickedly funny. I think the "problem" people perceive with 'Weeds' in its twilight years is it doesn't seem to hit as often, kind of like an aging ballplayer. He can still punch it outta' the park now and then, but he also frequently strikes out. That whole scene at the Hamptons? Grand slam.
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Originally Posted by PooperScooper View Post

Yes, this season is much better than last season. How many more episodes this season?


Previews said that next week is the finale.

I'm not really feeling this show anymore. Like archi said, it can still be funny, but it isn't often enough. I'm also not a huge fan of Silas, or maybe it's the dude who plays Silas? Not sure which one it is...Shane just seems so much more interesting.
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I couldn't agree more, this show blows now.
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