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I've searched the boards, and can't find an answer to my specific dilemma. I currently get HDTV via offair antenna, as well as Dish Network for the premium channels. I want to be able to record an HD show from the OTA antenna while watching another HD show via the OTA antenna. From what I can gather, the Dish PVR only has one OTA tuner, so I would be unable to watch one OTA HD program while recording another at the same time.

I'm guessing that the only choice I have is to have a bespoke OTA tuner/recorder that would be dedicated to recording the OTA programs (if such a product exists).

The reason for this need is I foresee some scheduling conflicts for our HD viewing habit with the new fall season, and would like to timeshift some programs to watch at a different time. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Every time I think I'm done with my setup, a new need (desire) pops up!