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John--without getting into a pi$$ing contest here I will merely suggest that you and I agree to respectfully disagree.
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I'm just saying I gain exactly the same amount as you do. Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada. But I'm more useful because I can talk about good stuff normal people can actually afford ;) This whole "he's a dealer, he's biased, he's making money" is just a canard thrown out for a wide variety of reasons. In the last two years, I've made exactly $0 from participating in AVS, for obvious reasons, but you'd like to have it both ways. It's hard to make money laying low.

Actually, I think before I was in stealth mode, a couple of years ago, a couple of people actually *did* e-mail me to buy a few small things. Their reason? It purely because they felt I was knowledgeable, helpful and unbiased, which was a nice compliment. It's been so long though, can't remember the specifics of what it was, nothing big though.
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This is a big money losing hobby for me, BUT I have been able to get ideas of what used equipment is worth and then pointed myself over to Audiogon. I think most of us here have done that so there aren't many that can say they haven't sold equipment in one form or another. On the other hand, sometimes it seems it is hard to give away equipment.

Also, I do see quite a few "if you are interested in so and so equipment, PM me." I assume that in some cases it is dealers and in some cases it is friends of dealers.
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Hey, that's a good point. I've bought and sold stuff online although I'm not a dealer. In fact, I've stopped recommending a rather obscure in-wall speaker because I'm afraid that I'm creating a market for it and driving the eBay auctions up. Who has an overdeveloped sense of importance, now, huh?

[Uh, the answer to that rhetorical question was "me."]
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out of my hotel rom the westin and down to the floor, i'll reay my findings....
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