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The review is already up at projectorcentral.

I own an svga dell projector for dvd usage...for it's price, it's quite good, well, to me at least . And the lamp replacement price is quite cheap - in my part of the world, that is. So I'm sure this new high resolution baby will perform well enough!

One thing good I noticed about Dell is that they're very generous when it comes to the accessories that they bundle with the purchase, and the price is always lower than the flock of other projectors in the same category.

I wonder when they'll come up with their line-up of HT (budget) projectors? They're heading in the right direction already with all the 'crossover' budget projectors swarming the market nowadays.
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Projectorcentral's review is more from the business projector standpoint. They don't say much about how it stands as a home theater pj. Anxiously waiting for your review here.
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At first I was very excited based on specs but still leary of the whole business projector aspect. Now that I have seen projector centrals review, which seems more like a priview I'm incrediably excited. The fact that it has a movie mode and a game mode make it very promising. It sounds like this may be my next "gaming monitor".
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Wow - just read ProjectorCentral's review and I couldn't have hoped for anything better from this machine. Comments: "deep inky blacks", "clearly defined shadow detail", "vibrant color saturatioin", 1400x1050 resolution, 970 lumens calibrated @ D65K!, fully user-definable settings. What else could anyone ask from a business crossover machinek, let alone a dedicated home theater unit. OK, fan noise may be somewhat objectionable, but with these lumens that's almost the norm, and zoom is a modest 1.2x. I'm surprised more folks on this forum aren't clamoring about this unit considering its cost. Connect this beauty to an HTPC and Panamorph lens and you could easily get away with a 15' wide 2.35:1 scope setup. If Dell should ever have one of their super specials on this unit, it'd be a killer unit IMHO. Definitely looking forward to getting more reviews from members.
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I wasn't sure what "deep inky blacks" meant but I'll take your word for it if you say it's a good thing. What attracted me to it is the resolution and the lumens. But others have pointed out that it has a 2x , 4 segment color wheel which will produce rainbows and hinder performance. I think it'll be an upgrade from my recently purchased 4805.
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It looks like Dell's having production issues with 5100mp; after delaying the delivery for the secon time, they called me today to tell me that it will be delayed again 'till the 20th of Oct.
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That sucks! I was looking forward to the review. You might want to consider ebay and save.
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Well finally I got a call form Dell that the package has been shipped and that I will recieve it by mid next week.
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Sounds great...looking forward to your review on this unit.

Since this is your first projector, if you need help dialing in the settings/calibrating, feel free to post here for advice.

As for screen size, I wouldn't be afraid to go to 133" easily, depending on your seating distance. Not sure how the brightness/contrast will stand up, so this will affect your screen choice in terms of gain and material.

Keep us posted... ;)
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Here is another and better review of the Dell. Pete says you need a scaler to achieve good video images.

I don't understand what PJC uses as a reference for the term inky blacks. Is this compared to a CRT?

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When I read the Projector Central review, I got the impression that this would be a very good business model, but they hardly mention home theater crossover applications at all.
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I just received the 5100MP from Dell and played around with it last night. I am comparing it against my LT260k that I've had for about a year. For testing, I used the VGA input from an HTPC with an ATI HDTV wonder tuner card. The dell definately has the brightness going for it. If you are a big sports fan, and like to watch football with lots of ambient light, this unit can definately do it. The resolution is excellent. On high definition OTA, the picture is much sharper, and I noticed lots of extra detail. When the unit is running in eco mode, it is pretty quiet as well. I wouldn't say whisper, but about the same as the LT260K in eco mode. This thing does radiate a lot of heat in the front, so be sure that there is adequate ventilation wherever it's installed. On the downside, I could not get the colors to look as good as the NEC. On OTA HD, the colors were vibrant, and blew away the Dell. I tried to calibrate with the avia disk, but could not get them to look nearly as good. Now I do put this possibly on my shoulders, because I am not an expert on calibration, but the NEC just hands down beat the Dell no matter what I tried. I am open to any ideas, but at this point, I think I'm going to keep the NEC. For the $2000 difference in street price, I cannot justify replacing what I have. Like I said earlier, any suggestions for the color improvements I am willing to try. If I can't get it to improve on the colors, I will probably be listing it on ebay.
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One other thing I forgot to mention. Make sure you keep DVI cables short, or spend big bucks for quality ones. I bought a 25ft DVI to HDMI from monoprice.com, and the picture would go in and out. I even think it caused my computer to keep rebooting, but that could be on me. Because of this, I had to use the 15 pin VGA connection for my tests. Again, any recommendations for color corrections would be greatly appreciated.
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It seems a lot of non home theater projectors are biased towards green. Have you tried lowering any of the green color settings a bit?

What all picture settings does the unit have (expecially color settings)?
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The color bias was not really the case, but the emphasis of color. Since this unit is sooo bright, the contrast was high, but the blacks were still sorta gray. I could make the blacks black, but it seemed to drastically reduce contrast. The best settings were actually just the standard sRGB option.
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thanks very much for your review. I almost buy one because its technical spec to replace my LT260. Well it seems not necesasary though occasionally I may iuse it for gaming. It is a reasonable prediction that all major projector manafacturers will have this DLP panel in their products.
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I am about to list this one on ebay. My opinion is if you are going to buy this for home theater, you will be disappointed in its color performance. For presentations, it does a marvelous job. I know this may hurt my ebay auction, but I would rather save someone the trouble, than to make a few extra bucks. I think what happened with the projectorcentral review is that a lot of manufacturers send their items in for favorable review. Projectorcentral did not want to say anything bad, so they just kept the review strictly on its strong points. Since it is designed for presentations, they felt they were still doing prospect customers a "favor", while not stepping on dell's toes. Just my 2 cents.
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I hate to say it but.... I told you so.

Good luck, hope you don't take too much of a hit.

By the way, the Lt260k should never be used as a "reference" unit by any means. It was a great value a few years back but pricing on HT machines are getting so damn aggressive, equal/better HT machines can be had for less than the presentation units in some cases.

I can assure you you have not been happy until you finally break down and get a HT model trust me. I have been there. Hell I would rather watch a 4805 over a 260k any day, rez or not.

For what you spent on that Dell you can just about get a H78dc3 with a spare bulb right now. Syncs nice and easy to 1280x720@ 60hz from a HTPC , video is superb.

Hc3000 is worth a look since it's about 1 week out..

sorry again about any loss you will take on the resale, what i will say is you should pay more attention to this groups findings, and less PJ central etc...there are many more incentives on their end than us trying to help for free from true unbiased findings.

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Originally Posted by staffcurtis
I think what happened with the projectorcentral review is that a lot of manufacturers send their items in for favorable review. Projectorcentral did not want to say anything bad, so they just kept the review strictly on its strong points. Since it is designed for presentations, they felt they were still doing prospect customers a "favor", while not stepping on dell's toes. Just my 2 cents.
Projector Central has two different reading audiences: business users and HT users. This projector is a business model, so the review focused on its business attributes. There is no great conspiracy here.
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Josh, I disagree. They go out of their way to mention the features that make it more "home theater" friendly. PJC has a reputation, somewhat deserved, for never reviewing a projector they don't like.
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To Tehotaone:

You know I thought of you the whole time I was setting this up! I knew in the back of my mind that you were correct, but I am one of those hard headed folks who won't believe it until I see it. The ONLY argument I had about your reasoning is that I do a lot of computer work on the projectors (web browsing, gaming, etc), so the 4:3 was needed. The Mitsubishi XD450U even looks real nice with the reviews, and customer opinions, so that is an option. There is one projector that I may try for the hell of it. The needing of 4:3 native and high lumen needs has slowed me down from this, but I am seriously considering the Sanyo PLV-Z4. From the reviews, this model seems outstanding for the $2200 price tag. I think I will sell the dell, and give this one a shot just to see if it's worth the tradeoff to 16:9. But trust me tehotaone, I actually value your opinion the most (since you have experience with my projector, and you seen to have already gone down the road I'm travelling now).
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Originally Posted by madpoet
Josh, I disagree. They go out of their way to mention the features that make it more "home theater" friendly.
Not really. The only quote that might be misinterpreted that way was:

"The image adjustment options on the 5100MP more closely resemble those of a home theater projector than a business-class machine."

Which is not quite the same thing as saying that it's a great projector for home theater, just that it has some controls more similar to HT models. The rest of the review focuses exclusively on business uses.
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Rest assured, I did not post today to gloat or to rub it in, I feel bad and wish it WAS what they say...but I have been around the PJ block a while and have picked up a thing or two.

The thing is you won't really find a great HT picture and presentation unit in the same case. BUT, these new 1280x768 units might be what you need due to the multiple aspects they can do with that niche' chip.

I wish the Dell was what it was supposed to be... I tried my best to make you understand it wouldn't be. The specs and case just didn't add up.

Hold out for reviews on the H72 and Hc3000 ...they might be what you need, and while they are not built on the most current of DMDs I am sure they will put out an amazing picture... :)

Again, next gen games and browsing do fine with widescreen rez, i would not hold on to 4:3 for much longer...it is holding you back.

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Brightness is still a concern with me. Do you think the Z4 would still shine well with ambient light? How do you think it would compare with the 260K?

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Give me the rundown of the settings you use the NEC on so I can get a feel for your expectation of brightness?

Also what is the size of the room and screen/color?

The thing is there is no magic here, a great indication of light output is bulb wattage when comparing units. This statement assumes we are comparing reputable companies and like bulb technologies.

The latest trends of dynamic and fixed factory irises murk the water slightly, but all in all on the many I have viewed a 200 watt equipped unit made in a current line will have a comparable output to another.

The Dell with a brand new 300 wat bulb should be blinding compared to the Nec, if it is not there are loses to factor in the optical path, optics themselves...or back to specs being inflated.

Back to my current PJ the H78dc3, it is blinding on my 96x54 .8 gain screen in high mode, i would never watch it like that, it hurts :)

I even have gone as far to calibrate it to a lower output for that CRT look, but we are trying to achieve different results.

I do not think you will be happy at all with the Z4's light output, 145uhp bulb and high contrast LCD panels make for a dim unit made for a dedicated room IMHO.

The Nec you have now runs on a 220 watt nsh bulb, but you run it at 200 in ECO

I think you should really wait and see the numbers for the new 1280x768 units...
The Hc3000 is using a 200 watt bulb 1000 lumens
The Optoma is not speced yet but "claims" 1100
The LG is also using a 200 watt bulb 1000 lumens

If you measured your NEC with the white segment off and video optimized you would find it produced about 900 lumens

All three should be within range of one another, my final decision would be based on warranty, optics.

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Two quick questions:

How can I be sure the white segment is off on the NEC...


What is the advantage of a projector with 1280x768 resolution?

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Set white peaking to 1 or 0 as I remember.

1280x768 panel with be able to do these:

1280x720 native HDTV
1024x768 4:3 mode

So you can have the best of both worlds....

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Hey Staff, does the projector have a Movie/Film mode? If so, did you use it? My X1 has one and it turns the white segment off which results in a much better picture. With it on it's no good for movies. I'm not sure if you mentioned if this one has such a mode or not.
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I will check those settings when I get home


How do I mask either resolution properly with an electric screen?
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Advantages of a projector with 1280x768 resolution:
1) 1280x720 HD
2) 1024x768 XGA Computer
3) New .65" DMD (Smaller size mirrors)
4) Could be optimized for Business OR for Home Theater
5) These factors point toward large volume production
6) And that means aggressive pricing is possible.
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