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Originally Posted by nosemuff View Post

I have owned a VSX-80TXV receiver for a couple of months & have been using it with a Panasonic AE900U projector, Oppo 970HD DVD, and DirecTV HD receiver. I have been successfully using the HDMI out (to projector), HDMI In's (DVD & HD Rvcr) to switch between video feeds. Something has now happened that I am not able to see any video that is passing thru the Pioneer receiver? Even if I use component connections? Has anyone run into this problem before? I would really appreciate any feedback that you might be able to offer! Thank you!!

Hey Nosemuff,

I sent you an email.

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Originally Posted by mburwen View Post

I am looking forward to trying to answer any questions you might have.

I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-39TX, 3 years old. Have been getting intermittent static on all speakers. The static will go away temporarily if I tap on the case. Do you have any idea what is going on? I spoke to Pioneer tech support. They told me to send it to them with a check for $70 and they would diagnose the problem and tell me what it would cost to fix in 2-6 weeks. There is no Pioneer authorized service center in my area. My dealer has severed his relationship with Pioneer due (he says) to unresponsive technical support.

I never saw a post with any suggestions on a remedy to this problem. I'm experienced the exact same behavior. Even the slightest tap make the annoyance go away. The -39 is now sitting with all circuits cleaned & exposed but if there's something that actually needs replaced I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks in advance,
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I am having difficulty adding my second component to this VSX-84TXsi reciever. I started with my Pioneer TIVO as the Sat source, Composite video in-1, Opt Audio plugged into Opt-1, configured and no problems. Then added my HTPC, HDMI-1 and Opt-2, configured the DVD source for these inputs. No problem with the video, but no sound. Just to make sure I had no problem with the HTPC, I temporarily switched the Opt-1/2 and changed to TIVO as source, HTPC sound coming out, no sound when in HTPC as source.

I tried the HDMI-1 source configured for HDMI-1 (duh) and Opt-2, good video, no sound.

Any suggestions?
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I know this isn't home related, but...

Is there an update/upgrade for the Pioneer portable GPS so I could use it in Europe???
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Chris - I just purchased (and installed ) a VSX 81 and a Pio PDP 5070 - I am a newbee
Comments for Pioneer
- Small print in manual should be BOLD PRINT especially for the information regarding that a separate video cable is needed in order to "see" the reciever set up screen on the plasma when using HDMI. - ipod as well?
- Small print again (should be large) when explaining you will not be able to hear digital inputted signals (optical CD for example) from the Second Zone amplifier and will have to connect using both the analog and the digital terminals (I was multi jogging my brains out!) in order to play the cd in zone 2.
- MCACC sets maximum volume levels (loud enough for sure but will not blow the house down) - thats fine but us newbees "check" our installation parameters by blowing out our eardrums - so let us know will ya.

- I can not for the life of me get the remote on the receiver to select the correct audio and video input and output - I am connected using SR+ (had to order that cable direct from PIo for $60!) and I still can't do it.

The products are great - Picture and sound all very very good

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Anything adressed to Chris will undoubtedly fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes), as Chris has abandoned this thread long ago.
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i just purchased a euro model here in the U.S. it's the pioneer VSX-2016AV-S through the AAFES website. it will work on U.S. voltage as it has a built in voltage adjuster. it looks to be a better version of the 1016 and will accept hdmi audio. could be wrong though. anyone ever seen this one?

here is a link to it and there's also the user manual in the support area over at pioneer europe. can't find any topics on it here at all.

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Chris, Why is Pioneer 1016 back ordered or not available at most stores including many branches of major stores like Circuit City and Best Buy. I thought 1017 was to be released in June so that might not be the reason for lack of availability in the market. With people having so many competitive options these days, I guess it's not cool to have a model not available in the market. Any comments on this would be appreciated?
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As "smartypants" has stated guys. Chris hasn't posted here in several months. This thread should be deleted.
Mun Dog. Have you thought about asking the stores why they can't get stock in?
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Originally Posted by Maximum7 View Post

As "smartypants" has stated guys. Chris hasn't posted here in several months. This thread should be deleted.
Mun Dog. Have you thought about asking the stores why they can't get stock in?

Hi Maximum, I did ask CC and BB guys as well as B&H. None of them had anything to share. Makes me wonder if Pioneer deliberately reduced the supply on 1016 so that it does not cut into the entry level Elite series. Just a speculation.
And I agree, this thread must be deleted or maybe marked to be not a marketing strategy anymore.
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I have a PDP-4300 approx. 4yrs. old and the upper right corner has gone blank. Usually a white box appears with thin colored vertical lines. It just appeared one morning. The rest of the display is fine. I am using inputs 1 and 3. Up till now I've never had any problems. My repair shop thinks it may be a loose connection but I checked and all are connected properly.

If anyone could help with a diagnosis I'd be grateful, thanks.
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I just purchased a Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD screen for my truck.

The manual says that the unit is able to read Jpeg files off of a disc, but every time i try to view Jpegs on a disc in which I have burned them on... it says the disc is unplayable...

I am using regular CD-R's could this be the problem?
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I have the same static problem 3 times now it cost 375 to fix, tech said it may be a bad speaker but they all checked out OK, now it did it again 6 mo later. I hate to get rid of it in fact I bought a second one on e-bay to rotate and they both need fixed every 4-6 mo, is there any other AV that has such a good remote and has a muti-room feature. I'm tired of having to go thru this again
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I have a Pioneer 1015TX and it just recently started producing a static sound when i listen to an anologue source. It constantly shows "over" in red above the volume, i checked the manual and it says to try pressing "Input ATT" but that doesnt do anything, it just makes the static quieter. This just started happening today, i dont think i pressed anything weird on the remote but i did try pressing all the buttons on the front and it doesnt work. Digital sources are still fine though. Any help?
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well, seems like it has fixed itself. Meh, i dont know what happened. haha
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Hey All,

I own the Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K and lately I've been having an audio problem with my cable box. Every so often, on certain HD channels that send Dolby Digital, the sound starts switching on and off, and the receivers display follows the pattern as if its losing the signal. Usually turning on and off the receiver a few times seems to fix the problem.

I'm using direct HDMI from the cable box to the receiver, any advice?

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yes. exchange your cable box. it's almost ALWAYS the thing that causes problems similar to what you are seeing...
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This question involves the car stereo unit, Pioneer DEH-4200UB. I purchased this unit about 6 months ago and am generally very happy with it. A few quirks come up occasionally and make me wonder if I should exchange it for a new unit on the 1-year warranty. Some songs will play at a very slow speed (sounds like about 10% of normal speed) - returning to those songs later has the same result, but if I play the same USB device on another player or computer, the songs play at normal speed. There is also the problem of the unit occasionally skipping songs. Again, the same songs are skipped each time I play an album, and this does not occur if I play the same USB on a different device. Can you help?
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Hope you can help me...

I have had no problems with my AVH-P4200DVD that was hooked by a tech 2+years ago.I had it set to turn off when I stopped and removed the key. My battery went dead on my truck and when I replaced it and hooked up the power the radio went back to working as before, but won't turn off when the ignition is turned off. The unit stays on and I have to disconnect the neg terminal to keep from draining the battery. What changed so it won't turn off with the key?

Chris Wooley
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Just picked up a Pioneer Elite VSX-43 reciever. It was an open box and was supposed to be complete but it is missing the MCACC mic. I'm not sure if Best Buy will have one in store they can give me at this point. I have a mic from my Denon 1713 that I could use to calibrate the MCACC but is that a bad idea? Are the mics specifically designed to be used with the brand? How about another Pioneer mic from a different model?

Any advice on this would be great.
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