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I just got the Spyder TV and I don't think disappointed is the word. I started with my Westy LVM-42W2 now it has been talked about in great length on some of the other forums and some member who are ISF techs and calibrated a few of these posted the settings. Until today they made that TV pop. Now from the factory the grey scale is pretty accurate. So it was all just user control settings. I ran the Spyder as instructed and it dropped my brightness from 50 to 25 and my contrast from 50 to 96....needless to say after I was done it was an almost to dark to see anything picture. Now I use a single input from my A2 to my Denon to the TV PQ from the DVD was OK on the test disk but I switch to my Dish PVR622 and its a black out. Way way to dark, colors really seem off. Now I have many many people comment on the TV and color etc. Now its all blooming red and way to much saturation.

Ok to get to my point ...I use Avia and VE before with good results so long as the grey scale is close. But this Spyder (used in a dark room) blew all the settings way off. How accurate is this thing? Is it worth the $200? I am lost as to how it can be so far off after spending 27 minutes running calibrations and then when I ran its own test patterns they were way off. Also it doesn't address the "back light" on an LCD and where that should be set to calibrate the set. Not sure if the back light affected it or not.

Any ideas? If not its an RMA for me...
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I hate to bump an old thread, but I have a question regarding SpyderTV and this was the first thread to come up through my search. I did read a large part of the thread, but I will admit that I did not read all 931 posts.

I have the DVE DVD, which I used to adjust my rear projection CRT (Mitsu WS55315), but as I read this thread it was implied that the STV might not give a better result than the DVE DVD. It seems that the advantage of the STV is I would not have to navigate through the horrible DVE menu.

I have been reading on-line reviews of the STV, and they are mixed. A lot of people are complaining that the STV sensor is horribly calibrated from the factory and that the results may not be all that accurate and that I shouldn't waste my money.

So, I thought I would ask the forum what your experience with the STV has been?

While I'm on the subject of DVE, I was always curious about this...

The DVE DVD is (of course) being played through the BD player. The BD player is connected to my AVR via HDMI, and the AVR is connected to my display via HDMI. The same situation holds for all of my equipment (Digital STB, game consoles, etc). Since the display's input itself is adjusted, will the same adjustments work across all of the equipment inputs of the AVR, or do I need to move the BD player to each of the other inputs of the AVR as well? In other words, do I need to move the BD player to the CAB/SAT HDMI input of the AVR to adjust that path's parameters, etc?

For what it's worth, I will be adjusting a Mitsubishi 82738 Rear Projection DLP.

Thanks a lot!
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It is a great tool to get the most out of your picture. I've used in on 2 LCDs and 1 CRT all with great results. I also used the Avia Guide DVD that I had for setting up an InFocus projector. Great tools both and the SpyderTV is worth it if you have an expensive lcd or plasma.
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